Product Review – Pinty Exercise Vibration Machine

Pinty Exercise Vibration Machine

Pinty brings you a compact Vibration Machine that gives you the low impact exercise option to improve your circulation, stamina, and overall fitness. It helps you achieve faster results with low impact to fight cellulite and improve bone density at your home. The machine operates with a high-frequency vibration causing a stretch reflex. As a result, the muscles start to contract involuntarily to create the exercise effects without needing you to exert yourself. It comes with a bundle of great features that we’ll discuss below.

Superpower Motor

How about a low impact exercise that efficiently and noiselessly shakes your complete body while you enjoy your favorite music on the integrated MP3 player? The Pinty provides you with such a whole-body exercise vibration platform that comes with a superpower motor of 2000W.

Pinty Exercise Vibration Machine

Safe and Efficient

The build construction of the equipment comes with a solid metal frame and safe materials with a baseboard finish in non-toxic premium and non-skid ABS that is anti-static and durable. With proper safety measures, it provides you with some effective health benefits such as burning body fat, improving flexibility, promoting muscle strength, relieving chronic pains, and enhancing blood circulation. It keeps massaging the feet with the floating points on a wriggled plate.

LED Console

The LED display helps you keep track of the mode, calories, time, and also speed for you to stay on top with your fitness stats. No one can miss out to get the perfect workout intensity with the 99-level speed adjustments regardless of skill levels.

Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Vibration Machine with MP3 Player
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Versatile Features

Two detachable resistance straps allow you to work out your arms and the upper part of the body in different positions. Besides, it has suction cups on the machine base for keeping it stable while ensuring safety. The inbuilt cup holder lets you have a bottle of water to keep you hydrated after an intense exercise session.

A Complete Package with Great Built

It is constructed with durable steel ensuring 330 lbs weight capacity. The compact size equipment makes it easy to store in different spaces. It also has the handrails as an added safety measure. Adjustable resistance, integrated music player, and cup holder completes the package for your daily workout.

The packaging includes mainly the vibration Platform along with Allen Wrench, some Hexagonal Screws, Base Plates, Audio Line and a couple of normal Screws.

Our Opinion

As they say, 10-minutes of vibration a day shakes the belly away. It will surely such results as working out for 10 minutes on this vibration machine equals 60 minutes of regular exercise. To complement this stat, you have the LED monitor for accurately displaying the fitness data. Integrated music player, adjustable intensity levels, and the extremely powerful motor are some of the highlights of the product that you should notice before making any exercise equipment purchase.

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