Top 2 Lippert Hydraulic Jack Assembly: Reviews and Buying Guide

Lippert Hydraulic Jack

A hydraulic jack is an essential component of any system using a hydraulic cylinder to function. Without it, a hydraulic system is as good as null and void. It is an important component that moves upward to lift heavy objects using fluid-filled in a hydraulic cylinder. Having said that, you will get different options in the market but one that lasts long and has a sturdy construction is rare. In this article, we have reviewed the top 2 Lippert hydraulic jack assemblies according to various important features for your ease. If you are looking for a reliable product, no other models will serve you better than these two from Lippert. So, without any delay, dive into the detailed features of these models. 

Best Hydraulic Jack Assembly: Reviews

Lippert Hydraulic Jack Assembly

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Lippert hydraulic parts are a super convenient way of leveling your hydraulic system to give the perfect alignment. It boasts a sturdy aluminum built, has high capacity, and is smooth to install. So, with this jack part, you can easily put your hydraulic system back on track and running in no time. 

Right fit

This Lippert hydraulic jack part is built superiorly to fit any existing LCI Level Up System to provide smooth and proper leveling. However, it is advised to check the manual of your machine to verify the compatibility of this Lippert leveling jack replacement so that it works as intended. Overall, this is compatible with most hydraulic systems and provides a highly satisfactory leveling. So, it is probably going to fit in with your system too. 

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Heavy-duty Construction

These jack assemblies are made out of sturdy and reliable aluminum and are engineered to hold up to 8000 lb. weights easily. Its overall construction is fully tested for performance, reliability, sturdiness, and thus, this aluminum hydraulic jack assembly is made to last for a long time.

Easy, DIY installation

One of the major issues with most options is their complex installation requiring professional help. However, the Lippert Hydraulics are known for their ease of installation following a simple guide and few steps. This package has very few parts which indicate fast and easy installation. You simply need to disconnect the hoses first. Take off the bolts, then tighten the bolts on the new jack. Next, reconnect the hoses again. All steps are included in the guide present in the packaging. 


Moreover, this product is accompanied by a one-year manufacturer warranty in case any damage occurs. 

What customers say

Lippert is one of the most reliable brands manufacturing high-quality hardware for hydraulic systems. This particular product has no obvious cons to describe as it is very easy to install and is a perfect fit with most systems. Moreover, since it is made of aluminum, it is best in all aspects. 

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Lippert 433458 Hydraulic Jack Assembly 

Lippert is one of the first names to come to mind when hydraulic jack parts are in the frame. A similar option to the previous one, this is also a compatible model with most hydraulic systems with an easy installation process. 


The Lippert 433458 Hydraulic Jack Assembly is engineered to be compatible with most hydraulic systems to provide smooth leveling. It is a great replacement for the Level Up hydraulic jack for any hydraulic system. 

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Easy installation

Fewer parts mean easy and fast installation. With fewer components and step by step guide, it’s easy to install this part by any beginner too. Follow the guide to remove your RV’s old landing gear. It takes minimal time to switch it with this hydraulic part. 

Durable construction

The Lippert hydraulic part is sturdy and superiorly built to hold up to 8,000 lb. weights. Furthermore, this Aluminum Hydraulic Jack Assembly is engineered to have 13 mounting holes that are sufficient to attach with any hydraulic system. Lastly, its black, powder-coated finish provides extra durability.

What customers say

You can choose this product if you want more mounting holes than the previous one. Overall, the construction is better than other models, the capacity is sufficient, and the ease of installation is also an impressive feature. 

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Buying guide

Hydraulic jack parts are an important component of any hydraulic system to get a reliable leveling effect while working. Lippert is one of the top brands to choose from when it comes to hydraulic jack replacements. This buying guide contains all the essential parameters you should consider while looking for a jack replacement. 


For any hardware tool, its material of construction is very important as the longevity of the product, capacity, and leveling effect depend on that. While looking for a hydraulic jack part, most professionals look for aluminum built. This is because aluminum has a high weight capacity when used in a hydraulic system. Also, aluminum is long-lasting, sturdy, and won’t get damaged or bend easily when a high load capacity has to be taken. 


The leveling effect must also be considered since that is the ultimate goal. Whether the leveling or alignment is perfect should be given much consideration and this can only be obtained from genuine consumer reviews. So, before choosing a hydraulic jack, go through reviews on genuine sites. 

Load capacity

Another important aspect to give weightage to is the load capacity of the hydraulic bottle jack assembly. Maintaining the load limit strictly is recommended as that will ensure the greater longevity of the product. Lippert hydraulics mostly provide a load limit of 8000 lbs which is sufficient for most purposes. 

Ease of installation

Lippert jack assemblies are easy to install following a guide or online tutorial videos. If you are choosing a different brand, check if manual guides are included for installation or if the process is complex as beginners would find it more difficult. 


It is always good to know the company has your back in case of any discrepancies. Thus, a year of warranty or limited lifetime warranties are two convenient features to look for. Although you will rarely get warranties on these tools, it’s still worth taking out some time to find one. 

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Your main hydraulic system will mostly come with a manufacturer guide that states which hydraulic jack replacements are compatible with it. Pay close attention to it before buying any jack assemblies as it will be futile if they are not compatible. 


Lastly, the budget is a comparatively less important parameter but still worth including in a buying guide. Although both of the products listed here cost similar, they are value-for-money products. It is recommended to weigh out the price-performance ratio of any product before you buy any. 


You can blindly choose Lippert if you are looking for a high-grade hydraulic jack part for your existing system. Both of the Lippert Hydraulic Jack Assembly listed by us are engineered to be the best and fit with most hydraulic systems. If you are still skeptical about choosing between the two, our buying guide will definitely help you in that. Overall, hydraulic parts are extremely important components for any hydraulic system and it is best to take out some time, do proper research, and check all aspects before buying one. 

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