Best Industrial Hydraulic Bench Presses 2021

Hydraulic bench presses

An industrial hydraulic bench press is a machine majorly used in large-scale industrial and engineering sectors where a large pressure is required for compressing metals into thin sheets. The Hydraulic Press is designed in such a way that it has a plate or bed where the metallic material is laid for crushing, straightening, or molding.

The working of this machine is based on Pascal’s principle which merely states that the pressure applied on fluids in an enclosed system remains constant throughout the system. Simply put, it’s a hydraulic machine that uses the pressure applied to these liquids to crush the metals.

The Hydraulic Bench Press machine has a wide range of applications which include thinning of glasses, crushing cars, and making powder. Its effectiveness is based on the type of technology used in the design process.

While choosing the best hydraulic press machine for your industrial needs, some of the factors to consider include the maintenance cost, durability, tensile strength, dimensional strength, and ease of installation. Some of these machines which are highly rated by the companies and meet international standards are reviewed below. It could just be the best time to make the replacement and lower your production cost.

Hydraulic bench presses are typically built to be able to remove bushings, gears, pulleys, U-joints, bearings, ball joints and other types of metal forming work.

All these hydraulic bench presses work by slashing the bench-mounted press with usually around Ten tons of pressure for forming plus pressing. Buyers often choose these top hydraulic bench presses whenever they do not have space for floor-mounted options.

10 ton Drake hydraulic bench press is our top pick- it’s a 132 lb press that measures 36″ by 23″ by 18″, and is also a bit less than 17 Inches between the up-right rails. It ships with a set of compatible ram noses, among them a flat nose for traditional pressing and the next one that is a step-reduced nose for placing and sitting while in pressing.

Our Top Pick: The Drake Hydraulic Press

  • Includes a single-speed hydraulic hand-pump that could lower the ram with as many as 10 tons of pressure
  • Features a height flexible stand within its H-frame to make sure appropriate placement of larger items
  • A movable work-head helps synchronize off-center pressing
  • Release valves control and trigger the ram’s return following a downstroke
  • Ships using a reduced-step nose, smooth ram nose, a couple of table plates

Users are often pleased with this Drake press- even though it is manufactured in China the product quality is quite good, specifically for the price. It’s advised for you to download the handbook from the Drake website instead than depend on the translated guidelines received together with the press itself. Numerous users explain that it is great for automotive programs and common home shop use.

Given the above, let us take you a look at a few of the best-selling hydraulic bench presses currently available and see the way that they compare.

Our Top Hydraulic Bench Presses Reviews

Drake Hydraulic Bench Press 

Capacity: 6 Ton

This Dake B-10 Hydraulic Bench Press is a single-speed hydraulic pump that will bench mount press up to ten tons of pressure.

Many buyers like that the hydraulic bench press comes with a flexible height table within its H-frame so that for correct placement of larger and even bulkier items. A lot of users also love the great feature of a movable work-head which helps to ease off-center pressing.

Several nice features consist of a reduced step nose, a flat ram nose along a couple of table plates to help to get more precise bench pressing in addition to supporting. This type of hydraulic press is ideal for the user who simply doesn’t have plenty of room within their garage or workshop for a floor-mounted hydraulic bench press.

Some users didn’t like that you had to put a lot of the hydraulic bench press together on your own- and the instructions were not too clear on how to do that. Normally most users found this a great hydraulic bench press, especially for the price.


  • Handles up to ten tons of force
  • Constructed of durable iron
  • Compact for those who have a small work area
  • Adjustable work head
  • Interchangeable ram noses


  • Must partially assemble
  • Instructions not clear on how to assemble

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If you need Heavy duty more capacity hydraulic bench presses Drake offers you a 50 Ton Bench Press. In case you need it we updated this section discussing only the features of this 50 Ton Hydraulic Bench Press: 

  • Handpump powers the hydraulic system, lowering the ram with up to 50 tons of force for heavy-duty applications
  • An adjustable-height table within the H-frame enables proper positioning of large and bulky items, and the movable work head facilitates off-center pressing
  • Its Hand-wheel quickly advances the ram for primary positioning, and the hand pump lowers the ram with accuracy
  • Release valve initiates and controls rapid ram return after a downstroke
  • Included table plates provide support and V-blocks hold items in place during pressing

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Wimmer Hydraulics Bench Shop Press

Capacity: 6 Ton

Wimmer Hydraulics hydraulic shop press is a six-ton bench press, its users saying that its body frame is quite strong, particularly for this type of design.

This hydraulic bench press is specifically designed for general-purpose work- such as in a machine shop, auto shop, or the workshop of a novice hobbyist. Most reviewers feel that it’s a well-designed hydraulic bench press, and works quite well, but the instruction manual that comes with it was useless.

Luckily most users say that it isn’t that difficult- if you look closely at the picture you can pretty much figure out how to put it together. Several users have reported that whenever they received their Wimmer Hydraulics 6 Ton A-Frame Bench Shop Press for some reason it has missing bolts and screws- however, that was easily remedied by calling its sellers (And I think the problem is permanently solved as the last few purchases there is no issue like that).

And yet, those people who had no missing parts issues found that for this great price this hydraulic bench press does exactly what it claims to do.


  • Super strong A-Frame construction
  • Compact and good for any kind of shop area
  • Constructed of strong steel
  • Can withstand 12,000 pounds of force


  • Poor Some have come with missing parts
  • No clear instructions on how to assemble

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Grizzly Bench Top Shop Press

Capacity: 10 Ton

10 Ton Grizzly Bench Top Shop Press has a top to bottom-mounted hydraulic pump along with a pressure gauge for extra pressure.

Quite a few users like this aspect plus about three different flexible bed settings that it offers. Users prefer that this compact hydraulic bench press and is easy to put together.

Another feature many users have found helpful is the pressure gauge and how it’s vertically mounted- making it a lot easier to operate.

Grizzly Bench Top Shop Press

Users endorse how compact it is- which makes it fairly easy to find a place for it in a more compact workspace like a tiny garage or basements. There are a few customers who had problems with parts being missing upon delivery or defective goods mainly as a result of poor packing and shipping.


  • Handles 10 tons of force
  • Pump and pressure gauge both vertically mounted
  • Compact and fits anywhere easily
  • Easy to assemble


  • Comes packaged poorly
  • Some units came with missing parts

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Dragway Hydraulic Bench Top Press

Capacity: 6 Ton

This top-class Hydraulic Press is a hydraulic press that offers unique press plates and it has a strong ability to remove plus install bushings alongside ball joints, bearings, pulleys, gears, U-joints, and gears.

Many testers like its open-sided structure, which makes it much easier to operate on longer pieces. Additionally, they recommend the bolted, flexible cross beams given it will make it a lot easier to lift and lower. So you can get the perfect working range you’ll need for any job.

This six-ton, hydraulic bench press is made from sturdy tube steel and it has a plate bar that measures 10 inches by 1 inch which is suitable for bearings and bushings – and it contains a couple of press plates, a good feature end users applaud.

Dragway Hydraulic Bench Top Press

Quite a few testers identify this hydraulic shop press as superior quality and ideal for commercial shop level but have a price that the hobbyist will love.

Quite a few users were dissatisfied with the quality of the springs around the press as well as how simply the paint flaked off the hydraulic bench press.


  • Open-sided construction
  • Easy to raise and lower due to bolted adjustable cross beams
  • Made from sturdy tube steel
  • Comes with two press plates


  • Paint on machines chips off easily
  • Maybe an issue with weak springs

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Black Bull A-Frame Shop Press

Capacity: 6 Ton

This Black Bull hydraulic bench press has some nice features that many users commend- such as its spring-return press beam, two press plates and has a 12,000 lb. capacity.

Also, they like the adjustable table having two different settings, enhancing its ease of operation. This specific shop bench press was praised by its buyers for using and removing bearings, gears, U-joints, ball joints, pulleys, and bushings.

Reviewers like the powder-coating on the machine, which gives it an attractive appearance in workshops, as well as how little space it takes up. Some users found it a little difficult to assemble because if it’s not done carefully it can be assembled crooked and then the machine will end up being wobbly.

Users also didn’t like that it requires full, rather than part, assembly. Once assembled, however, most users have found that this hydraulic bench press works well without any nagging, long-term issues.

Black Bull A-Frame Shop Press


  • Nice looking with its powder coating
  • Compact
  • Strong steel construction
  • Comes with two press plates
  • Adjustable table with two settings


  • A bit difficult to assemble

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Torin Big Red Steel Frame Hydraulic Shop Press

Capacity: 50 Ton

The Torin-TRD55002 is the ultra-high priced, extra-heavy-duty shock-resistant shop press having a large 50-ton hydraulic force generation ability. It benefits an air-driven 2-stage hydraulic pump, that allows it to execute both delicate metal pressing, and heavy-duty metal building works. Just like the Baileigh HSP-30A, these hydraulic bench presses provides the consumer industrial-grade hydraulic pressures. It’s manufactured, designed, and tested by Torin. The full set-up, ready-to-use shop press weighs about 572 lbs without having the workload. It features an H-shaped frame.

This press measures 37.4″ wide and is 72.8″ tall. This makes it the heaviest shop press one of many hydraulic shop presses discussed here. Expectedly, its weight-width-height disparity is adjusted by a big heel mount on every vertical column, each mount measures 16.9 ins in length. These big heel mounts make sure that the frame rest on arm right-angled support.

The Torin-TRD55002 includes a large horizontal leveling bar that’s welded on ends, with each side being welded towards the center portion of the adjacent heel support. Its whole frame is colored red, combined with a hydraulic system, work-head, and work-head mount. The difference is the worktable which can be painted black. Its hydraulic system is made out of industry-grade hydraulic elements. This gives the hydraulic system to produce a hydraulic force of fifty tonnes, as well as have the ability to withstand extremely high internal pressure.

To create this huge hydraulic pressure, the shop press has to be loaded with special wear-resistant plus stain-resistant pistons and cylinder heads. The company built a solid cylinder block that’s loaded with an effective industrial-grade piston that features a wear-resistant head. The operations within the hydraulic pump happen in stages; the high-pressure stages and the low-pressure stages.

The low-pressure phases create a low hydraulic force that’s ideal for pressing delicate supplies. Even so, if ever the user needs a great deal of hydraulic force, the number of pressurized air entering the cylinder is usually increased. This might produce generations of huge stroke volumes for each upward stroke of your piston.

These results are an incredibly highly effective force being applied to the workpiece with the ram nose-piece. The cylinder, hydraulic system, pistons, and work-head are made from corrosive-resistant materials that could stand up to extreme shock plus vibrations. Also, as a result of high-pressure being produced and carried inside the hydraulic system, the device must be tested for safety to make sure that no hydraulic components can blow up during operation and result in extreme physical harm.

Based on its guidance of, the company Torin, arms that this press has gone by factory inspection. However, to be the safe-side, the hydraulic bench presses includes a safety protection cover.


  • Easy to use.
  • Pneumatically -operated.
  • It can produce a very effective 50 tons of hydraulic force.
  • Solid H-framed construction.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • It doesn’t support manual handling.
  • Very Heavy and non-portable.
  • Requires regular maintenance.
  • Non-movable work-head.

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Final Thoughts

In case you are interested in selecting a manual hydraulic bench press having a 4, 6,10, or even 50-ton capacity, have a look at our reviews on this page and also browse the individual product pages to discover what other people are saying in regards to the models that they’ve purchased.

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