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Air spring kits contain several components that help to alter the height of a vehicle as per the convenience of the driver to reduce bouncing of the vehicle when it is on rough terrain or empty. The air spring kits work based on vehicle speed and load weight. Most high-end cars come in-built with an air spring kit however you may install it to any vehicle to make your rides super comfortable and smooth. For your ease, we have reviewed the best air spring kits available in the market today later in this article that will help you decide based on various parameters. We highly recommend you go through the FAQs and the buying guide before choosing any product.


You will find an endless number of options in the automobile market today when you search for air spring kits. However, it’s necessary to know that not all the kits are ideal for the front wheel (or rear wheels) and not all kits will suffice your vehicle. This is why it is important to have a thorough knowledge of how each variant works that will prevent confusion and also a bad investment. The following parameters are the major deciding factors recommended before you buy an air spring kit for your vehicle:

Load capacity

Load capacity is the most important factor for an air spring kit. Irrespective of whether you have purchased a font or rear air spring kit, if it cannot handle your vehicle load, it’s not ideal or even properly functioning. 

Each air kit comes with a specific load capacity limit prescribed by its manufacturer. The load capacity depends on the change in diameter as the spring compresses and elongates, supporting the maximum load near full compression and vice versa. This may range between 2000 pounds to 5000 pounds normally. There are even other options that can handle giant loads of huge vehicles in the market. 


Secondly, the quality of the air suspension kit attracts much weightage in the consumer’s eyes. If it’s not of superior quality, it cannot handle all the wear and tear for long and will expire soon. Hence, look closely at the construction material, quality specifications, and reviews by previous consumers to decide if it’s worth an investment. 

top air spring kits
AMain Cycling

Maximum pressure

As you might know, the airbags have a particular air pressure inside that helps to carry an entire load of your car. This also has an added advantage as you can customize the air pressure by adding or removing air. But to do so, an air kit with a greater pressure handling capacity is required. Hence, an air spring kit that can support a maximum of 105 psi will be preferred over those supporting only 60 psi at the max.


Warranty is also an important parameter as you are going to invest quite an amount into the kit. 1 or 2 years of warranty is quite the standard and provided by most manufacturers, you also have lifetime warranty options by some top manufacturers.

Specific requirement

Do you need an air suspension kit for your SUV or truck to tow? Do you need it for the overall performance enhancement of your car for normal driving purposes? Thankfully, you get a lot of interesting options of air kits that are suited for various purposes in today’s market.


Lastly, you must look for a kit that allows customization. Besides allowing customized pressure in the airbags, many kits also allow customization in the compressor system. You can opt for a more convenient compression system like an on-board compressor to replace the manual compression system. To facilitate this, your suspension kit must allow customization to connect itself to the new compressor system. 


How do air suspensions improve driver safety?

Air suspension kits are primarily aimed to provide a smooth riding experience. Hence, they automatically maintain a steady level over the ground and reduce or prevent bounces on bumpy roads. This gives a smooth experience and also ensures driver safety.

Do you need air springs?

Air springs are included in many vehicles at the time of their manufacture and you may not need to install a new one separately. However, if you have to regularly ride through rough terrains or bumpy roads, you may consider installing one in your car to prevent bouncing and ride smoothly. These kits are especially useful for the aged, patients, and individuals with back pain as suspension kits will prevent unnecessary bumping.

When should you use suspension kits?

You can install a suspension kit if you want to use your vehicle for towing or hauling. This will prevent sagging and cut out the extra tension from your vehicle’s wheels.

How much does an air suspension kit cost?

Air suspension kits can cost anywhere between $250 to $1000 including installation. However, most kits can be installed within $280-$300 by professionals. Moreover, many air suspension kits give lifetime warranties and also last for a long time, and are worth all the investment.

Which is better: air or spring suspension?

Most riders and drivers deem air ride suspensions to be the best. They don’t have damping characteristics as that of a spring. These oscillations account for some amount of energy losses. In reality, air springs provide a better riding experience than springs and they are also better with freights.

Can you go with air suspensions in your car?


Are air suspensions illegal?

Air suspensions are not DOT approved but again, cops won’t penalize you for using air suspensions in your car.

Can I drive with the air suspension off?

Yes, why not. You can simply turn off the switch if you want to drive without using air suspension.

What happens if an air suspension fails?

Driving with a broken air ride suspension is not recommended. Although it is less likely to cause an accident right away, the car will sag down to the ground and it might be difficult to manage during emergencies. The compressor will fail to take up the carload after some time.


Firestone 2582 Air Helper Spring Kit

Firestone 2582 Air Helper Spring Kit

Firestone is a leading manufacturer of high-quality air spring kits that are designed and assembled in the USA to improve overall ride capacity. These air springs are superiorly designed to allow carrying heavy freights and are widely used on many heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and buses. The company has a range of wide varieties of airbags, air suspension kits, and all-in-one kits that are non-competitive in terms of quality.

Versatile pressure capacity

It has a maximum pressure capacity of 100 psi that is ideal for counteracting a load of most normal-use cars in the market. It is also highly customizable, having a higher pressure limit.

Air Helper Spring Kit Firestone 2582

High performance

The air springs are easily inflatable and inflatable providing a smooth riding experience. They can absorb road shocks with maximum efficiency and can handle varying load capacity while maintaining proper balance and leveling. This increases precision in steering control and effective braking.

Quick installation

This air spring kit is ideal for beginners and includes all essential components necessary for a quick installation. No external tools or even drills are required. The instruction and installation guide included is super crisp and easy to follow.

What customers say

This Firestone air spring kit is perfect in all aspects and the best one for beginners and self-installation. The construction is sturdy and absorbs maximum road shocks. It is also ideal for installation in trucks before towing and hauling activities. The item is rated for 5000 lbs load capacity but try to stay within the load ratings of your vehicle.

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Air Lift 88204 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit fits

Air Lift 88204 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit fits

This is an excellent pick in the top air spring kits for its special features that gives an enhanced driving experience. It cut for certain models of vehicles which should be checked before buying this. But this can handle a massive 5000 pounds of load. The manufacturer has also included a satisfactory lifetime warranty which makes it a much-preferred product among consumers.

Jounce bumper

This product has an in-built jounce that enhances the shock absorption capacity and a safer ride even while towing or hauling. This airlift spring is ideal for all problems related to squat, trailer sway, rough ride, body roll, and so on.

Ultimate Air Spring Kit fits

Functions in zero pressure

The manufacturer recommends keeping a minimum air pressure for a safe and smooth ride. However, it has a special feature that allows it to maintain the leveling at even zero air pressure which is definitely an eye-catchy feature in the market.

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit fits
Best Air Spring Kit fits

High quality

Airlift company is committed to design and manufacture superior quality airlift kits to promote safer and smoother rides that last a lifetime. This product is also a true representation of their high standards.

Air Lift 88204 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit fits

Lifetime warranty

This is one of the top-rated airlift kits that is accompanied by a lifetime warranty. Unlike other manufacturers, Air Lift Company offers this lifetime warranty on all the components in the kit along with the air springs. This is definitely a steal deal even though the air spring lasts for an unbelievably long time.

Air Lift Ultimate Air Spring Kit fits

Easy installation

The kit contains all the necessary tools needed for easy installation of the air springs. The installation can be done by even a newbie just by following their instruction manual and it doesn’t take more than 3 hours at maximum.

What customers say

The quality of the air springs is undoubtedly superior with a 60-day money-back guarantee by the company in case you feel negligible improvement in ride quality. The customer service is excellent and the product lasts pretty long without minimal repairs and attention. The lifetime warranty is also a good feature but you need to check if your car model is compatible with this item as it is vehicle specific.

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AIRLIFT 60818 1000 Series

AIRLIFT 60818 1000 Series 1

If you are looking for an airlift on a cheaper end that will work pretty well for small load capacities, this is the best pick for you. It is designed to accommodate 1000 lbs of load capacity and is ideal for private vehicles that rarely carry heavy loads. Moreover, it also fights the common problems of squat, trailer sway, rough ride, bottoming out effectively on much older vehicles as well.

Easy installation

The kit includes all essential components for easy installation of the air spring. Any newbie can easily follow the installation guide and set it up in 2 hours.

Up to 1000 lbs load capacity

The item can handle up to 1000 ls of load capacity and is ideal for vehicles that do not carry loads frequently and are solely used for personal uses. The spring is also quite effective in combating common problems such as squats, bottoming up, etc.

1000 Series AIRLIFT 60818

Lifetime warranty

The best part of this airbag suspension kit is its lifetime warranty on the springs as well as all other components included in the kit. This is an excellent advantage that makes this product highly preferred by many drivers and owners.

Best AIRLIFT 60818 1000 Series

Reliable and long-lasting

Being manufactured by Air Lift Company, the item is fully tested for reliability and longevity.

top air spring kits

What customers say

Installation is super quick and easy, average pressure inflation is around 5-35 psi and works well at 40 psi also (though not recommended for long-term). Ideal for personal use when you just intend to improve your ride quality. Overall, the air springs are superiorly designed and protect against road shocks. 

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Air springs kits are a necessity when you are towing or hauling but they are absolutely worth the investment. Most air spring kits come with a lifetime warranty and most do not need repairs after fitting so you can be set with just one life-time investment. Besides, regular use of an air spring kit will ensure your car’s well-being as well as its tires. Airbags are also a great measure for preventing or reducing back pain caused by frequent jerking while driving. So, these were our overall three top picks for the best air suspension kits that you can blindly invest in in 2021. 

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