Which Hydraulic Control Valve to Consider in 2021

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When you’re using hydraulic equipment, sometimes you need to close the line, or redirect the pressurized fluid to control the flow. You may also need to minimize the surges or reduce pressure to save the equipment. But how do you do that? Well, it’s the hydraulic control valve that you need to turn to. 

If you’re wondering “I don’t know much about hydraulic control valve”, well, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through.

You get them in a wide range of styles based on different factors. We’ll discuss some of these control valves that you can avail of. But before that, you need to figure out which one do you really need. Check out a brief buying guide that can help you choose your desired one.

Before Buying a Hydraulic Control Valve

To understand the product reviews of the hydraulic control valve, you need to teach yourself a few things first. This will help you decide on your desired control valve.

Consider these few factors before you’re out to buy one!

What Types of Hydraulic Valves to Choose From

The hydraulic control valve comes in a wide variety of styles including the ones that are common to other valves, such as directional, regulating, ball, butterfly, check, bypass relief,  needle, check, diverter, etc.

For the user convenience, these hydraulic valves can be characterized as a part of three basic types, such as:

  • Hydraulic Directional Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

The directional control valve (DCV) helps you to start, stop or shift the direction of the fluid flow. You’ll probably look after them as they’re most commonly used in different hydraulic and pneumatic systems. What variety of directional valves are available there?

hydraulic control valve

The Direction Control Valves can be classified as the followings:

  • Based on the Port Type: It’s based on the number of spools (moveable cylindrical valve element) or connection points to different sources located on the manifold. There are three variations available for this such as 2-way hydraulic valve, 3-way hydraulic valve, and 4-way hydraulic valve.
  • Based on the Method of Actuation: Actuation is the method that is responsible for moving the valve element from one position to other. It can be done in two ways, either manually (using a push-button, pedal, or lever) or mechanically (using spring or ball). The popular methods are Solenoid-operated valve (actuated using electrical solenoid) or Pilot-operated valve (actuated using pilot pressure)
  • Based on the Construction: The DCV can be divided into three types based on the construction of its internal moving parts. These are Sliding Spool (spool slides axially along a bore to determine the entry and exit of the fluid), Poppet Type (in this type, a ball or a piston moves on and off the seats), and Rotary (in this type, the spool rotates along its axis.
  • Based on the Fluid Path: According to the paths the fluid flow, there are two different types of DCV available such as check valve (which allows the flow of fluid in one direction and seals in another direction, Shuttle Valve (which allows fluid to flow through in either of two sources while sealing the other inlet), and Binary Valve (either blocks or allows the fluid to pass).

Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves

As the name suggests, the hydraulic pressure control valve regulates the pressure of the fluid to pass through the system to help to maintain at the desired level. It’s very in the hydraulic system as it prevents the rise in pressure that can result in leaks or bursting of tubes or pipes.

The different types of pressure control valves available are reducing valves, relief valves, counterbalance valves, sequence valves, and unloading valves.

pressure control valve

Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

The final type of hydraulic control valve we have is the flow control valve. These valves come with a port capable of adjusting in a way that the flow area could be changed to alter the flow rate through the valve. This hydraulic valve is used in the devices like motors, cylinders, or actuators.

There are different types of flow control valves available such as adjustable FCV, fixed flow FCV, throttling FCV, and pressure-compensated FCV. The flow control mechanism varies based on their mechanical design. Some of these styles include Ball, Diaphragm, Needle, Butterfly, and Plug.

flow control valve

Hydraulic Valve Specifications

The Hydraulic Control Valve is specified using different parameters including the size, connections or port size, flow capacity, and actuation mechanism. The general specifications for these valves are mentioned below

  • Valve type
  • Valve actuation mechanism
  • Valve configuration
  • Body material
  • Media type
  • Port size
  • Port type (mounting type)
  • Operating voltage
  • Operating frequency
  • Flow coefficient
  • Maximum rated pressure
  • Minimum operating pressure
  • Operating temperature

Intended Applications

The intended use or application is probably the most important thing to consider while buying the hydraulic control valve. Some of these applications include elevators, chemical plants, aircraft, or different field hydraulic equipment like tractors, loaders, diggers, log splitters, etc.

Your application will tell you what specifications and requirements to check out for your hydraulic control valve.

Reviews of the 5 Best Hydraulic Control Valve

The hydraulics market is loaded with different types of hydraulic valves. These valves are designed for different functions in different applications by different manufacturers. We’ve come up with a list of hydraulic control valves for directional control, pressure control, and flow control.

Let’s check out the reviews here.

Best Hydraulic Directional Control Valve

findmall Hydraulic Valve Hydraulic Directional Control Valve

Do you own a tractor, loader, or a log splitter? Can’t get started with the field operations with the worn-out control valve? The findmall Control Valve is possibly the best one to resume things again!

findmall directional control valve

Ideal Design & Construction

To match most of your tractors and loaders, the findmall control valve operates with double-acting cylinders.

All of its 4 spools are double acting with spring returning to the neutral position. In case you don’t know, this is the ideal design for your tractors or loaders.

It comes with a sturdy, cast iron construction. The spools are also chrome-plated and precision ground. In practice, it’s really promising to last for a long time.

Highly Efficient

This is what it’s for — Efficiency! The survey says, “Most of the compact utility tractors now run between 9 – 11 GPM”, and the maximum flow for the findmall valve is specified up to 11 GPM.

O-Ring ports help attach it to the manifold; prevent blockages, and provide a solid seal.

It should work with most of your field hydraulic equipment.

findmall hydraulic control valve

Great Convenience of Use

You’d be generally using it for open center systems (pump to tank flow). It also has the closed center option available.

Don’t worry if it drops accidentally! It passes the anti-drop checks on every spool.

Both the vertical and horizontal mount options are available.

Specs Talk

Style4 Spool
Item Weight27.2 lbs
Size/Flow Rating11 GPM
Max Operating PressureP = 3625 PSI, T = 725 PSI, A & B = 4350 PSI
Flow Rating11 GPM (40 l/min)
A & B Work Ports8 SAE O-Ring (3/4″-16) Thread
Inlet Port10 SAE O-Ring (7/8″-14) Thread
Outlet Port10 SAE O-Ring (7/8″-14) Thread


  • Convenient SAE 10 O-Ring style control valve that takes the 5/8 O-ring style fitting
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ideal configuration
  • Performance-oriented design


  • It also doesn’t have the float position
  • The ports are close to each other, so limited tightening fitting options.

Looks Strong, is Strong

The cast-iron construction of the valve also includes hard chrome-plated spools to ensure long-term usage. Your machine will produce the precisely perfect amount of flow to achieve a high degree of work precision.

Mophorn spool valve applicaitons

More Convenient, Better Control

The spools return to the neutral position because of their spring return feature. So the valve doesn’t restrict the airflow in the forward direction, while prevents air movement in the opposite direction. Sounds good, right?

Another watch-out feature is the inner relief valve that ensures the hydraulic fluid doesn’t return. It’s adjustable and can easily adjust the working pressure.

With Mophorn, you can now control the valve in different ways such as pneumatic control, electric control, hydraulic control, and even manual control.

Specs Talk

Style2 Spool Joystick Valve
Item Weight10.8 lbs
Size/Flow Rating11 GPM (40l/min)
Max Operating Pressure3600 PSI
A & B Work Ports3/8‘’ BSPP
P, T, N Ports1/2‘’ BSPP
Relief ValveAdjustable
Center SystemOpen
Package Includes1 x 2 Spool Hydraulic Joystick Control Valve 11gpm, Double Acting Cylinder Spool


  • Works perfectly for our field hydraulic equipment
  • Small, compact, and strong
  • Joystick and relieve valve provides added convenience
  • Ideal configuration
  • Multiple control options


  • Actuator ports are close together limiting the tightening options

buy on amazon

If you’re looking for a ball valve for pressure control, you’re probably about to make the right choice. Taixin Ball Valve not only helps in pressure control but also shuts off for corrosive fluids and damaging materials.

Taixin high pressure hydraulic control valve

Solid Construction

Solid construction is something you expect with a valve that can withstand a huge amount of pressure. Taixin Ball Valve meets your expectations. It comes with carbon steel construction having chromate plating. Expect no leaks, at least not sooner!

Many Applications

If you own a piece of equipment related to the oil and gas industry, you probably know how important a ball valve is. You can use the Taixin ball valve in manufacturing equipment, chemical storage, and even for residential purposes.

Taixin control valve

Industry-Leading Sealing

The device comes with the industry-leading valve-sealing material POM. The sealing ring materials are also premier — NBR sealing, used on the control core shaft and connector.

Specs Talk

When you’re talking about a pressure valve, it’s the specs that need to talk. And whether the specs live up to the performance. In the case of the Taixin Pressure valve, we can say it does. Take a look:

Finding the right hydraulic control valve is tricky! The valve specification is something that you want to be spot on with. 

This article comes up with the control valves used by the most common hydraulic equipment like trucks, loaders, forklifts, cranes, tractors, log splitters, etc. So you don’t miss out on one for yours.

Whether you’re looking for a directional control valve, a pressure control valve, or a flow control valve; the options mentioned here should satisfy your needs and get your operations back on track! 

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