Best Polarity Reversing Solenoids Reviews 2021


Polarity reversing solenoids have become much popular after the wide increase in usage of hydraulic motors and these offer a simple solution to combat polarity reversing issues that otherwise cost a lot. The specifications of these items are that they are only compatible with permanent magnet DC motors. Some of the best ones in the market have been reviewed and listed down below for your ease. The listed top 5 best polaroid reversing solenoids are all long-lasting, are in the affordable range, and some of them also include a one-year warranty. Your search for all polarity reversing solutions shall end here.

What is a polarity reversing solenoid?

The Polarity Reversing Solenoid is primarily used on hydraulic motors, snowplow motors, slide-out units, winch motors, and so on. To explain simply, these are a cost-effective and quick means of reversing the polarity of permanent magnet DC motors. These only work with permanent magnet DC motors and will not fit with any older versions of motors or those having copper wounded fields.

FAQs about polarity reversing solenoids

Are AC solenoid valves polarity sensitive?

According to manufacturers, solenoid valves are not polarity sensitive and will work irrespective of the orientation of positive or negative voltage.

How to find the polarity of a solenoid?

The polarity of a solenoid can be found by applying the right-hand thumb rule.

What are the functions of a solenoid?

Solenoids are regulatory units that allow or stop fluid flow on energizing or de-energizing. It converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.

How many terminals are needed to connect the solenoid?

In most cases, two to three terminals are enough to connect the solenoid to average motors. However, most solenoids come with up to six terminals.

Best Polarity Reversing Solenoids 

CRANK N CHARGE Winch Motor Intermittent Duty Reversing Solenoid DC Contactor Relay Switch


Crank n Charge is known for its superior quality automotive parts that have won the heart of many consumers across the world. One of their top-notch quality products is this 12V Polarity reversing solenoid that works flawlessly with hydraulic pumps and motors, snowplows, winch motors, and so on. 

Multiple terminals

This 12V polarity reversing solenoid is a beast in its functioning with 6 terminals that are superiorly designed. It works satisfactorily to reverse the polarity on Permanent Magnet winch motors with only two terminals.


This product comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer that ensures easy replacement on malfunctioning.

CRANK N CHARGE Winch Motor Intermittent Duty Reversing Solenoid DC Contactor Relay Switch
DC Contactor Relay Switch


The solenoid itself is super lightweight, weighing only 11.8 ounces, and can be easily carried to long routes.

Easy installation

The package comes with an easy-to-install guide that will set up the solenoid in no time. Once the instructions are followed accurately, you are all ready to attach it to your permanent magnet motor or hydraulic pump. 

What customers say

This is a value-for-money product and works very well with hydraulic pumps. Its one-year manufacturer warranty makes it even more attractive in this price range. However, it must be kept in mind that it only works with permanent magnet motors and not with copper wounded motors.

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Tarp and Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid – 6 Terminals – 12V DC Contactor Switch

Tarp and Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid 6 Terminals 12V DC Contactor Switch

Tarp and Winch motor reversing solenoid is also a great option if you are looking for something on an affordable price tag for your snow plow, windlasses, hydraulic pumps or motors, etc. The construction has been made superiorly by this reputed OEM manufacturer and works well for a satisfactorily long time.

Multiple terminals

This reversing solenoid has six continuous terminals that can be easily connected to permanent magnet motors. Out of the six terminals, four are 5/16″-24 threaded studs. The rest of the two are 1/4″ male blade terminals.

Reliable performance

The solenoid has a superior build and lasts for a satisfactory time period which is great according to the price range.

12V DC Contactor Switch

Tarp and Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid
6 Terminals 12V DC Contactor Switch


It only works with permanent magnet motors and no other kind of older models. It doesn’t function with older versions of models with copper wounded fields.

Wiring instructions

The package contains an instruction guide to assemble all components like wiring, etc. easily.

What customers say

Most customers that have used this solenoid speaks of having a satisfactory experience with their hydraulic motors and snowplows. The item has a sturdy build and may not work for too long if you do not obey the guidelines included.

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Lippert 118246 Polarity Reversing Solenoid for Hydraulic Power Units

Lippert 118246 Polarity Reversing Solenoid for Hydraulic Power Units

Lippert’s Polarity reversing solenoid for permanent DC motors appears to be quite a popular option among homeowners and mechanics to reverse polarity in hydraulic motors. You can easily attach it to slide-outs, hydraulic levers, and much more.

No assembly required

All components like wires, screws, etc. come assembled and need no special instructions to use it. The package includes an easy-to-install guide that is super crisp and can be done by any newbie also. 


Lippert’s polarity reversing solenoids is a very cost-effective way of reversing the polarity of permanent magnet motors. These are built with a strong construction that lasts long and is totally worth the investment.

Hydraulic Power Units
Lippert 118246 Hydraulic Power Units

Satisfactory run time

The recommended run time is about 2 minutes. While it will run for 5 mins also, it would surely cause internal damage and hence is not advisable.

What customers say

The streamlining of all components to form an assembled product has made it cost-effective. While in other products, you may need some tools for assembly, the relatively higher price of this solenoid is justifiable. The product also lasts longer than most other options on the market which is a great side.

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  DB Electrical LRW6000 Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid Replacement For Contactor

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Meets OEM specifications

This Polarity reversing solenoid is a well-built item and the 100% newmarket unit is compliant with OEM specifications.


The manufacturer gives a 1-year of hassle-free warranty on this item that will protect you after purchase. Any damaged or malfunctioning solenoid will be replaced by the manufacturer if it’s within 1 year of purchase.

Hydraulic Pump Motors 2


The specifications of this product are to work at 75 amperes for 5 minutes when connected with hydraulic motors. Basically, it works with any permanent magnet DC motor to reverse its polarity. It doesn’t work with older models of motors having copper wounding.


It has six continuous terminals with intermittent duty. However, it is not compatible with Winch motors having three terminals.

DB Electrical LRW6000

Wiring instructions

The solenoid package comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual that will help you connect the device to your hydraulic pump easily. The guide also contains safety instructions to ensure the performance is superior and lasts longer. 

What customers say

This is a prime product with useful features. While there are many cheap imitations of this product in the market, none works as satisfactorily as this. In terms of performance, warranty, and longevity, this is the best polaroid reversing solenoid in the market.

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MaySpare Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid Switch Intermittent Duty Trombetta 214-1231-A11 6 Terminal 12VDC

MaySpare Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid Switch Intermittent Duty Trombetta 214 1231 A11 6 Terminal 12VDC

MaySpare is an excellent choice for polarity reversing solenoid that works on snowplows, winch motors, spreader motors, hydraulic motor pumps, etc. Apart from its long-lasting built, it also has some special features that make it stand apart. 

MaySpare Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid

Water and weather resistance

MaySpare’s polarity reversing solenoid has a superior built with a thermoplastic shell and powder coating. This gives it a greater edge over other products as it will work even in extreme weather conditions. 

6 Terminal 12VDC

High-quality metal plating

The components have high-grade copper that is coated to conserve power. Hence, these solenoids last more than average ones because of this special build. 

Easy installation

All the components are easy to install and can be done by anyone following the installation guide. 

MaySpare Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid 6 Terminal 12VDC

What customers say

The solenoid is curated in a very premium grade copper and is compatible with all permanent magnet motors. The installation is easy and works flawlessly on the connection. Just make sure you don’t cross the limits for current, voltage, or time. 

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Buying guide

Although most solenoids have a simple usage instruction that makes them last longer, you must consider these few following parameters. 


The build quality must be premium. A metal-plated solenoid preferably copper lasts longer and has better performance. 


Most options come with a low warranty and thus this should be given more preference. A solenoid with one to two years of warranty will be better. However, the thumb rule is most solenoids work for a satisfactorily long time if the limits for time, current, and voltage are not crossed. 


There are also solenoids that have water-proofing and weather-proofing coatings making them even stronger. You can use it in the open and in extreme water conditions too and still last longer. 


We have reviewed some of the best polarity reversing solenoids according to their construction, longevity, performance, and warranty. All of these are highly preferred options by consumers for connecting to permanent magnet motors. All of these are made to last longer if you follow the guidelines included in the package. Overall, the parameters in the buying guide of this article are the ultimate points to keep in mind whenever you choose a polarity reversing solenoid. 


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