Electric Linear Actuators: What They Are and How They Work

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An electric linear actuator is a hydraulic device that allows an object to move in a sinusoidal or exponential fashion. Electric linear actuators use an electric current to power an amembrane device attached to the object. The current flowing through the object can control its motion. These linear actuators can be used for many purposes, including robotics, prosthetic devices, and biomedical engineering.

Characteristics of Electric Linear Actuators:

Electric linear actuators (ELA), which allow precise movement of objects using an electrical current, can be used in motion control, robotics, medical equipment, and other industrial applications.

Electric linear actuators can be used in many industries and agriculture to create feedback control systems. The electric screw actuator consists of a metal arm or plastic arm attached to a rotating shaft and an electric motor that creates rotational force. The motor can move the arm around, or the shaft can hold it still by attaching the arm to the shaft. These devices can be used to control joysticks, potentiometers, and other feedback systems.

Electric Linear Actuators
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Listed Electric Linear Actuators: 

There are various types of actuators available. So check out our top-rated linear actuators to get the most proficient one. 

Go through here before moving forward with the details:

PROGRESSIVE AUTOMATIONS Linear...image PROGRESSIVE AUTOMATIONS Linear Electric Actuator 12V (16 in. 11 lbs.) High Speed Brushed DC Motor & Sturdy Stroke for Home, Office, AUTOMATIONS, Indoor & Outdoor Applications. PA-15-16-11 $166.69 Buy Now
Happybuy 8 Inch...image Happybuy 8 Inch Stroke Electric Actuators DC 12V with Mounting Bracket Heavy Duty 6000N/1320LB Actuators for Recliner TV Table Lift Massage Bed Electric Sofa $35.99 Buy Now
Basnbach EasyE Electric...image Basnbach EasyE Electric Linear Actuator, 200mm Stroke, EEL35-200-E24A100011M-001 $251.26 Buy Now
LENCO MARINE 15054-001...image LENCO MARINE 15054-001 Actuator 101 Standard,White,Medium $194.23 Buy Now
Dorman 600-101 4WD...image Dorman 600-101 4WD Actuator Compatible with Select Models $78.98 Buy Now
Jameco Reliapro PDL-50...image Jameco Reliapro PDL-50 Motor Driven Actuator, Push/Pull, 12VDC, 3.3 AMPS,40 Watt $6.95 Buy Now
Siemens SFA71U Zone...image Siemens SFA71U Zone Valve Electric Actuator $76.73 Buy Now

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated below and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

PROGRESSIVE AUMATIONS Linear Electric Actuator

This electric jack screw actuator, which is high-speed, is our fastest product. This unit is ideal for applications that require a small shaft housing and an actuator rod. The in-line motor design benefits the robotics, automotive, and home automation industries. The actuator must be used with at least half its full load rating to ensure it functions properly. Five tips to prolong the life of your PA-15 actuator: -Install your actuator at an angle and position that aligns with the actuator’s push and pull directions.

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The actuator should be used at least 50% of its full load rating to function properly. To avoid motor burnout:

  • Please turn off the electrical power to the motor when it is not being used.
  • Allow the PA-15 actuator sufficient cooling time, so it does not heat up. This should be done within the 25 percent duty cycle rating (5 minutes on, 15 min off).
  • Use the PA-15 actuators with IP54 protection to avoid water damage. Although actuators with IP54 can withstand water splashes, they are not designed to be used in motion when exposed to water.

A rating of IP65M is required to allow the actuators to operate in motion when exposed to water.

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Happybuy 8 Inch Stroke Electrical Actuators

The Happybuy 8-inch Stroke Electric Actuator is ideal for anyone searching for an exceptional electric actuator. These actuators are reliable and simple, making them an excellent choice for all applications.

This actuator can be used to retrace or extend the electric device. 8″ stroke length, 14.7 inches retracted length, and 22.6 inches extended length. The actuator must be connected to a DC 12V power supply to protect the motor and other parts of the electronic device.

Electric Linear Actuator
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A DC 12V linear actuator can move things straight up and down or side-to-side. The 8-inch product is robust and reliable, with a power of 6000N. It is protected with IP44 protection and has limit switches built in. In addition, it can be used as a massage couch, recliner, TV lifter, lifting table, electric window opener, and many other uses. It is a useful tool for heavy-duty work.

The Happybuy 8 Inch Stroke electric actuators are an excellent choice if you’re looking to make your life easier. These devices are ideal for people who require assistance moving around. They also come in many colors to fit your needs.

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Basnbach Electric Linear Actuator

Are you looking for an electric actuator of high quality that is simple to use? Basnbach EasyE Electric Linear Actuator is the best choice! This device is ideal for applications that require fast and easy movement.

Basnbach EasyE Electric Linear actuator is powerful and straightforward to use. It can be used for a wide range of applications. Basnbach EasyE Electric Linear Actuator makes it easy to control abrasive materials like rubber and plastic. This actuator is reliable and delivers consistent performance.

This actuator is simple to use and ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Basnbach EasyE Electric Linear Actuator makes a great choice if you are looking for an electric actuator that is easy to use.

The EasyE Electric Linear Actuator’s low noise level and long-lasting life make it ideal for precise control applications.

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LENCO MARINE 15054-001 Actuator

LENCO MARINE 15054 001actuator is a crucial component of LENCO’s marine-engineered product line. Along with that, it is made of high-quality materials and has a durable and reliable design. This product can be used in water, air, and soil.

The LENCO Marine 15054-1001 actuator is precise in its calibration and performs well. It will ensure that your engine runs efficiently and smoothly. This actuator is durable and long lasting, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable actuator.

The user is at the forefront of this product’s design. It has a simple, sleek, and easy-to-use interface. This actuator can be used with many tools, including line dogs and anchors.

Lenco Marine is the industry leader in marine and boating. They manufacture trim tabs, hatch lifts, electric actuators, switches, and the brand-new Auto Glide boat-leveling system.

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Dorman 600-101 4WD Actuator

The genuine Dorman 600-101 4WD Actuator helps you to operate your car easily. The actuator is simple to use and has several settings that will help you complete the task quickly and efficiently. This actuator can be used to increase your car’s power and efficiency.

Dorman allows vehicle owners and repair professionals greater freedom in fixing cars and trucks. For over 100 years, Dorman has been developing new solutions for the motor vehicle aftermarket. We have released thousands of replacement products designed to save time and money and increase reliability and convenience. This 4WD actuator replaces specific vehicle parts directly.

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The 4WD parts are subject to wear and tear from dirt, mud, salt, and other debris. But the miles of stress placed on the driveline cause real problems. Durable repairs are essential in this environment. 4WD components must meet the highest standards and stand the test of age. Dorman 4WD parts can withstand the test of time thanks to their superior materials and design. You can rest assured that your repairs will last, from actuators to transfer boxes and everything in between. This device increases the engine’s efficiency and can be used for other purposes, such as fuel economy or acceleration.

Electric Linear Actuator
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Jameco Reliapro PDL-50 Motor Driven Actuator

Jameco Reliapro PDL-50 Motor Driven Actuator. The Jameco Reliapro PDL-50 motor-driven actuator is an affordable and reliable option for home theatre systems. This electric actuator motor is powerful and allows for consistent, smooth audio or video system activation.

Jameco has been a trusted distributor of electronic components for more than 40 years. Jameco has helped thousands of customers, from companies to educational institutions to hobbyists. We are proud to have a solid reputation for excellent prices and great selection and is a great source for difficult-to-find electronic parts. This actuator is a reliable and efficient choice for heavy-duty equipment moving.

Jameco Reliapro
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Siemens SFA71U Area Valve Electric Actuator

The Siemens SFA71U zone valve electric actuator is an efficient and reliable system for controlling oil and gas pipelines. This valve is perfect for piping systems in high-corrosivity areas such as industrial, chemical, and power plants.

The Siemens Electric Zone Valve Actuator is compatible with Siemens 599 Series Zone Valves. This actuator is normally closed and has a 2-position spring return (failsafe) function. It also features a 24 Vac operating voltage and a 1/10 inch stroke (2.5mm). These electric valve actuators are UL-listed for plenum installations. The actuator is suitable for hot or cold water in zones with radiators, floor heating via manifolds, fan coil units, cooling ceilings, wall-mounted boilers, and VAV applications.

The Siemens SFA71U Zone Valve Electric Actuator is durable and easy to install, making it the ideal choice.

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Properties of Electric Linear Actuators:

An electric linear actuator is a device that produces a rotation in one direction. These actuators are used frequently in robotics and machine-learning applications. These are some of the characteristics of electric linear actuators:

  • Linearity: Linearity is the property of electric linear actuators. This means that they always turn the same amount as they did before. They are ideal for rotating tracking tasks and controlling robotic arms.
  • Motor power: Linear actuators have a higher motor power than those with nonlinear actuators. They can handle higher rotation speeds, which makes them more suitable for high-speed tasks and control systems.
  • Excellent mechanical properties: Linear actuators can maintain their position over time and not slip. This is crucial for applications that require movements, such as control systems or robotics.
  • Low noise: Electric linear actuators can be very noisy when operated. The actuator’s gears are very fast and make a lot of noise. This property is useful for some applications, such as robotics and control systems.
  • Low power consumption Linear actuators are very efficient and require very little power to work correctly.
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Uses for electric linear actuators:

An actuator type that can be used in many ways is the electric linear actuator. They can be used for moving objects and controlling lights. There are many uses for electric linear actuators. You must choose the one that suits your needs. Here are some examples.

  • In vehicles: You can use electric linear actuators to move the vehicle. This can improve stability and prevent collisions.
  • In factories: Linear actuators can be used to control lights and other objects within factories. This can make it safer and more efficient.
  • In medical treatment: You can use electric linear actuators to control different treatments and surgeries. This makes them safer and more efficient.
  • For livestock and agricultural operations: Using electric linear actuators to control animal movement can make it easier and more efficient.
  • Safety and security in your home: You can automate key tasks such as opening and closing doors, activating alarms, and more with electric linear actuators.
  • Manufacturing processes: The use of electric linear actuators for high-speed motion during manufacturing processes makes them perfect for tasks like moving parts or welding.
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An actuator type that can be used for various purposes is the electric linear actuator. They can control objects’ movement and are available in many industries. Electric linear actuators are a promising technology to control devices in many industries. They are attractive for industrial automation, medical devices, and robotics because of their simplicity and low cost. They can be programmed more easily and are more cost-effective, making them suitable for many applications. They are also more reliable than traditional linear actuators, making them an important component of systems that depend on reliability.

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