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Drill Press

If you’re trying to find the ideal drill press, there are plenty of various aspects to consider. For example, suppose you’re a homeowner woodworker seeking to install a permanent structure or a professional who has to transport your tools to the work site. In that case, Our reviews include drill presses suitable for each job and application. The smaller models are the ideal choice for your home workshop according to your budget and the size or wide range of work you plan to complete. However, if you’re looking to get a bit greater “oomph” and are looking for a high-end quality product, we’ve got suggestions for you, too. We’ve tried to explain the differences between speed, capacity, and features to determine the most efficient tools for your toolbox or shop the home workspace. Find out the top drill presses in 2022!

Find the best Drill Press for the Money Below

Drill Presses 1
Image Source: Bob Vila
  • The WEN 4208 Drill Press, 8 inches in size
  • Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press
  • SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press 10-Inch
  • WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press
  • Delta 18-900L Laser guide Drill Press
  • Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill
  • Genesis GDP1005A Top Drill Press
  • Grizzly G7943 12 Benchtop Drilling Press
  • DRL-300.00 Klein Benchtop Drill Press

WEN 4208 8-Inch Drill Press

Best Benchtop Drill Press

If You’re in the market for something Simple, the WEN 4208 Drill Press is a compact and inexpensive but powerful drill. It can drill holes in metal, wood, plastics, and other materials precisely and accurately. This drill on the bench is small enough to make it a great option for people searching for a device to bring to the job site or to move around their workspace. The drill is at an easy 2-foot height. Although it’s not equipped with advanced features like work lights, lasers, or Digital Speed Reader, this basic machine is the ideal drill press for returning to the business home. The core of this benchtop drill is a strong Induction motor of 1/3 HP, with ball bearings that provide an effortless operation.

Additionally, the drill press comes with five speeds for the pulley ranging from 740 to 3140 RPM. It also has an adjustable spindle that can handle bits that measure up to 1/2 inch in size. This means that it offers more options for projects. The benchtop drill press has a depth adjuster gauge to give you even more flexibility. You can adjust the speed of your spindle to meet your specific requirements.

WEN 4208 8 Inch Drill Press
Image Source: Pinterest, drill press machine

Its 6 1/2 by 6-1/2 iron worktable can be angled up to 45 degrees. It’s slotted, which makes it possible to use clamps and vises for mounting to secure the wood or other object in position. To ensure security, holes pre-drilled into the base allow for simple attaching to your bench or any other surface you’ll work on. In addition, WEN’s drill press has key storage onboard to help hold the drill bits. In the end, even though other drills may seem more expensive, the features found on this drill press have everything you need for drill accuracy. This simple and compact tool is ideal for occasional users and for bringing on job places. It’s also affordable at less than 100 dollars; this is an affordable drill press! Do your DIY projects without costing you a dime.

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  • A 1/2 inch keyed chuck offers greater options when drilling
  • Six half to 6 1/2-inch worktables are capable of beveling as high as 45 degrees to the left or right to allow for angled drilling
  • Key storage helps keep the drill bits and other small pieces
  • Cast iron base
  • Five speeds with variable settings


  • A basic benchtop drill press, it isn’t equipped with extra drill press features like the other models.

Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press

Top Floor Drill for Premium Work Press for Professional Work

This Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press is exactly what you’d expect from a firm that calls itself “Powermatic.” This is among the top floor-standing drill presses that you can get your hands on. If you’re searching for an equipment piece that can make a dent in your shop, this tool is the one for you. Installing this huge 266-pound monster inside your shop could be like landing a massive jet inside an airplane hangar. It could also come with a jet engine thanks to the motor of 1 horsepower, which you can easily alter for spindle travel speeds that range between 250 to 300 RPM. A swing of 18 inches, the 6-inch quill travel, and the 20 by 14 inches surface mean you’ll be able to handle big jobs without any issues. This isn’t all the floor drill presses have to offer. There are a lot of bells and whistles on this deluxe drill press! It comes with laser guides that offer precise indicators for drilling and two work lights with adjustable LEDs that eliminate shadows from your work area.

And not only that, there are even handles that can be reversible, which can be positioned at either the top or bottom of the presses. (Just an encouraging shout-out to all those left-handed people!) The other exciting features include a work table that is replaceable and that you can turn into a full 90-degree angle. The PM2900B also has a 5/8 inch keyless chuck that can be used for quick bit changes, as well as an RPM digital readout that lets you track and increase the speed of your machine’s spindle with no belt adjustments. If you’re looking for a high-end floor drill press that will fill a fuzzy spot in your collection, the Powermatic PM2900B is among the most effective drill presses available.

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  • A 14 by 20 work area is adjustable to be rounded to 90 degrees.
  • The 18-inch swing and the 6-inch quill assist in tackling your biggest tasks and materials.
  • A digital readout of RPM makes changing spindle speed straightforward
  • Laser guides and LED lights that can be adjusted guarantee the best Accuracy in drilling


  • The stop at the bottom of the line could slide

SKIL 3320-01 10-Inch Drill Press

Best Drill Press for Making Perfectly Angled Holes

SKIL 3320 01 10 Inch Drill Press
Image Source: Lowe’s

This is the perfect drill for homeowners seeking the ideal tool for drill-related projects for the home. It has simple features and a battery-powered motor (that is powered by the same two AAs that power the remote for your TV). This small drill is certain to impress. The SKIL 3320 has the standard features that you’d expect from a drill in its size. It has a motor and a spindle system that can run at five speeds ranging from 540 to 3050 RPM. This means you’ll be able to bore effortlessly through metal, wood, or other material you’re dealing with. The 10-inch swing and an adjustable surface make this a simple tool to experiment with. Additionally, the keyed 1/2 inch chuck can accept larger diameter woodworking tools for cutting and woodworking. This means that more options are offered to you.

Additionally, there is also the 2-Beam Laser guide system that allows you to create the perfect alignment of holes. It’s also a fairly inexpensive model that is reasonably priced. If you don’t need the capability of a more powerful device to fulfill the drilling requirements, it’s one of the top drill presses for you.

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  • The adjustable surface can be slopped upwards to 45 degrees to the left and right.
  • Five-speed settings, which range from 3050 and 540 RPM
  • The X2 2-Beam Laser system allows the creation of perfectly precise holes


  • Some reviewers aren’t in favor of the laser

WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press

Best 12-inch Drill Press for Variable Speed to see you through any Project.

If you’re looking for a bit more power or an extra feature tacked to your tools, this might be the drill you’ve been searching for. Two drills above that of the WEN drill depth chart for presses, The 4214 allows you to expand your usage, no matter the task. The 4214 drill has a complete foot of swing length for larger jobs. Thanks to WEN’s variable mechanical speed control, you can easily alter the drill’s spindle speed at any speed between 580 to 3200 RPM. A readout LED display helps to fine-tune these adjustments as easy as possible.

WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press
Image Source: Electro Garden Tools

The spindle’s travel is at a maximum of 3 1/8 inches. Additionally, a depth gauge that adjusts to depth and an easy-to-read stopper for depth allows this machine to adapt to the distance your job requires. This is a great drill press for its specifications. The Wen 4214 comes with a 9 1/2×9 1/2 worktable made of cast iron. It also comes with rack and pinion height adjustments and can be angled 45 degrees right and left. It also comes with an extension for the roller that could enhance the support of the surface to as much as 17 inches, meaning you don’t need to fret about managing long and cumbersome pieces of wood. Other options include a light in the machine to help to illuminate your work area and laser lights on the machine that keep your drilling consistent and precise. The cast-iron base is sturdy enough to keep you from moving and wobbling, but it has bolt holes that allow you to place the drill press on your table or workbench. If you love this model, the WEN 4208, you can keep an eye out for the 4214. Take on all woodworking tasks with high-quality drilling.

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  • 9 1/2 by 9 1/2″ cast iron base with adjustable surface and a swivel
  • It also has a rack and pinion height.
  • Table roller extensions that will increase the table’s support
  • A precision drill with attached work light is designed to illuminate your drill or other surfaces
  • The laser light onboard helps you work more precisely and with precision
  • The spindle’s speed can be adjustable between 580 to 3200 RPM


  • The motor could get extremely hot.

Delta 18-900L Laser Guide Drill Press

one of the best Floor Drills to Guarantee Accuracy

Delta 18 900L Laser Drill Press
Image Source: BuildEazy

Floor drill presses work great for demanding needs. This one isn’t an exception. This Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press is another high-end, jumbo jet piece of equipment. It’s loaded with options to enhance the quality of work for various projects. The drill has 16 adjustable speeds that range from 170 to 3000 RPM. It comes with a six-inch stroke, and the depth at which you can drill in your wood or other material is among the best. This Delta Laser Drill features an auto-tensioning belt drive which ensures more efficient drilling efficiency by ensuring swift, simple speed changes while maintaining the belt’s constant tension and the motor’s alignment. The table’s 18-900L size is extremely adjustable and can be beveled at any angle between 90 and 0 degrees, either left or right. It is simple to adjust or lower the height to the desired height. The drill press is also common in more expensive models, including two lasers (called TWINLASERS on this machine) and LED lights illuminating your workstation. These features provide an overall comfortable drilling experience for users. In addition, you get an 18-inch swing, and you’ll be able to tackle your most challenging projects. The Delta machine’s weight comes in at more than 250 pounds. However, you do not have to be concerned about tipping. (We suggest putting the machine into your shop according to the manufacturer’s directions). The drill is large and powerful, ready to tackle the plethora of tasks you’ll need to give it.

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  • An automatic belt drive system lets you change the spin speed in minutes.
  • A stroke of 6-inches and an 18-inch swing means you can drill for larger materials.
  • Twin lasers emit a red crosshair that drills with absolute precision


  • Reviewers have complained about poor customer service.

Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill,

one of the best Benchtop Drill Presses to Sand

The Shop Fox drill press is compact, portable, efficient, and can manage many aspects of your project. It comes with an oscillating sander which can be used to contour sand, a built-in clearing hole for the table, and an air-tight dust collection port to ensure your workspace is free of dust. The benchtop drill is much more than an ordinary drill. However, drilling is the Shop Fox product’s primary function. The machine is massive in a model that is a benchtop. It is a great drill for larger projects. It has a 3/4 HP, 110-Volt motor with 12-speed options of between 300 and 3500 RPM. A 5/8-inch drill chuck is a great choice. The drill chuck is more flexible in addition. It is possible to tackle a range of drilling-related tasks with the W1668. This drill press on a benchtop boasts the capacity of a 3/4-inch steel drilling capacity and an overall swing of 13.4 inches.

The table can tilt 90 degrees right and left, and it is easy to alter the height. You can also eliminate it to allow for bigger pieces of lumber or any other material you’re working with. The next step is sanding. It’s a breeze. Shop Fox drill press’s sanding capabilities are impressive. The dust collection holes and clearance holes discussed above assist when standing; however, they’re not the most crucial attributes. With just a few tools, the W1668 can be transformed into a sander in minutes. The three-piece oscillating spindle sander drum is designed to cut down on the heat generated during sanding, which means you get a smooth, even surface. It’s not good for an instrument!

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  • Strong 3/4 HP motor, 110-volts that can run 12 different speeds
  • Shop Fox Shop Fox functions as an oscillating spindle sander
  • It comes with features such as dust collection ports to help in cleaning your shop
  • 13-inch swing, as well as a table that can tilt 90 degrees to the left and right or be taken away


  • There’s nowhere to put the key to the drill chuck

Genesis GDP1005A Top Drill Press

The Best 5-Speed Drill Press for smaller jobs

Genesis GDP1005A Top Drill Press
Image Source: ArchiECHO

Genesis GDP1005A Top Drill Press Genesis GDP1005A Top Drill Press is another extremely affordable option in our review. These benchtop drill presses are specifically designed to tackle smaller drilling projects. However, it does them well. Genesis might be a relatively new company in a highly competitive market, but they compensate for their environmental credentials by putting out excellent machines. This drill press has an adjustable belt-driven spindle that runs between 3070 and 620 RPM. It is also fitted with an extremely durable induction 2/5 horsepower motor that can provide the torque you require for smaller jobs. In addition, 2.25 inches of spindle movement and the movable stop positions enable you to design precise, effective holes that are repeatable. The 7-1/4″ 7-1/4″ x 7-1/4″ cast iron table can rotate 45 degrees right or left. The 10-inch swing indicates that this tool is ideal for tackling smaller tasks found in your home. It is designed to work with Genesis Branded 4 and 5-inch vises for increased stability. It may be a smaller version. However, this 5-speed drill press is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of tasks within the segment. Don’t think that its size is a deceiver; this model Genesis GDP1005A is among the top of its kind.

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  • 2-inch spindle with adjustable stop positions
  • The 6.5 by 6.5-inch surface is a 6.5 by 6.5 adjustable surface that allows maximum flexibility for smaller jobs.
  • The spindle driven by a belt can operate with five speeds that can be adjusted.
  • 2.5% Horsepower Induction Motor for powering through the toughest jobs


  • Five speeds are available.
  • It’s not a great model for large-scale handling jobs.

Grizzly G7943 12 Benchtop Drilling Press

Best Drill Press for Tackling Home Projects

Like the Shop Fox W1668, it is a benchtop drill press capable of going beyond what it can offer. The Grizzly delivers professional-grade power and many of the components included in the other industrial drill presses in your home workshop so that it can handle the largest tasks in your home. It is more than 3 feet tall and weighs around 150 pounds. The G7943 is a massive piece of equipment for a benchtop model. The G7943 has 14 inches of swing and 3 1/4 inches of spindle movement. So it’s not just big. However, the Grizzly presses are adjustable. The table can swing all 360 degrees and slope 90 degrees left and right so that you can easily adapt your material to the drill. The adjustable speeds make this an even more flexible model. The spindle can be adjusted to rotation speed to 12 rates which range from 140 RPM and 3050 RPM. The Grizzly model also comes with an integrated light which aids in maximizing efficacy and Accuracy when drilling holes. If you are looking for a powerful drill press to be added to your arsenal of woodworking tools, This is the ideal drilling machine for your needs.

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  • Belt drive that can be adjusted to allow running speeds ranging from 140 to 3050 RPM
  • 12 different speeds
  • A robust, heavy-duty body with a 14-inch swing and 3 1/4 inches of spindle movement
  • A table that can be swiveled 360 ° and have an angle that can go up to 45 degrees


  • A few reviewers have mentioned wobbles in the spindle

DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Drill Press

The best Drill Presses for simpler, smaller tasks

DRL 300.00 Small Benchtop Drill Press
Image Source: Pinterest

A smaller and less expensive benchtop model, this DRL 300 is perhaps one of our reviewers’ least expensive models. With a weight of just 13 pounds and standing at just one foot high, it’s not as powerful a drill press as the Delta and those Shop Fox models we’ve looked at. But that doesn’t make it less suitable for the ideal customer. Anyone seeking something small and easy to carry between projects is likely to find this drill press the ideal solution. It can be kept around to complete smaller tasks that they may have to complete. Its small size makes it a perfect tool for a portable drilling press. Despite its tiny dimensions, this drill can make holes into various materials, including metal, wood, and even plastic. Its DRL 300 can spin at speeds as high as 8500 RPM due to the power that comes from the 110-volt electric motor. Although it won’t be capable of handling larger projects, it’s powerful enough to tackle any job that you could fit. If you require drilling a few holes around the clock and don’t want the bank to purchase a professional item, this is a drill worth looking at. It may not have a fancy table that can be adjusted or plenty of space; however, do you require drilling just a few holes? If yes, this could be the perfect little tool for your needs.

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  • Extremely compact, lightweight, and cost-effective
  • It weighs 13 pounds and measures just a foot tall
  • Performs at varying speeds of between 8500 and 8500 RPM
  • 110-volt motor
  • Portable drill press
  • Great for wood, plastic, and drilling in metal


  • It isn’t able to handle larger projects like other drill presses.

Questions for Buyers Guide

What are Drill Presses?

Drill Presses 2
Image Source: Santa Clara University, Magnetic Drill Press

While many drill presses are used for other tasks (and excel at it), they are designed specifically for drilling in the first place and foremost. These power drills are incorporated into a machine that ensures precise and consistent drilling using higher speed and power. They will help you drill precisely for every project. Most drills come with solid surfaces, a column, and a pulley system that controls the drill’s vertical movement. Due to a larger motor and additional power via leverage, drilling presses allow drilling big holes quickly, without the strain of drilling large holes through thick material. Drill presses are a great choice when drilling holes in metal or other difficult projects. They’ll make precise, straight holes. Many of them can also drill at an angle when the demand arises. The hand-held drill (also known as a hand drill) offers much flexibility. However, drill presses are ideal in situations where the work has to be flawless. Other options include reaming, tapping countersinking, and counterboring.

Drill Press Types

There are two kinds of drill presses: floor-standing presses and bench presses. While standing presses have greater power and may be the most suitable option for an open workshop, bench presses are more compact and can be attached to a table or any other surface for work. The standing drill presses are ideal for those who wish to tackle various larger, heavy-duty jobs. Benchtop presses are typically better suited to smaller projects or for occasional use.

drill press for woodwork
Image Source: Woodworker’s Journal

Drill presses for bench use are a great option if you’re looking to use the capabilities of a drill occasionally but don’t have the space or want to dedicate the entire space of your workspace to it. Although they’re not equipped with the same punch or spin rate as floor-standing drill presses, they are the best for homeowners with just small amounts of space or for the contractor who’s always in motion.

How does the Bench Drill Press Function?

It is possible to know the best way to utilize the bench drill press to ensure it’s the tool you require. The bench drill press operates exactly the same way an upright press operates, but the main distinction is that it must be mounted on a table or workbench before using it. While the speed and control settings differ between different presses, the fundamental components of operation remain the same throughout the entire range. Be sure to read through the instruction manuals accompanying the drill before making use of it. Bench drill presses are made up of several basic components that include a head that is home to the motor collection of pulleys and gears which regulate the speed, as well as a spindle, a Chuck that is used to hold the bit and can spin with an arm that can raise and lower the bit and chuck. It also comes with tables and a base, or foot, attached to a bench or column. This pole of support runs between the bottom and the top and helps hold the table in position. Before operating your drill press, ensure that you wear appropriate protection and attire. It is always recommended to use protective eyewear when working using power tools. In addition, it is recommended to avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing and any jewelry that could be caught within the presses. Long hair must also be put in a knot or put away before use so that it does not become caught within the spindle.

Bench Drill Press Function
Image Source: The Digital Hacker, 3/4-horsepower drill press

Once you have rigged the drill and are ready to start using it, you can adjust the speed of the spindle by changing the pulleys on the drill press head. Once you’ve selected the right speed to suit your needs, you can set up the drill bit and change the table. The spindle is a component in the drill press that spins into boreholes. Drill bits are inserted in the spindle directly if it is tapered. They may also be put in a keyed or unkeyed chuck and then placed in the spindle. The table keeps the material. Based on the intended purpose, you may move the table upwards and downwards and rotate it as you need to. Switch on the drill press, then place the material on the table. Afterward, use the arm to rotate the drill down and up through the metal, wood, or any other material you’re working with. Make sure not to over-force the drill, especially in the case of the most delicate material or using the lowest spin speed. Instead of pressing it, leave the drilling press to take on the bulk of the work as it continues to “press” its way through.

What is the best way to Mount a Bench Drill Press?

When you’ve found a spot in your work or shop space with enough light and space, now is time to install your drill bench. Most bench drill presses have an extremely sturdy base that stops the base from wobbling when you drill. However, securing the base on the bench or table in your workshop is still necessary to ensure security. The motor of almost all drill presses is located inside the head of the drill press and is, therefore, heavier on the top. To attach the press to the wall, you can clamp or screw the base directly onto the surface with bolt vises. It is also possible to attach it to the item of plywood or another piece of wood in the workshop and then attach the wood to the bench or table. The clamps or vice grips will help to hold the base in the position.

Mount a Bench Drill Press
Image Source: MONEDEROsmart, Creating Holes in Wood

Drill Press Features

While all models can begin precision drilling, various drill presses have distinct features. They all drill with metal, but it’s worthwhile to determine the other materials that the drill press can handle. The best drill press for your needs has options that can improve the drilling process. For instance, many drill presses can cut at a different depth, and the ability to control speed variably. The top drill presses come with a variety of speeds. Certain models come with safety features, for example, a dust port or a dust port, while others can deal with the angled holes. There are models with an easy-to-change chuck system and a speed reading display. There are also magnetic drill presses and an ultra-mini drill press which is great if you’re constantly moving. Take note of all the features to determine your ideal drill press.


After reading our buyer’s guides and reviews, you’re ready to settle on the best drill press. We may have overlooked certain classic brands like B+D or JET drill, and so on; we hope you’ll agree that the models we reviewed are top-quality. Be aware that our choices are only our suggestions, and the most crucial is selecting an item you’re at ease with. The ideal drill press is one that you can do the work you require to do. We hope our review will help you choose the most effective drill press to use in your garage or home.

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