Sunny Health and Fitness Machine (Incline Full Motion) – SF-RW5720 Rower

SF-RW5720 rower

The SF-RW5720 Rower from Sunny health and fitness machine is a piece of great exercise equipment that helps you look the best while keeping you fit internally and externally alike.  It gives you a similar experience of walking on an incline as you get to row in a single fluid motion. Its amazing features make it one of the top choices for exercise equipment. Some of these are such as the sturdy steel construction, comfortable padded seat, aluminum-made long slide rail, compact size with 5 different incline levels, pivoting foot pedals, and dual handlebars. To make it more convenient,  it has transportation wheels and offers the foldability to use it anywhere you want in your home. Tracking your fitness progress is also easier with its handy display monitor capable of tracking and displaying many exercise data. If you fancy the best results with your fitness then this is probably the best exercise equipment you can avail.

Working Procedure

When you start your rowing action with SF-RW5720, it goes across the drive phase, then the slide rail is raised responding to the arms’ rowing motion. The leg muscle like the foot, ankle, quads, calves, etc elicited due to this movement. On the other hand, the upper body helps to maintain dynamic stabilization. It assists to maintain the ascending/descending using this range of motion.

Incline Features

Getting an effective workout for your abs and legs has been made easier with the rower having a solid and sleek aluminum rail that inclines with your body and create a dynamic fluid motion.

Sunny Health and Fitness Machine

Arms with full-motion

This unique traditional rower comes with anti-slip grip handlebars providing full-motion inclinations to make the rowing experience a genuine one for the users.

Safety and Comfort

Safety and comfort are the major issues for exercising equipment while you come to see some of them sacrifice one for the other. But this rower from Sunny Health and Fitness Machine has a large non-slip pedal strap that can fit your foot, keep you stable and balanced throughout the session.

SF-RW5720 rower

Adjustable Incline Resistance

This dynamic rower is a compact and lightweight ( weighing only 39 lbs) one that has 5 incline levels for your amazing arm and quad exercises. The higher the incline the better the workout. The incline will increase as you start rowing to provide a dynamic motion for some amazing ab and leg workouts. The sliding rail can be declined back down with the body as you start pushing it down.

Digital Console

The SF-RW5720 rower comes with a digital console that allows you to monitor the fitness progress while sitting cozily on the padded seat. The meter will display the time, burned calories, total count, and reps/min. Having a trace of such data keep you focused and helps you achieve different exercise goals.

Portable Transportation Wheels

It’s always great to have the transportation wheels attached with your exercise equipment as it helps you transform your home into your own fitness studio. The wheels allow you to move it with ease anywhere you want.

Anti-slip foot pedals

Now it’s all simple for you to maintain the balance while using your rower as it comes with anti-slip foot pads having large oversized footplates. Like other Sunny Health and Fitness machines, it can accommodate almost every size while ensuring the grip for safe footing during your energetic workouts.

Our Opinion

We have this SF-RW5720 Rower machine in our best home rowing machine workout 2021 for some of its excellent features while the top highlight of this equipment is its multiple level inclines which provide versatility and challenge for your whole body workout. Besides, it has all the features for being a complete solution that engages the arms, back, abs, and also quads, and calves. It has some great features that make it more than a simple exercise rowing machine but with a very decent price. So, no looking further, just go and order one.

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