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Rivnut Hand Tools
A Rivnut tool combines a traditional tool for riveting with a nut that lets you securely fix thin sheets of sheet metal. They are much simpler for small and DIY shops to make use of. Rivet tools are used to hold thin metal pieces to each other. They are typically employed in aviation when working on buses and by enthusiasts of automobiles to alter their cars. Small guns can squeeze sheet metal sheets and insert a cylinder with threads for bolts. Video Of How To Use A Rivnut Tool Also known as Rivnut(r) and Nutsert(r) tools, You’ll discover all you need to know about the top Rivnut instruments in this manual.In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the currently available models and a short buying guide to explain how this tool functions and what to look for when buying one. Use This Tool To Make Drilling Rivnut Holes Easy When installing Rivet Nuts, You must first drill the hole. After that, you may employ any drill bit. This type of drill is one of the easiest hacks I have discovered. It is pre-marked with the sizes on it and is equipped with a magnetic card that corresponds to the Rivet Nut sizes.

Place the magnet wherever it’s convenient, and keep it in its Rivet Nut tool, which you can purchase separately (I will review them below). That is a solid, CNC-machined bit. It seems precise in its sizing and punched through heavy aluminum easily. I’m not one to argue with my projects. However, searching through a collection of drill bits to discover one that is “almost right” and then be a part of the project fighting over it is too much work for me.

Our List Of The Best 4 Rivnut Tools:

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Astro 1442 Pneumatic Tool

This device is great for many bicycle applications, body panels, or firewalls.

The tool has been developed to help you reduce sweat through its torque hinges. This design increases your pull’s force substantially, allowing you to have an attachment device that does the job perfectly every time.

This kit is an industrial-grade setting that lets you swap according to the ten different sizes of metrics.

Although it is designed to ease the burden of users, some complain that it takes too much effort to make a good rivet hole. The reason is that the tool, when it arrives, is dry.

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A small amount of grease to every pivot point can significantly ease any stress on the wearer. However, it is not recommended to pull too hard, as the tool has more than enough leverage to cause it to break.

Overall this hand tool is not designed for delicate work, such as circuit boards, but heavier jobs such as sheet metal.

Regarding tools for installation, this is the top tool for rivnuts for most people who read our blog.


  • Toolless Quick Change Head
  • Automatic Rotation Lock
  • Interchangeable Mandrel
  • Replacement Mandrels Easy to Find


  • Requires Lubrication Before Use
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Astro 1427 Powered Rivnut Nut Tool

The Astro 1427 blends the advantages of a drill along with the flexibility of other models of rivet nuts.

Your rivets can last longer because this design pulls rather than turns the threads out, making a stronger connection.

The durability of this gadget is not to be questioned, as it is constructed of a body made of aluminum that is strong enough to stand up to the rigors of pressure.

Compatible with all Corded drills and cordless ones. For stainless steel and aluminum rivets, it is suggested to use a training equipped with at least twelve volts of electricity. Included in this drill are eight mandrels and nosepieces that are metric.

Mandrels with larger sizes are available, such as M8 5, M10, 5/16-18, and 3/8-16.

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Despite its toughness on the body, the mandrels’ strength has come into doubt, and replacements are often required.

Manufacturer replacements are on the market. Keep the contact details of their representatives in your pocket.

That is why the Astro 1427 isn’t ideal for professional use, but it is perfect for home and recreational setups.


  • Changes Drill to Rivet Nut Setters
  • Designed to Cause Less Wear
  • It can withstand 4x the force as compared to other adapters.


  • Mandrel Quality might not be as great as 1442.

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Muzata Blind Rivet Nut Tool Kit

This hand-riveter set comes with everything you require from the moment you open the box.

There are many rivets, aluminum and brass, included in this tool kit, which is organized together with the hand tool.

You’ll be able to make a variety of sheet metal thicknesses by using the five available mandrels and nuts ranging from M3-M8.

The actual tool comes with dual clip locks and an ergonomically designed hand coated with anti-slip material. In addition, the compact dimensions of the device make it an ideal tool for modifications to cars since it can access areas that are difficult to reach with larger instruments.

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Even though the handle can only expand to a maximum of 16 cm (6.3 inches), the handle has adequate power, as is the pivot.

While it is a great tool kit for beginners, there are some drawbacks. However, it’s not compatible with larger mandrels like the m10, m12, or larger; and while it is not a problem, you should note that the kit is specifically designed for smaller holes.


  • Huge 900 pcs Set
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Easy to use and no Plugs Required


  • Limited to Upwards of M8 Size
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Pneumatic Nutsert Rivnut Gun

When speed, power, and strength are the main goals for the Rivnut(r) installation, you should look no further than this Set of rivet nuts.

It can be connected with an air compressor at the handle’s bottom. The tool takes only a few minutes to crush all kinds of aluminum, brass, and steel rivet nuts.

The mandril capability of this device can reach up to a maximum from 5/16,” making it more suited to bigger projects.

That is one of the top models available today, with exceptional craftsmanship yet simplicity in design.

But, some might feel the tool is insufficient for their needs because smaller sizes such as M3 or M4 aren’t available in the box.

Astro Pneumatic Tool
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The controls for forward and reverse, together with the dial regulator, allow users to change the size at any time.

Ultimately, this tool is an excellent option for those who want to enhance and take on larger projects. However, if you’re doing lots of riveting, it is recommended that you use it is recommended to use a pneumatically-powered tool that is faster to use.


  • Quick Change Mandrel
  • Dial for Specific Nut Sizes
  • Forward and Reverse Controls


  • Overkill for Smaller Projects
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Buyer’s Guide

How Does The Rivet Nut Work

Rivet nuts allow the use of fasteners within places with less thickness and uncomfortable positions. Although not all of these tools are identical, there are some common elements among them.

When the hole of the right dimension is approximately similar to the size of the rivet, the rivet’s fastener component is placed into it. Next, the manual or automatic tool inserts into the bolt by turning it within the fastener while simultaneously tightening the opposite side of the metal. Finally, it creates threads that bolts to connect to the bolt, with blind rivet bolts being inverted versions that have the bolt connected, allowing it to be threaded on various sheets of metal.

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Riveter Size To Metal Thickness

The size of the rivet you choose is crucial, as one that is too small will not work when working with particularly thick sheet metal. Unofficial guidelines dictate that rivets use a metric measurement system, with M3 sizes that work well for thicknesses exceeding 1.5 millimeters; M4 up to 2.5mm; and M5 upwards up to 3.0mm. Each increment in the size of the rivet adds 0.5mm of thickness.

Manual Vs. Automatic

A high-quality hand-riveter can get you far, but it can also be limited to bigger projects. Rivnut(r) guns and attachments for drilling be used to tackle big projects, but they are not always necessary for homes.

Kits Are Available

A high-quality hand-riveter can get you far but may be limited to bigger projects. Rivnut(r) tools and drilling attachments be used to tackle big projects, but they are usually not needed for homes.

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Rivnut Tool Assembly

There are five steps to making the riveting tool.

In the beginning, you’ll have to retract the slide completely before you place the riveted nut finger in the stud.

There must be a hole in which to put an adjustable rod. However, every rod is unique. Next, the screw which slides up the ramp needs to be shut between 0 and 1/4 inch. Last, you should apply a small amount of oil to the tool to simplify the operation.

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