My PlumbingStuff – Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit – 32-ounce J.C. Whitlam FLOW32 Flow-Aide System Descaler – Zoeller 42-0007 Floor Sucker Pump – 5-Gallon Bucket – User Instructions – Safe to Use Price: $159.99 (as of 03/12/2020 05:43 PST- Details)

TANKLESS WATER-HEATING CLEANING KIT: The My PlumbingStuff Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit is perfect for maintaining any tankless-style water heater. It includes 5-foot SS hoses, a 32-ounce bottle of FLOW32 Descaler, a Zoeller 42-0007 Floor Sucker pump, and a 5-gallon bucket.
HELPS MAINTAIN EFFICIENCY: This tankless water-heater flushing kit should be purchased with every new or existing tankless water-heater system. By flushing the water heater as recommended by the manufacturer, you’ll ensure optimal efficiency, reduce debris buildup, and improve the quality of water.
J.C WHITLAM FLOW32 DESCALER: FLOW-AIDE is a nonhazardous, noncorrosive, nontoxic, and biodegradable descaler that is heavily fortified with wetting and penetrating agents that actually dissolve water scale, lime, mud, rust, and other water-formed deposits from portable water-heater and tankless systems.

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