Product Review – Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine

The Hydraulic Rowing Machine from Harvil is our last but not the least inclusion in the list as hydraulic exercise equipment. This is a great one to have in your studio which is designed keeping in mind about the customer demands. As a result, this product seems to be receiving a great word of mouth publicity. Different features such as the full range of motion arms, adjustable resistance, user-friendly LCD electronic monitor, steel frame, etc. are some of the important ones. These features will be discussed below to give you a better idea about the product.

Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Sturdy Durable Steel Construction

The steel frame construction of the equipment provides the durability that ensures it lasts for years. This sturdy construction supports a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs. With a user weight of 34 lbs, it has an assemble dimensions of 50” L x 36.2” W x 20” H

Adjustable Hydraulic Resistance

It comes with the manual control knob which can be used to adjust the hydraulic resistance levels to customize your fitness routine and help you develop the full upper body to its best potential.

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Steel frame body structure
Adjustable Hydraulic Resistance

Tracking the Progress with Scan Feature

With scan function now you can track your fitness progress with the easy-to-read LCD monitor that displays stroke rate count (so that you can measure you are doing slower or faster), time, and calories burned. It also scans to provide you with the ease of customization to reach your optimum workout goal.

Real Workout with Maximum Comfort

This full-size rower is thoughtfully designed to provide you with maximum comfort. It comes with a molded seat for gliding every motion. The pivoting footplates are also designed with safety foot straps that fit most sizes.

Guarantee & Warranty

The manufactures show their confidence in the product by stating a guarantee for a complete and safe package arrival having all the necessary parts and without any defect/damage. They offer a free repair/replacement for the defective parts during the warranty period.

Below you will find a complete assembly video of this foldable Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine:

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Our Opinion

If you are looking for a low impact, affordable and space-saving lightweight hydraulic exercise equipment then the Harvil hydraulic rowing machine could be a perfect choice for you. It should also get preference due to its unique look and design. This is a sturdy, tight, and compact rowing machine that is extremely easy to install and use. Me. Other features including the digital readout option should definitely make you think about it. And the affordable price range seems to be worth the cost as well.

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