Cross Functional Elliptical Trainer – Stamina InMotion E-1000

The Stamina InMotion E-1000 Elliptical Trainer is cross-functional in the sense that it can be used while in a sitting or standing position and can also be used as an under-desk elliptical trainer. It is small in size, making it perfect for home and office use.

It employs a stair-climbing type of motion so there’s no significant stride. If you use a standing desk, you would find the Stamina InMotion E-1000 very useful. It may require a little getting used to (exercising with a standing desk) but once you get the hang it, you’ll be “sitting pretty” fitness-wise. It is small enough to store in the closet and not constitute a space menace when not in use. It is also portable enough to carry about.

With its small size, it is a great alternative for a large elliptical trainer. Many people who buy full-size trainers end up not using them and they become an eyesore and storage nightmare. This one is small enough to fit in the closet when not in use. It is also portable enough to carry with you wherever you go.

It has an electronic meter display that shows time (up to 100 minutes), distance (up to 1,000 miles), count (up to 9,999 strides), and calories burned (up to 1,000 Kcal) functions. This is displayed at intervals of six seconds.

Advantages of Stamina InMotion E-1000:

  • Standing Position Option. It can be used while standing as well as under the desk. This is the only Elliptical reviewed in this article that has this option and can be used as a full-scale exercise machine like its contemporaries in the gym.
  • Price. It is relatively and mostly affordable.
  • Bidirectional. Forward and reverse motion available giving you more muscle exercising options.

Shortfalls of Stamina InMotion E-1000:

  • Weight limit. It can only be used as an under-desk Elliptical for weightier users because the weight limit is 250 pounds. Only lighter users can engage it while standing.
  • Slightly noisy. It is slightly noisy for an open office space. It is most likely to distract others in a very quiet office. Best suited for a private office.
  • Stride length. It has a shorter stride length than most elliptical bikes, which can be limiting in the effects of the exercise.

It is quite easy to assemble. The main attachment to be done is connecting the pedals to the base and attaching the front plate and rear bar. All tools for assembly are included in the kit. It might take between 10 and 15 minutes to assemble completely.

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