Best Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

Indoor Cycling Bike

Indoor cycling bikes have become very famous in recent years because unlike an upright bike, you can use them in both position seated or in standing position, and this makes upright bike best suited for indoor road training and for spinning workouts. In addition, they are usually used by men and women who simply want to loose weight by burning lots of calories since this kind of bikes generally offer a more intense workout than an upright stationary bike.

These machines are known to be as spin bikes or spinning bikes. Both are trademarked terms therefore these terms should only be used to refer to bikes specifically made by Mad Dogg Athletics. Indoor cycling bikes is the correct term for these bikes and I use this term to describe bikes for the rest of the article.

So which ones do you think are considered to be the best indoor cycling bikes right now in 2016? Well full reviews are provided regarding of all the top models that are now available on this site. Here is a guide to know what bike fits your needs and a guide to some of the best ones you can purchase in each of the three main price categories:

Top-Of-The-Range Indoor Cycling Bikes

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

If you are looking to purchase the top of the list indoor exercise bike available on the market and you are willing to pay extra, then the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle has to be one of tour consideration.

In many gyms and in many group cycling classes this particular bike is used commonly because it is specifically designed to withstand regular use, and it provides an exceptionally smooth workout with a seamless transition when you adjust the resistance level. When it operates you may discover yourself that it runs quietly that is why it is convenient and compatible for gym use.

This bike is suited for everyone of all fitness levels because there are 24 magnetic resistance levels, and because there are fore/aft and up/down adjustments on both the seat and the handlebars, it is suitable for people of all weight and height range (can accommodate up to a maximum of 300 lbs) and the good thing is it is easy enough to find a riding position that is comfortable and realistic.

When it comes to extra features, this model is provided with, t a backlit computer display that indicates and monitor time, pulse, distance, RPM, etc, as well as a water bottle holder and some good quality Shimano pedals to secure your necessary things. However it is the solid and strong foundation and the overall experience of the workout that really sets this one apart from the rest.

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Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt Drive

Another exercise bikethat is on the top of the list and that is also very highly rated is the Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycling Bike.

Over the years, Schwinn have made some really good quality exercise bicycles. According to consumers, this model is the best one that they have produced so far because it has a lightweight aluminium frame that is deceptively strong so basically it can accommodate heavy weight persons. Not like many cheaper models, it uses an advanced carbon blue belt drive that is exceptionally quiet and virtually maintenance-free so this model is very convenient and is hassle free.

In addition, it is provided with a frictionless magnetic resistance system, which basically means that the magnetic brake doesn’t come into contact with the flywheel. Therefore wear and tear should not be a problem for this model not like the other cheaper models.

The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a computer display so you will have to purchase this feature separately if required, but despite this, the good thing about this model is that it has similar performance with Keiser M3 Plus because it delivers an exceptionally smooth and comfortable workout, which is why this machine is purchased and preferred by a number of gym chains.

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Mid-Range Indoor Cycling Bikes

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

If you cannot afford paying nearly $1500 – $2000 for a top-end machine, but is still interested to purchase a quality machine, then the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike is a great option for you.

According to many users we interviewed,, this particular model is on the same level with many of the bikes that you might find in your local gym because it has a heavy duty 48 lb flywheel that gives enables you to experience a workout that is smooth and quiet,, and has a very solid frame that can accommodate heavy weight users up to 300 lbs. The most exciting part of this model is that it comes with lifetime warranty.

The feature that comes with this particular model comes is the computer display that helps you track and monitor time, speed, distance, calories and RPM and is a health conscious bike model since it is compatible with a wireless chest strap if you want to monitor your pulse. It also has fore/aft and up/down adjustments on both the seat and the handlebars to help you experience a comfortable and realistic riding position. So if you are planning to buy an exercise bike that is built to last and delivers a smooth, comfortable and realistic riding experience, this model from Sole Fitness is the perfect fit for you.

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Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle by Madd Dogg

The Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle is considered to be an excellent worth of money and is another mid-range indoor cycle.

Madd Dogg Athletics is the one who manufactured and designed this particular model so it can legally be referred to as a spinning bike, and it is specifically designed to be used commercially. So if ever you can decide to buy this machine for your home, it can withstand heavy and long-term use and would most likely last for a very long time.

This particular model is made up with a heavy-duty 43-pound flywheel and a smooth chain drive system, and this would make you feel like you are using a conventional road bike.

If you are a cyclist who likes to train indoors would enjoy this model and would suit their needs. If you enjoy performing spinning workouts, this is the best fit for you since it includes 4 spinning DVDs to get you started.

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Diamondback Fitness 510IC Indoor Cycle

The Diamondback Fitness 510IC Indoor Cycle is one of the bikes that is still on hand in the market for quite a while now and still remains popular.

This exercise bicycle has a super quiet belt drive system that makes working-out smooth and relaxed. It also has a fully adjustable seat and handlebars to enables you to find a riding position that is comfortable. What I particularly like about this one is that it comes with 16 levels of magnetic resistance, not like most indoor cycles of this kresctype; it only comes with 14 workout programs.

This model has a very strong and stable frame and comes with a good quality backlit LCD display.  A built-in pulse monitor on the handlebars and computer-controlled resistance is also provided which is some of the useful features of the model.

the flywheel is a little lighter than some of the other bikes in this price range at just 32 pounds which is one of the drawbacks of this model but despite that, most users haven’t reported any problems.  Overall this model bike does provide a really good workout and also a very strong machine.

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Low-Cost Indoor Cycles

Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle

If you are considering to buy a top quality machine with an affordable price,, you might want to consider purchasing the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle because this represents excellent value for money since it is affordable and the set is a quality product.

This model first went on sale towards the end of 2015 and its design and quality basically improved upon the original Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle with a frame design that is enhanced and the seat and handlebars are modernized.

So in addition to having an exceptionally strong steel frame, this bike also has a fully adjustable seat and handlebars (with four-way adjustments), which can be convenient for the users and this is one of the few models that comes with its own LCD console at a low cost.

A very smooth workout is also provided with its  high performance 40-pound flywheel, and even at the highest levels of resistance it remains smooth and quiet despite having a chain drive mechanism.

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Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Bike

The Fitleader FS1 Exercise Bike is one of the indoor cycles that is preferred for people on a budget which has also quickly established itself.

This is quite a compact and lightweight training bike, but it is very strong and stable which can accommodate people with weight up to 293 pounds, and has an adjustable seat and handlebars which makes it suitable and convenient for anyone between 5’1 and 6’2. This bike is also compact is also for lightweight training.

In addition to that, it only has 8 magnetic resistance levels and it is also challenging for users since it offers a serious workout for even the fittest of athletes because the higher resistance levels, the extreme are the workouts.

It is also worth mentioning that this bike model comes with its own LCD display so that you can track and monitor your performance. On top of that, this is one of the few that comes with a holder for your tablet, phone or iPad device to secure these accessories if you wish to follow along to an indoor cycling workout through You Tube or any other website.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

One final exercise bicycle that you might want to consider purchasing is the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike, which is  one of the best in terms of money value and is the bike model that remains one of the most popular.

This isn’t a fancy bike with lots of features and designs to choose from. In fact, doesn’t even come with a computer display, in which some people would find the feature helpful to them.

However it does provide you with pretty much everything you could possibly need from a low-cost indoor cycle because it is really strong and is designed to last for a long time. It has a good range of resistance levels, and although there is a little bit of noise, overall it has a good performance, largely it provides an operation that is smooth and quiet thanks to the 40 pound flywheel and the smooth chain drive mechanism.

If you want a heavy duty bike that you can use for interval workouts or for indoor road training, this is an ideal and practical choice since this bike is designed to last for a long time and provide you with a challenging workout, and is one of the most budget friendly bikes available on the market.

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Additional Product Reviews

The indoor cycling bikes listed above are the most recommended ones available on the market.  But here are some lists of the other models that we have reviewed on this site (arranged in order of price from high to low):

Asuna 4100 – this is a beneficial commercial-grade machine from Sunny Health & Fitness top indoor cycling bike. The features included are having an exceptionally strong frame, a heavy duty 40-pound flywheel and a smooth chain drive transmission system which is very convenient to work out for users.

→ Stamina CPS 9300 – this mid-range bike has a large 40-pound flywheel and comes with a decent LCD display. This model bike is  powered by a smooth and quiet belt drive system unlike some of the cheaper models that uses a chain drive mechanism.

Reebok RT 245 – this is a good quality mid-range model that has a large 48-pound flywheel and the smooth riding experience gives comfort and relaxation for users.


Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II – this model is one of the oldest models that we have reviewed on this site, but it is still a good quality entry-level machine because it is specifically made to be strong and sturdy and is clearly built to last for a very long time.

Exerpeutic LX905 –it is a new model in the market that comes with its own computer display and pulse sensors, and has a 40-pound flywheel and a 3-piece crank system that helps provide a workout experience that is smooth and quiet

→ Sunny SF-B1001 – this is also a new entry level model that has a 30-pound flywheel and a solid steel frame that can accommodate heavy weight users up to 220 pounds.

XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle – this is a strong and durable entry-level model that can accommodate heavy weight persons up to 440 pounds. It also comes with a fairly decent LCD display that operates quietly and smoothly.

ProGear 100S – this entry-level bike has a quiet chain drive system and a sturdy steel frame that allow users to be accommodated up to 250 pounds, and comes with an LCD display and hand grip pulse sensors which is  helpful in monitoring the user’s fitness level.

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