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Some of the benefits of exercise bikes have already been discussed on the home page of this website so on this page I actually want to help you look and choose for an exercise bike that would fit and is best for your needs, and would also provide you with a comprehensive buying guide for an exercise bike.

Basically, the important thing to remember always in mind is that there are three different types of exercise bike that you can choose from, these are as follows:

Upright Bike

Many of us has been most familiar with the upright exercise bicycle because these one have been around for a very long time, and these are the ones that you see quite most often in people’s homes.

Upright Bikes enable you to work out in an upright position, as the name suggests, these and are used and designed to be always in a seated position.

These do not come with any backrests. It is pretty much suitable to be used by everyone except for people with any kind of back problems,

Nowadays upright bikes would costs for as little as $100 (or less), but if you can afford to purchase a little more expensive price , you can buy yourself a really good one, such as the Nautilus U616 (pictured above), which has 25 resistance levels, 29 workout programs and a whole lot of extra features.

if you can afford $1000 or more to spend on one of these machines, you can also get yourself a top-end gym-quality bike.

Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is an exercise bicycle that is a pretty good option for starters and first timers. These enable you to be relaxed and fit in the comfort of your own home in a much comfortable position.

This type of exercise bicycle comes with a backrest, which allows you to do workouts in a reclining position instead of an upright position.

It is ideal for people who enjoys the extra comfort and relaxation that these recumbent bikes provide. It is also ideal for those people who have any kind of back problems because of the extra back support it provides.

If you are looking to buy one of these bicycles, Schwinn make some of the best recumbent bikes, and the Schwinn 270 (pictured) is one of the best ones you can buy in terms of value for money.

However you should find that there are quite a few of these recumbent bikes to choose from nowadays if you don’t like this particular model.

Spinning Bike

Mad Dogg Athletics is the one that developed spinning which is a form of group exercise. Mad Dogg actually own the ‘spinning’ and ‘spin’ trademarks back in the 1990’s

The exercise bicycles that are suitable for this type of group exercise should be referred to as indoor cycling bikes rather than spinning bikes (unless they have actually been produced by Mad Dogg) strictly speaking.

The point of all this is that these bikes are similar to upright bikes. The only difference is that these bikes are suitable for cycling in both a seated and standing position (which is why they are ideal for spinning), and they provide a riding experience that is more realistic in terms of the positioning of the seat and handlebars.

The exciting part is that you can use them for fitness and weight loss, or to perform your own workouts set to music that you yourself customized. In addition, the next best thing is that you can also use them for indoor road training during the winter.

There are many different companies that make this type of bicycle, but what is considered the best in market and is widely used by most consumers are the Keiser bikes, such as the latest 2015 model (pictured above).

On the other hand, there are also models that are cheaper and are on hand that will give you a fantastic workout, such as the 510 Indoor Cycle, for example. This has a good quality, a machine from Reebok that provides a riding experience that is smooth and realistic. This is ideal for performing spinning workouts. The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is also compact and is of good quality. A well-made machine that is worth it of your money.

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