Product Review – Mophorn 8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump

The most common lift platforms are found in medium to small range. To perform these lifts perfectly you need a good power unit of a hydraulic pump. Mophorn, one of the top-rated manufacturers of the hydraulic pumps comes up with one of the best in the business.

All in one combination

This power unit is designed in a way that combines all the important components like high-pressure pump, multi-purpose integrated block, ac motor, fuel tanks, hydraulic valve, etc. all in one place.

Excellent Control Through Valves

The electromagnetic unloading valve controls the reduced lift platform and the in-built balancing valve controls the falling speed and there is also a back-up unloading valve which is used to power down.

Used in Different Sectors

This hydraulic power unit has a wide range of uses as it is capable of controlling a set of the double-acting cylinder applications. Its wide use of applications covers especially the stacker and other small and medium scale lifting platforms related to different industrial fields. You will find this unit coming standard in most of the dump trailers. This is also used as a direct replacement for most applications requiring power-up/power-down.

Superior Built Quality

It comes with a high-quality starter that ensures long life and fast-starting every time. The motor of this Mophorn hydraulic pump is built to last and the design of its tank makes it capable enough to undergo any harsh conditions without being exposed to crack and leak.

Covers Wide Range of Applications

This hydraulic pump has a wide range of applications to cover. It is extremely suitable to control a set of double-acting cylinder and also being very popularly used in the small dump truck, dump trailers-lift gates, RV’s, boat lifts, tow trucks, wreckers, hydraulic winch, car haulers, agricultural equipment, etc.

Perfect Replacement Pump

This hydraulic gear pump is used as a fuel supply device that can be a perfect replacement pump for 12VDC remote control hydraulic systems. It can be done through the external pipe system joined to a number of hydraulic cylinders to control many sets of valve movement.

Mophorn 8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump

Standard Technical Parameters

It comes with 6 Quart plastic tanks, 2 GPM Displacement, Relief valve pressure of 22 MPA where 3200 PSI maximum relief is set on port A and 1500PSI is on port B. The speed rating of the pump is 2850R/MIN and the motor voltage is 12V DC with a motor power of 1.6 KW.

This double-acting hydraulic pump works on Power-up/Power down. It comes with a handheld pendant with 15 feet removal cord and a start solenoid. This one has SAE # 6 Port with horizontal mounting support.

Some More Features

The design supports horizontal mounting. The fluid choice is determined by the operating environment. This power unit has an independent airtight oil source system that is powered by the oil pump, oil tank, and accumulator. Petrol stations of the unit may be equipped with PLC control system. It controls the internal hydraulic functions and produces a signal and control exchange. Apart from these, it has all the standard technical parameters to satisfy you with its performance.

What We Suggest

This setup from Mophorn may surprise for its value for money. Especially if you’re owning a medium size dump trailer for which you want to replace the pump, then this will not let you down in any way and you get your money’s worth here. The size is compact and the speed is decent. The only issue could be with its fittings that are scrambled and may be hard to find. All in all, it should be a good choice as a replacement hydraulic pump and you should like it very much and feel like ordering it again and again.

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