Top Seven Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set to Purchase

Top Seven Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set to Purchase

Hydraulic knockout punch set allows you to quickly and efficiently punch holes in various hard surfaces with their hydraulic rams. They make hole drilling easy and faster compared to using the traditional wrench method. Buying the best tool for your construction and repair needs may not be easy. If you find it stressful to shop for the best hydraulic knockout set, read through this guide. We have researched to provide a collection of the best knockout punch kit available on the market. This product review article provides the general description of the product, features, and reviews from the customer using the product. This information is essential for building your knowledge of the product and choosing the best set to buy. Before reading about the product, you can go through the frequently asked questions to get more information about the product.

Frequently asked questions 

Hydraulic Knockout Punch Sets are made to perforate different types of holes’ shapes on the metal surface. They have been designed to enable them to work on mild steel, some plastic, and nonferrous metals. They can be powered by hydraulic, electric-driven pumps or gas. Get rid of the knockout by positioning the regular blade tip screwdriver’s tip inside the opposite side edge of the attachment point. You will partially dislodge the knockout, allowing you to remove the rest of the way, making a back and forth twisting till the attachment point snaps. A punch set is used to drive fasteners such as dowels and nails, make holes, or form an impression of the workpiece’s tip. Decorative punches are used to create patterns or images on the workpiece. Punch mechanics, electricians, and metal workers use the driver for knocking out holes in a range of workpieces such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, plastic surfaces, and fibreglass. The plyometric pushup is a typical drill that can help you increase your punching power. Hydraulic hose is made from different materials. The most common in the hardware is the rubber hose type since they are flexible. The metal hose can either be solid or flexible. Metal hose is the best for systems having high-temperature materials flowing in them. Fluoropolymer hoses are the best ideal for projects that need resistance to corrosion and chemical actions.

HTTMT- Hydraulic Hole Punch

HTTMT Hydraulic Hole Punch

HTTMT- Hydraulic Hole Punch is carefully designed to meet any contractor’s construction and maintenance needs. It is designed with a compact size and lightweight that fits field site construction and maintenance jobs. The rotatable ON / OF switch ensures safety as you fix holes. It is portable with an easy seating design that features a bracket on the hydraulic pump’s bottom.

HTTMT Hydraulic Hole Punch Reviews

Product features 

It features six interchangeable punches and dies to meet the different user needs. The end of the long steel handle has a plastic grip fitting for easy use. They are designed with an OFF/ON switch for safety. It features an easy seating design with a bracket on the bottom of the hydraulic pump. It is lightweight, compact designed, and with a portable case easy to carry around. It is featured with two metal claps to lock the kit firmly. It has a fast operation and labour-saving design. They are designed to accommodate W/ variable materials such as stainless steel, steel, plastic, and Aluminium. However, never use it with 7075 or other superalloys. Strictly use soft alloys. 


Yescom Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set


Yescom Hydraulic Knockout Punch

When working in a construction company, you will need a tool that works faster and efficiently. Yescom Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set makes drilling work quicker and easy. It is lightweight and with a compact design for easy carrying and use on construction sites. The portable, sturdy plastic case makes it easy and convenient to carry around as you work in different areas. It features six dies and punches that you can interchange to meet your different drilling needs. It is safe to use with a rotatable OFF / ON switch that ensures safety.

Yescom Hydraulic Knockout Punch Reviews

Product features 

It is designed with six dies and punch interchangeable to meet the needs of different construction situations. The end of the long steel handle has a plastic grip fitting for easy use. It is safer with an ON/OF switch that secures injuries. It is a compact and lightweight design for convenient and easy carrying. It is fitted with two metal clamps that lock the kit firmly. They are designed for a fast operation that saves on your labour. It accommodates W/variety metals, including stainless steel, and plastic aluminium, among others. However, never use it with 7075 or any other superalloy. Stick to soft alloys alone.

What customer says 

Customers rate the top, easy-to-use, and value-for-money features of this product on Customers who liked the product commented positively on its functionality and quality.

Klein tools 53732SEN punch set

Klein tools 53732SEN punch set

Punch your holes cleanly and accurately using these knockout punch set tools with a ratcheting wrench for 10-gauge mild steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and plastic. The punch set contains six different-sized knockout punches and dies, two draw studs, and a ratcheting box-end wrench. It comes complete with all you need to make holes for the conduit. This punch set neither includes nor requires a battery.

Klein tools punch set

Klein tools 53732SEN punch set 1


It has a cutting capacity of 10-gauge mild steel. Use it to cut aluminium, fibreglass, and plastic. It is also compatible with 14-16-gauge stainless steel electrical enclosures. It also splits slugs for easy removal. It punches holes accurately and cleanly. It is an ideal tool for cutting clean holes in electrical panels for the running conduit. It has a user manual PDF that will guide you on using this punch set.

What Customers Say

This product is rated top for value for money and easy use feature. Customers reviews positive comments on its perfect dies and how it cuts through the metal with relative ease to produce a clean job.

Klein tools 53732SEN punch set Reviews

Eclipse tools 902-482 tuff Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set

This Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set features a swivel head and Type C punch/die sets to make punching holes an easy task. It is lightweight and designed for fast and easy operation. It develops a 7-ton hydraulic force for easy punching. Additionally, it allows unlimited driver orientation to simplify access to the work area. 

Eclipse tools 902 482 tuff punch


Designed with a swivel head and a type c die /punch die set. It features a lightweight design of 0.01 Ounces for easy operation by one person. It is also used on a stainless steel sink to install a push-button for garbage disposal. It is designed to accommodate unlimited driver orientation for simplified access to the work area. It drills perfect holes. This product saves time when using it.

What Customers Say

This product has a global rating of 4.8 out of five on Customers comment positively on how it works perfectly. Other customers like the affordability and durability of the product.

Eclipse tools 902 482 tuff punch 1
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Southwire MPXD-SD max punch XD knockout tool

Southwire MPXD SD max punch XD knockout tool

This advanced knockout tool is used with a cordless drill to draw punch dies for fast and accurate knockouts. It is built for durability, reliability, and good work. It is available in stainless steel with a warranty of 5 years limited to offer quality and reliable services.


Southwire MPXD SD max punch XD knockout tool Reviews


It has a compact aluminium design for durability.

Quick, accurate Knockouts

It has no hydraulics, no ratcheting, and no mess! It provides fast and accurate knockouts. It is a knockout set with stainless steel-rated dies. The chuck adapter is easily replaceable.

Virtually Universal

It is universal in terms of fitting. It fits most common KO dies such as thread-in/thread-out removable draw studs. It is a heavy-duty tool rated that cuts 10-gauge mild and stainless steel up to 4inch. It is field serviceable. You can service the input shaft and internal draw stud.Southwire knockout tool
Southwire punch XD knockout tool
MPXD SD max punch XD knockout tool Southwire

What Customers Say

This product is of high quality and is a reliable product. The customer likes how it punches mild and stainless steel up to 4″ with ease.

Greenlee 7906SB quick draw 90

Greenlee 7906SB quick draw 90

Greenlee `7906SB quick draw 90 is a tool for great electricians, and contractors including the do-it-yourself handymen. It comes with complete withdrawal studs, dies, and US-standard conduit-sizes slug buster knockouts to meet the job site’s demands. It is a brilliant tool for any electrician who needs to quickly and consistently punch holes at a 90-degree angle. Use the tool to punch holes of various shapes and sizes through mild steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and plastic. It makes your job faster, safer and easier every day.


Greenlee 7906SB quick draw 90 Reviews

Flexible body

It has a flexible body that allows hole punching at a variety of angles. The handle and release mechanisms rotate nearly 360 degrees for convenient actuation. With its adjustable head, you can reach those awkward spots with ease. It is a self-contained hydraulic knockout punch for aluminium, plastic, fibreglass, and up to 10-gauge steel.

High Quality

It develops eight tons of hydraulic force to ease the hole punching, and slug-buster knockouts split the metal slug for quick removal from the die.

Lightweight design

The Green lee quick draw punches provide a brilliant alternative to ratchet-based knockout design due to its compact, lightweight design. The slug buster’s design creates a slug as the punch is drawn into the die.

Maximum steel capacities for conduit sizes

The slug buster splits the slug in two for easy removal from the die. You can also make a 3″ size hole with this pump. This product is designed for ½” with 2 inches slug buster conduit size punches and dies.

Greenlee 7906SB quick draw 90 1

What Customers Say

People using this product like its user-friendly feature and warranty services attached to it. They, however, warn against using it with 10-gauge stainless steel. Use slug splitter SC range instead.

Current tools hydraulic knockout set

Current tools hydraulic knockout set.

Use this piece maker punches with an excellent design for splitting the slug into two pieces for easy removal from the die. All the items, including punches and dies, will fit Greenlee knockout sets. It is set up with high steel dies and punches for durability. Using this set reduces the punch time compared to the ratchet or manual method. You can use this tool designed with a heavy-duty ram to punch a maximum of 10 –gauge mild steel.


Current tools hydraulic knockout set

Heavy-duty knockout set

It is a rugged stainless steel construction made to punch holes from 12 inches to 2inch with a maximum of 10-gauge stainless steel.

Efficient Design

It provides twice the punch time compared to manual and retched methods. It has a carrying case that is convenient in heavy-duty plastic that keeps your parts organized.

Makes work easier

It requires less force than conventional punches because it is designed to split the slug into two pieces.


It is fast to set up with high-strength steel punches and dies for long life.

Current tools hydraulic knockout set Reviews

Heavy Duty

It is designed with a heavy-duty ram and intended to punch a maximum of 10-gauge mild steel.

What Customers Say

Though customers are yet to commend this product, it is rated five stars out of 5 on

Current tools hydraulic knockout set 1


After reading through the article, you can select the best product for your construction or repair work. Consider checking on the die set size range for the product when determining its suitability. The Hydraulic Knockout Punch Set on the list above has a die size specification that defines the size and determines the hole size you intend to make. Some products may have a maximum die size of ½ inch. However, other companies make it up to 4 or 6 inches. You need to look at the type of material to cut with the kit. Some can work with steel, fibreglass, or plastic. It is also essential to check the type of gauge you are cutting through. Most products in this listing are rated gauge -10. Trying to cut different gauges can make the die snap, therefore, go for the appropriate gauge for every material. The Hydraulic Knockout Punch Sets portability is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best tool. You may need to check on the product’s size and weight to decide on the best device that meets your needs. Always remember to choose the product that meets your requirement. It should as well be within your budget and with the best design appealing to your eye.

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