VT003F Vibration Plate | High Frequency 15-40Hz | 2 Amplitude Settings | Deep Tissue Activation | Potential Benefits…

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VT003F is a budget consumer grade linear vibration plate. High frequency and low amplitude. Tech specs and performance comparable to commercial grade linear vibration plates you see in gym. Compact and light weight designed for the convenience of home and office use. Over 8000 units sold. Quality, motion pattern and effectiveness well approved. Many life-changing stories. Most other consumer grade vibration plates on the market are pivotal oscillation type that can only run below 14Hz frequency.
A versatile machine with adjustable frequency (15-40Hz) and two amplitude settings accommodating various vibration exercise for therapy and fitness. Three built-in programs providing dynamic motion patterns for different applications. Frequency range designed to achieve resonance effect on soft tissues, allowing energy transferred most efficiently from machine to human body, maximizing skeleton muscle contraction effect, creating a unique stimulation on muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and bone.
Built to last with sturdy structure and premium material. No assembly and no maintenance needed. Designed in an industrial style for simplification, reliability and serviceability. After years of effort of continuous improvement, VT003F’s manufacturing processes have become mature and consistent. A set of 4 anti-vibration pads included to reduce vibration transmitted to the floor. Visit our website detail product info including noise level, EMF, floor shake and other negative attributes.

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