All you need to know about PowerStop Slotted Brake Rotors, Drilled Brake Rotors and other accessories 

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Brake upgrade should be for the top-performing vehicle; every driver can work on every car they drive and perform better. Power Stop has been in existence for over 20 years bringing quality brake upgrades to every vehicle on the road –whether driving a pickup, truck, minivan, or sports car.

As the designers for brake kits, they cover over 98 percent of the vehicles on the road. They cover everything from the 60s muscle cars, current model year tracts, and anything in between.

Every driver yearns for a reliable brake system that does not fail. PowerStop offers Slotted Brake Rotors, Drilled Brake Rotors, and other brake accessories with an engineering design tested and trusted for excellent performance. They are usually with carbon-free braking ceramic materials that offer a dust-free, fail-free, noise-free braking experience.

Power stop works with experienced engineers who design a direct bolt-on replacement for the original brakes, making it easy to upgrade any vehicle braking system. They test all their products with the LA Traffic Test, a test used by auto manufacturers while designing a new vehicle.

PowerStop Company Overview 

PowerStop is a company in the automotive industry located in Bedford Park, Illinois. The company specializes in manufacturing click brake kits, brake parts, brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

The company has been striving to ensure drivers have an easy way of driving by providing upgraded brakes. The co-founder of PowerStop, Arvin Scott, identified the need for better brakes as he had realized that weak brakes were a common phenomenon in most vehicles in his time. With the introduction of the PowerStop brand in 1995, the company has grown to be an innovative leader in the automotive industry, particularly in the auto aftermarket brake category.

The brand brake components and accessories are of standard quality and performance, ensuring you meet your needs. So whether you are towing heavy loads or simply going about a relaxing daily drive, PowerStop offers the best quality and affordable upgrades to enhance your satisfaction.

The company focuses on establishing and maintaining strong relationships and interactions with its supply chain members, stockholders, stakeholders, employees, and, most importantly, their customers. These forms of relationships have been the building blocks of the PowerStop brand that has promoted customer retention. In addition, the company’s warehouse and distribution operations have improved their shipping abilities across the globe and have enabled the company to meet customers’ expectations. 

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With a diverse and talented workforce among its employees, PowerStop can deliver quality, creative, safe, and easy-to-use brakes, and braking accessories. With their design of brake kits, you can enjoy online shopping for brakes and accessories such as pads, rotors, hardware, and many more that come in one box. The equipment is for 98% of vehicles, whether current models or old models of the 60s and anything in between.

PowerStop brand brake pads are from carbon-fiber ceramic that provides a noise-free, dust-free, and fail-free braking experience. Power stop works with experienced engineers who design a direct bolt-on replacement for the original brakes, making it easy to upgrade any vehicle braking system. In addition, the products go through the test for compliance with the LA Traffic Test that is also used by manufacturers when they are designing new vehicles. 

PowerStop LLC’s design and manufacture of products focus on the adoption of environment-friendly practices. For instance, the 100% Copper-free brake pads already meet the performance requirements stated in California SB 346 and Washington SB 6557. In addition, the PowerStop brand has made customers have an easy time when replacing brakes.

Here is a collection of brake accessories you can pick from PowerStop; 

Big Brakes Conversion KitThe big brakes conversion kit is suitable for your Jeep with suspension lifts and bigger tires. Also, it is appropriate when your Jeep is heavy due to skid plates, steel bumpers, and modifications that increase your Jeep’s weight.

This kit comes with new pre-engineered caliper brackets, premium stainless steel shims that give a noise-free braking experience. The Z36 Carbon-fiber ceramic and the slotted and drilled brake rotors are the identifying features of this kit. The kit also consists of premium stainless steel hardware meant for easy installation of the big brakes. A good example is Power Stop KC2154-36 Z36.

Electronic Brake Wear Sensors

Power Stop Extreme Performance Brake
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These are designed to ensure withstanding of high temperatures as per EOM standards. They are of the best quality with assured electrode conductivity. They are long-lasting even after 1000 miles of driving, thus ensuring your safety and your vehicle’s performance that you have been longing for. Power Stop Z26-1718 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Set and Power Stop SW-0803 Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor are some of the power stops electronic wear sensors.

Brake Pad Set
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Brake Calipers

They come in two varieties: Powder coated calipers and auto specialty stock replacement calipers.

The Powder coated caliper design protects against leaks and enhances longevity attributed to the high-temperature EPDM rubber seals and boots. In addition, this accessory comes with fresh bleeder screws, stainless steel hardware clips, and pins for excellent optimum performance. An example of the product category includes Power Stop S2876 Red Powder-Coated Performance Caliper.

Evolution Performance Drilled
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The Autospeciality OE Replacement Brake Calipers have a design and are tested to ensure longevity, safety, and quality performance. Inclusive of this product are new premium boots, seals, and silicone lubricants vital for easy replacement of your vehicle’s stock calipers. They are suitable for daily driving, commuting, and budget-conscious drivers.  An example of The Autospeciality OE Replacement Brake Calipers from power stop includes Autospecialty Stock Replacement Calipers.

Brake Rotors and Drum

The Evolution Slotted, Drilled & Zinc Plated Rotors are the most popular rotors by PowerStop. It provides:

  • Smooth and safe braking.
  • An upgrade that enhances your vehicle’s stopping power.
  • Making it very easy than never upgrading before it.

It is excellent for your vehicle daily driving. Suitable for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Evolution Genuine Geomet Coated rotors

The Evolution Genuine Geomet Coated rotors are the budget-conscious and direct bolt-on replacement for your vehicle that you drive daily. Its design makes it uniquely attractive and protected from corrosion and rust. Their OE weight and vane configuration are a guarantee that they can fit your vehicle. an example of this product category includes evolution drilled, slotted & zinc plated rotors.

Evolution Genuine Geomet Coated rotors
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Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose

This brake hose gives a quick and consistent pedal response. The premium PTFE hoses made of crimped-on zinc plated steel fittings certified by DOT promote the brake hose’s strength and durability. This accessory comes with a kit containing the essential front, and rear brake hose together with a mounting bracket and hardware to save you installation time.

Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose
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Brake Shoes

The Autospeciality brake shoes enhance braking performance whenever you push onto the brake pedal. They provide increased braking power with a short break-in time. They are affordable, especially when you are budget conscious and a daily driver 

The other option is the Autospeciality parking brake shoes that are affordable and provide a safe ride on a steep incline. These brake shoes have a design that lasts years of use and guarantees perfect performance.

Brake Shoes
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Brake Pads

These pads are in the brake kits meant to ensure the braking system’s performance in an efficient noise-free manner. They are easy to install or use the PowerStop network of installers to install these features and the rest. In addition, the design of PowerStop brake pads has a plan that ensures noise and dust-free braking experience.

Brake Kits

Brake kits come in many varieties meant for your vehicles’ various needs depending on the vehicle model. They can range from Z36 truck and tow brake upgrade kit to PowerStop Z23 evolution sport brake kit or upgrade version, Z26 Street warrior brake kit specifically for high horsepower muscle vehicles, and many more others.

Brake Kits with calipers

These come in four varieties, and the choice depends on your type of vehicle. The Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Upgrade kit with powder-coated calipers are suitable for trucks, four by 4s, and SUVs suitable for towing, hauling, and mountain driving. Have slotted and drilled brake rotors ideal for long mountain descents

The Z26 Street warrior brake upgrade kit with powder-coated calipers is suitable for high horsepower muscle and modified cars. This kit comes complete with all components you need to make installation easy and is the only bolt-on upgrade that delivers more than just braking power.

Z17 stock replacement brake kit with calipers is affordable and suitable for your daily driven vehicle. This kit component gives a smooth and quiet commute that will restore the original braking performance of your car.

The Z23 evolution sport-brake upgrade kit with powder-coated calipers comes as a complete package for your daily driving needs. It gives an increased braking power facilitating a quiet ride that you will find very enjoyable.

Brake Kits with calipers
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Track Day

The Trackday brake kit is suitable for track days and HPDE tested to ensure they provide you with extreme fade resistance and a consistent pedal feel. This is a sure bet source of confidence and control handed to you to satisfy your needs.

Power Stop Brake Kits As An Outstanding Brand On Market 

Power stop LLC puts a lot of consideration into the design of their brake kit. Apart from producing a product that serves its purpose, they ensure they have kits with additional superior quality. Apart from their warranty, their kits have the following features that make them stand out in the market:

Dust-free and Noiseless braking 

You will no longer hear the embarrassing noisy brakes. All the brake pads go through tasting to ensure they are noisy-free. In addition, the power brake features a dust-free formula that provides you with dust-free brakes. 

Stopping power 

When going for an efficient brake upgrading system, you will need a brand that works perfectly without compromising your other vehicle’s functionality. Power stop offers an exclusive carbon filter formula that provides increased braking power without compromising your vehicle’s everyday drivability.


Every rotor is mill-balanced and carefully designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. Both the DVT tolerance specification and the rotor run out are within 0.002 in.

All you need comes in a one-box unit. A single box contains perfect matched rotors, pads, upgraded stainless steel hardware, high-temperature brake lubricant, and new pin bushings.

Power stop ratters are also slotted, plated, and drilled for perfection. They are cased with the finest G3000 metallurgy with a strict OE tolerance that gives it a perfect bolt-on upgrade without needing any modification.

Durable and easy to clean design 

This kit may come to have optional red powder-coated calipers. The powdery coating is easy to clean – high heat resistance, non-corrosive, and gives the calipers an increased service life.

Power Stop Brake
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Power Stop LLC limited Warranty Categories For Their Products 

Before you think of the power stop warranty, understand that power stop rotors and Pads are recreational and off-road use only. Their design doesn’t have approval for competitive driving nor off-road racing. the warranty does not include failure of components when you use it for any racing 

Powerstop Brake Kits (Z37, Z36, Z26, Z23, and  Z16 Performance Kits  excluding Caliper kits), Purchased And Installed As A Kit

When you are not certified with the power stop kit quality and performance within 60 days of the invoice date, they can get an exchange for a new one. The exchange is only once. Power stop LLC will only provide a deal for the kit if installed by a qualified technician and who followed the correct procedure of break-in. To prove this, you must provide an invoice from the installation shop. An authorized power stop retailer facilitates the 60 days warranty. 

The company warrants their kit from poor permanence and artistry for 36,000 miles of use for three years. In case you detect any defect in material and artistry, and you receive any exchange for free from the authorized retailer. However, power stop LLC is not responsible for improper installation, misuse, accident, or improper installation. The warranty includes rotor cracking but not a failure of the component due to thickness variation evident by the pulsing of the brake. Regular wearing of the kit is not included in the warranty.

Powerstop Brake Kits With Calipers (KCL Kits With Z37, Z36, Z26, Z23, and Z16 Pads), Purchased And Installed As A Kit:

If you are not certified with the quality and performance of the kit within 60 days of invoice, Powerstop LLC offers a one-time exchange. The offer is valid only if a qualified technician followed the installation process correctly. The break-in procedure should be well done and provide a valid installation invoice from the shop. An authorized power stop retailer facilitates the exchange. The company is not liable when you wrongly install, misuse, improper application, or in case of accidents. The warranty covers rotor cracking; however, it doesn’t cover accidents. The failure of components due to disc thickness is not inclusive in 3 years or a 36000-mile warranty. 

Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Kits by Powerstop (KOE KITS), Purchased And Installed As A Kit:

Powerstop warranty covers this product for 90 days after purchase against poor performance and artistry. Their warranty is equivalent to 3000 miles of use. When you buy and install according to the manufacturer’s guidelines yet find a defect, you receive an exchange free from an authorized seller. The warranty hoverer does not cover cases of misuse, abuse, accidents, wrong installation, or application. Failure of the components disc due to thickness variation of the disc is also not part of the warranty cover. Another thing to note with the power stop warranty is that it doesn’t cover the normal wear.

Powerstop Rotors or Pads Separately Purchased:

Upon purchasing the Powerstop rotors and pads, you enjoy a 30 days /500 miles’ warranty cover for defects in materials or poor artistry. If you install the product correctly while strictly adhering to the installation guidelines, you can use it for exchange from an author-used seller in case of defects. However, the power stop warranty doesn’t cover failure of the pads and rotors in case you misuse, abuse, install incorrectly, or have an accident. Loss of the components due to thickening of the disc is also not covered in the 30 days/500 miles’ warranty. You cannot claim the Powerstop warranty for the regular wearing of the products after purchase.

Power stop LLC has guidelines that enable all the users to read through their step-by-step procedures that allow them to install their kits and pads without damage. Their warranty does not cover any loss or damage resulting from flawed installation procedures. Some of the tips on how to install their brake kits are outlined below.

power stop installation instructions
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Manufacturers’ guidelines for installing a power stop brake kit

Before you start the rotor and pad installation process, ensure you have the following tools in place:

  • Power stop rotor
  • Power stop brake pad
  • Brake fluid as recommended by the manufacturers manual
  • C-clamp or a Caliper piston compressor
  • Jack and jack stand with the rating for your vehicle weight
  • Brake component
  • Wheel chocks

Step 1: Checking the brake fluid level 

Ensure your vehicle is on a hard surface and in the correct position. Confirm the brake fluid level. It should be about half full. Monitor the status of the fluid when carrying out the caliper piston process.

Step two: lifting the vehicle 

Before you lift the vehicle, ensure you check all the wheels remaining on the ground. If the rear brakes remain on the ground, set the parking brake and loosen lug nuts on the wheel such that you can break them free.

Use the proper jacking point as recommended by the manufacturer in lifting the vehicle and support it with the jack stand.

Step 3: Removing the wheel 

Remove lug nuts, then wheel. While removing the wheel, do it one at a time. Leave one side intact as a reference point. Place the tire or wheel assembly under the vehicle’s nearest trail, cross member, or suspension component as a precaution. The wheel or tire under the car stops it from falling in cases of a faulty jack stand.

Step 4: Brake inspection 

After removal of the wheel, inspect the brake components for any damage or leaking sign. 

Step 5: Removal of the caliper 

After inspection. remove the caliper and support it with a regular wire coat hanger or brake caliper hunger 

Step 6: removal of pads and caliper brackets 

Remove the two caliper bracket bolts together with the caliper bracket.

Step 7 Removal of the rotor 

You can now remove the rotor. But before you remove it, check the retaining screws. Some vehicles use the retaining crew in holding rotors onto the hub. So you need to remove these retaining screws. If rust makes the rotor bind on the hub, use a mallet to loosen it by tapping both front and back sides while alternating left and right, top and bottom of the rotor.

Step 8: piston compression 

The next step after rotor removal is compression of the piston back inside the caliper. The piston extends as the pad material wears out. Since the new pad is thicker, you must return the piston inside the caliper body to allow the wider pad installation.

Steps for piston compression 

  • Have a c-clump or a piston compression and place a used brake pad on the piston surface to prevent it from marrying by the ground when you begin the compression process.
  • Turn the handle on the clamp to exert pressure on the piston until it flushes the surrounding metal.
  • Prevent the unsafe back pressure and damage to the brake valve, master cylinder, or ABS modulator by pushing the piston slowly.
  • While compression in the caliper piston, check the brake fluid levels to ensure it doesn’t overflow.
  • Loosen and remove the C-clamp or the compressor you used.
  • Sometimes you must drain some fluid from the master cylinder reservoir.

Step 9: Cleaning of the rotor hub

Use a hub cleaning kit and a wire brush to clean off the mating surface of the rotor hub. Debris and rust on the hub can lead to rotor runout, which can cause wheel vibration. Apply a thin film of anti-seize to the hub face to ease its removal the next time.

Step 10: Cleaning the rotor 

Before you install a rotor, clean it with water and soap. After cleaning, wipe it clean using a lint-free cloth, then install it.

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