WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine

WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine

WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine blends the familiar wood structure of a trusted brand along with the rail of aluminum to provide additional support. The wood used is handcrafted dust and completed to the high quality which looks great. It possesses a very hard-wearing too.

Prominent Features

All the eminent features are listed below:

  • WaterRower is left practically unstained and is hand finished with Danish Oil for a deeper luster and gentle warmth to the wood.
  • It is built specifically for home use and maintenance-free. It targets all the Major Muscle Groups (84% of the Total Mass to be precise).
  • All the WaterRower GX models are designed with 17 handles.
  • It has incredible adjustable Resistance Stages which could be adjusted for your ease.
  • It has the dimensions of 82.25 x 22.25 x 20 inches. It weighs 10.35 pounds.
  • It is composed of W/ Ash Wood. Aluminum MonoRail with W/ Danish oil. Urethane Finishing is used to enhance wood strength.
  • It possesses a patented water flywheel with a purpose of Mimicking natural dynamics of stripping making it suitable for the consumers.
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WaterRower GX is a USA made product. It has always been a symbol of premium quality. Durable productions and the WaterRower GX are the same thing. The use of sustainable hardwood has made it to last for a lifetime.


  • WaterRower GX provides a very smooth, fluid rowing stroke to produce the desired outcome.
  • It possesses a strong resistance.
  • It is designed beautifully and has superbly premium quality.
  • It can fit nearly every user.
  • It provides you with a very comfortable seat.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is followed by an incredible warranty as well as customer support.
  • It comes along with 2 free DVDs of workout.
  • It also wider spaced footrests.
  • You can enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty for one year while you can avail of a five-year frame free of charge.


  • The basic monitor does not provide advanced features.
  • It has a little lower weight capacity as compared to other WaterRower units.
  • It has no heart rate monitor.
  • WaterRower is free from providing any support or documentation for all the products delivered outside of the actual country where the purchase is made.

Our Opinion

Users have loved completely the Water GX Home Rowing machine. It had a hard time getting anything negative in its reviews. This WaterRower love the fluid, smooth circular motion it provides them.  Even the sound the water makes is not that noisy at all.  This machine is aesthetically gratifying and is a reason for a lot of people purchasing it. Instead of having a hunk of metal in their house they rather enjoy a natural look of this wooden WaterRower.

You can also make the order to get the best benefits from the WaterRower GX model. You can find the link below to order.

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