Electric Solenoid Valve: Find the Best One for Your Application

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Do you know the production value of solenoid-operated valves in Japan? It’s amounted to 53.69 (approx.) billion Japanese yen! Isn’t that colossal? You’ll find similar stats for the electric solenoid valve in all the major industrialized countries, including the USA.

What is a solenoid valve, and why it’s so demanding? Simply, it’s some electromagnet that produces a controlled magnetic field. This solenoid valve is used everywhere the fluid flow control needs to be automated.

It’s the controller of your machine that shuts off, releases, doses, distributes, or mixes the fluid media. You’re supposed to use them in hydraulic pumps, air hammers, gas boilers, washing machines, and more.

Now that you know how handy it is let’s move on to the main point — how and which one to get? It’s a tricky job that’s made much simpler by our team of experts. Let’s see how!

electric solenoid valve

A Normally Open Electric Solenoid Valve

Buying Guide: Selection Criteria for the Solenoid Valve

Now that you know what a solenoid valve is and how significant it is, it’s time to understand the different aspects of your application, such as the flow rate, flow factor, state on/off time, port size, etc. Once you know them well, there are a few factors to consider about the electric solenoid valve.

Consider the following selection criteria before you’re out to buy one.

Solenoid Valve TypeDecide whether your application needs a two-way (one inlet-one outlet) or a 3-way solenoid valve (two inlets – one outlet).

Housing Material – This is probably the most critical factor; you can determine the valve hosing material based on your media’s temperature and chemical properties. Brass is the first choice and is used for neutral media. You can also consider the stainless steel version and PVC. Check out more for the suitable housing material for your solenoid valve.

Seal Materials – Again, based on your media’s temperature and chemical properties, you can go with seal materials like NBR, Viton, EPDM, PTFE, etc. Viton is our personal favorite.

Voltage – You can’t forget that. The electric solenoid valves are available in both AC and DC. Both have their pros and cons; however, we prefer DC solenoids to AC.

Valve Function – You can select normally open or closed solenoid valves based on your operating period. The majority of the solenoids are generally closed. However, if the opening time of the valve is longer than the closing time goes for an open valve.

Other Specifications – You need to consider the different specifications: maximum/minimum pressure, type of operation (direct, indirect, or semi-direct), maximum/minimum temperature, response time, approvals, and degree of protection.

6 Best Electric Solenoid Valve Reviews

US Solid 3/4″ Brass Electric Solenoid Valve

Best electric solenoid valve for durable brass body

Steve, a refrigerator mechanic, recommended the US Solid 3/4” Brass Body Valve to our team. The team got one for the hydraulic pump, used it for a few months, and called Steve back to thank him.

What impressed the team so much about this electric solenoid valve? Let’s find out.

US Solid electric solenoid valve

Top Features

  • Normally closed design with AC 110V specification
  • Three-quarter-inch (3/4″) Female Threaded (NPT) Connections
  • Industrial-grade brass construction
  • Compatible with different media
  • Manufactured with VITON Seal
  • Highly responsive nature
  • Longer life cycle

Why It’s True to Expectations (Pros):

Enduring Character

The US Solid electric solenoid valve is truly enduring with high-quality brass housing. No corrosion, more favorable for welding. Ideal for higher temperature applications.

Use any of the media.

Compatible with all the traditional media, including diesel, gasoline, kerosene, air, oils, hydrocarbons, low viscosity fluid, and natural gas. Don’t run out of options anymore!

US solid valve 1

Resists high temperatures and corrosive materials

It comes with the industry-leading VITON seal, a durable and high-performance rubber material. Now don’t worry about resisting high temperatures or corrosions.

It shuts or releases the flow instantaneously.

The responsive nature of the valve lets it open and close in a fraction of a second once actuated. So it’s all instantaneously when it gets energized/de-energized.

Expect a Longer Service

Expectations are high with this electric solenoid valve. With suitable operating conditions and proper maintenance, it could last over a million cycles. Yeah, it means quite some years!


  • Please don’t keep it actuated for more than 8 hours

Any Downsides?


  • It could be a little loud when it engages
  • The case isn’t waterproof

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TAILONZ Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Best for both AC and DC power options

How about an electric solenoid valve with both AC and DC options? And that too made of brass housing material? Well, I can’t get anything better!

TAILONZ PNEUMATIC is a reliable US brand. When it comes to this Brass Electric Solenoid Valve, we practically love it in machine arsenal. Let’s take a better look at the product here.

tailonz brass electric solenoid valve

Top Features

  • Available in DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, and AC220V
  • 1/4 inch NPT Connections
  • Normally closed design
  • Multiple media compatibility, including
  • Stainless steel diaphragm spring
  • Brass valve housing
  • A Full copper core coil
  • Specially machined inner hole
  • The pressure range is 0-145 PSI, and the working temperature range is 23-176°F

Why It’s True to Expectations (Pros):

Rugged Construction

The body is made of durable brass, and the pilot head made of stainless steel ensures corrosion resistance,  aging resistance, oil resistance, and longer service life.

 Tight Wound, Safe Seals

The copper core coil uses German Winding Technology to make it more firmly wound. The safe and reliable seal makes it an ideal choice.

Accessible to Assemble/Disassemble

The convenient design ensures you assemble and disassemble easily whenever you need it.

tailonz solenoid valve

More Convenience

It comes with the Sliding Column Structure and Internal Pilot Structure. These features empower it to be a  high-pressure electric solenoid valve that can control high-flow feed with ease. The responsiveness opens or closes the valve in less than a second.


  • Remove all the dust and debris and install the filter before installing the valve.
  • Install it horizontally

Any Downsides?


  • It could be a little loud
  • It runs a little hot

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Beduan 2 Way Electric Solenoid Valve

Best for pneumatic solenoid valve operation

It may not be the best for the fluid media, but the Beduan 2 Way Solenoid Valve blows like the wind when it comes to the air or gas!

It’s easy to program, and you can install it in a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. It comes with decent features and benefits. Let’s take a better look at this electric solenoid air valve.

beduan electric solenoid valve

Top Features

  • Anodized Aluminum housing material
  • temperature range 23-176°F and Pressure range 0-115 PSI
  • Two-positon, Two-way, normally closed design
  • Available in electric solenoid 12V version with 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch Female port size
  • Includes ED 100% encapsulated coil
  • Service media are air, gas, liquid, and water

Why It’s True to Expectations (Pros)

Convenient Solenoid Valve Type

The 2 Way Normal Closed design is our preferred type for the electric solenoid valve. The valve is generally closed when the coil is de-energized and vice-versa.

The 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch NPT inlet and outlet ports are also the most convenient ones. You also get to mount them easily with the two bottom holes, and the NBR sealing is also top-notch.

Operates at Vacuum

The electric solenoid valve acts as a zero differential solenoid valve (electric solenoid air valve). So you can operate it at 0 PSI or vacuum.

It’s a suitable option for a wide range of vacuum applications, including vacuum pumps, stone cutting machinery, print presses, etc.

beduan solenoid valve

Continuous Duty Coil

With Beduan, your coil and the machine are never off duty. It comes with an ED 100% Encapsulated Coil which is ideal to operate in constantly energized conditions.

Any Downsides?


  • The opening is slightly undersized and not the most effective one for gases.

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HFS Electric Solenoid Valve

Best Electric Solenoid Valve in terms of popularity

HFS electric solenoid valve is one of the most sought-after options out there. It may not comprise the best housing material but provides decent machinability. It comes in a wide range of options, and you should hardly run out of any for your application.

Let’s take a better look at the product below.

hfs electric solenoid valve

Top Features 

  • Cast Copper Construction with copper coil
  • 110V normally closed design
  • Available different sizes include 1-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1/4-inch NPT
  • Compatible with water, air, oil, and gas
  • Application temperature ranges from 5 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
  • Working pressure for water and air: 0 ~ 7kgf/cm2, and oil: 0 ~ 5kgf/cm2

Why It’s True to Expectations (Pros)

Solid Construction W/ Brass Plating (Don’t get mislead)

The HFS solenoid valve doesn’t comprise brass construction. So don’t get mislead by the beautiful brass exterior. However, the cast copper construction is rugged enough to withstand different corrosive elements.

Normally Closed, Safe Usage

Do you know the reason behind the customarily closed design of the electric solenoids? It’s provides added safety as it won’t be open unless you energize it with power.

hfs valve applications

Wide Variety

There are four different sizes to choose from, including 1,1/2,1/3, and 1/4 inch. Moreover, it’s compatible with different mediums. So you can easily replace your broken valve to use with air, water, or other low viscosity fluids.

Any Downsides?


  • The brass exterior misleads about its construction
  • The office is slightly small

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SNS 2WK025-N08/DC12V Solenoid Valve

Best Normally Open Electric Solenoid Valve

Suppose you’re tired of watching only the normally closed solenoids, time to take a break! And check out one amazing design, typically open solenoid valve from SNS.

sns electric solenoid valve

It’s a popular option in this category, and the perfectly designed valve is worth considering.

Top Features

  • Brass valve housing
  • Stable coil
  • Flow direction mark
  • 1/4-inch NPT size
  • Available in both AC110V and DC12 versions

Normally Open Design

Few options are available for the ordinarily open design of solenoid valves that are compatible with prolonged on-state. Meaning the opening time is much longer than its closing time. This one here is one of the few good ones to choose from.

Insulation and Heat Dissipation

Don’t complain about overheating anymore! The durable coil design ensures excellent insulation performance and perfect heat dissipation.

sns valve

Solid Construction

Brass housing ensures a longer service life of the solenoid valve. It undergoes fine processing to fulfill smooth threading where the threaded cap protects each port.

More Convenient

It comes with both AC and DC options. The solenoid is compatible with all the common mediums, including air, water, and diesel.

Each port comes with a dust cap, and the valve is marked with a convenient flow direction.

Any Downsides?


  • Not suitable for applications with longer off-state time

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Senya 1″ Brass Solenoid Valve by KAKO

Best Underdog Electric Solenoid Valve

We didn’t have many expectations with this 1-inch brass solenoid. But it seems to be a surprise package when it comes to an excellent solenoid performance.

Thus, it makes it to our top chart, and you need to give it a go!

senya electric solenoid valve

Top Features

  • Normally closed electric solenoid valve with AC110V design
  • 1-inch NPT size
  • Working temperature ranges from 23-176°F, and Pressure ranges from 0-145 PSI.
  • Industrial grade brass construction
  • Multiple medium compatibilities
  • Features VITON seal

Why It’s True to Expectations (Pros)

Durable Construction

With the rugged brass construction, it promises for longer service life. The valve is conducive for welding and high-pressure or temperature applications. It’s also highly corrosion-resistant.

Multiple Mediums

This solenoid valve here works with multiple mediums, including gasoline, kerosene, diesel, air, natural gas, and more. So you’ll always have some extra options with this one.

You can use them in different applications, including irrigation control (farm, garden), air control (manufacturing plant, lab), and liquid controls (artificial water body, pipeline)

senya valve

High Resistance Viton Gasket

Viton seal is the most preferred option for any mechanic for its durability and high performance. The Viton gasket helps the valve to resist heat, oil, or other corrosive chemicals and fluids.

Convenient Design

It comes with the most common yet convenient specifications. The 110V AC valve has two-way inlet and outlet ports along with the standard female NPT connections.

Any Downsides?


  • It could be a little loud and hot

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Now that It’s fascinating to see how effective the electric solenoid valve could be. The solenoid valves here can run with water and air; however, each excels in a particular condition.

Thus we find the US Solid to be the best electric solenoid water valve. On the other hand, TAILONZ and Beduan make the best choices for pneumatic operations.

Here you have all the information you need, from the selection criteria to the top picks. You’re now well informed to make the right choice.

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