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Floor Jack

If you wish to own the highest quality floor jack, the kind that makes working on your car a whole lot easier. You got to be sure that you are buying the precise floor jack you need and we believe the following inside information would be helpful.

All of the knowledge you gather on mechanics, savvy, and expertise are not going to help you at all if you do not have the right tools with you. So that you should make sure that you buy the best floor jack, which gives you opportunity to work comfortably, efficiently, and safely. Lets have a look on the types of Floor Jack:

Hydraulic Floor Jack

These types of jacks are commonly used due to the user-friendliness. There is an oil filled chamber. When the plunger is pulled back, oil flows out from a storage tank into the chamber. A ball check valve prevents oil from re-entering the storage tank. Next, when the plunger is pushed forward, it will increase the pressure in the oil causing the lift arm to rise. The lift arm position is held by another ball check valve, so that the arm remains lifted until a release valve is opened. Oil is in commonly used as the hydraulic fluid because it transmits pressure efficiently, lubricates the hydraulic chamber and cheap.

Scissor Jack

A scissor jack is commonly provided in automobile for lifting one side of a car in order to get a flat tire changed.  It is powered by hand and requires considerable amount of effort to get an auto wheel off the ground.

While inexpensive, a scissor jack is also fairly small in size, can easily keep the trunk space of most automobiles.

The action is so simple. A foldable crank is inserted into a slot, which is rotatable. This causes the screw to pull the sides of the jack toward the middle while lifting the vehicle.

Bottle Jack/Piston Jack

A bottle jack gets its name due to its shape. These jacks can be extremely powerful; sometimes can hold weight over 50 tons.

Since bottle jacks stand vertically, they need reasonable clearance to be used. This requirement is the biggest disadvantage for being used in automobiles. Its operation is just like a floor jack’s hydraulics except its vertical positioning.

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Couple of things you should consider before buying a floor jack:

Before you get your hands on the best floor jack available, you will need to focus in couple of key features. Here are just a couple of the most important ones that you want to zero in on.

Understanding lift capacity of floor jack

In order to get the maximum use, you should purchase the floor jack, which has the lifting capacity that you are going to use on regular basis.

Majority of “standard” floor jacks have a lifting capacity of 2 – 3 tons. However, you can get floor jacks that offer lifting capacity of five, six, eight or more tons.

Be mindful that the lifting capacity is not the be-all, end-all of the factors you must look at when selecting the best floor jack.

Select the right lift height

You should consider whether the floor jack is able to reach the lift height you are expecting with lift capacity you have already selected.

Majority of the floor jacks available in the market do not have lift ratings much higher than 21” or so for a rated lifting capacity of 3 tons.

Any figure higher or heavier than aforesaid numbers means, the proposition is going to be pretty risky.

Of course, there are ways of increasing the lift height of floor jacks while increasing their efficacy. Wider base and more stable frame, and a handful of other features can make a floor jack to reach a jack height than 21” without compromising safety.

What should be the construction material?

Most of the best quality floor jacks are made out of cast-iron or heavy stainless structural steel material. However, some of the top rated floor jacks are made out of incredibly strong aluminium or aluminium alloys, which are lightweight steel, engineered and designed to offer better weight capacities reliably.

Speed matters always

All in all, you need more time to work on your vehicle rather than wasting more time on your floor jack when getting the vehicle up or down when you wish to. The jack should be able to lift or lower the weight quickly as possible.

Most of the hydraulic floor jacks equipped with double piston pumps and a handful of other mechanisms meet this requirement.

Final verdict

All in all, it would be much easier for you to select the best floor jack that suits your needs, if you carefully follow the topics mentioned above. Before going shopping, make sure that you are well aware with your exact need. If so, you will be alright!

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