DeskCycle- Best Under Desk Bike – 2019 Review

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The DeskCycle is an under desk bike built strong- which makes firm and not slide around during use- with a magnetic resistance mechanism which makes it noiseless during operation. It has 8 adjustable resistance levels that can be set to fit the user’s preferences per time. You may choose to start from the highest to the lowest or vice versa. The highest level is the most strenuous to overcome while the lowest level is the least strenuous level to overcome.

One of the main features of the DeskCycle is the magnetic mechanism which facilitates its noiselessness. This makes it fit for use in an open office setting so the user can actually workout with disturbing others.

The DeskCycle has an LCD display right on top of it which shows the amount of calories burnt, exercise time (100minutes) speed and distance pedaled. When the DeskCycle is not in use, the LCD display becomes more or less a foot rest. This can easily damage or knock off the display.


  • Magnetic resistance. The magnetic resistance gives the under desk bike a smooth and quiet operation. No worries about wear since there are no belts to wear out.
  • Quiet. Makes it suitable for an open office setting as well. The pedals can be tightened as required, if they become loose given the user 100% assurance of noiselessness.
  • Stable. It comes with a Velcro strap which you can loop around your chair and connect to the under desk bike although it is heavy enough to prevent sliding when in use. The primary function of the Velcro strap is to keep a wheeled chair from rolling around (many offices use chair with wheels) when the bike is in use.
  • Simple assembly. It comes with a complete assembly tools and even its own wrench.
  • Bidirectional. The DeskCycle features back pedaling. There is a blue poxy included in the package. Ensure it is applied when the back pedaling function is to be used.


  • LCD display. Relatively put, the LCD appears cheaply made but it gets the job done. It looks cheap for the price of the under desk bike.
  • No connectivity. The DeskCycle is not designed to allow devices to be connected to it remotely or directly. This is quite disadvantageous in this era of remote devices.
  • Small Surface Area Pedals. This is a limitation, given the basic purpose of an under desk bike- exercise. The small surface area can limit the foot angles and number of muscles exercised per time. The surface area is like the size of a regular bike pedal unlike under desk elliptical, which has a  larger surface foot pad.

The rotational radius (the crest or highest point to which the pedals rise) of the pedals is 10”. A stack of books or a box 10” tall can be used to determine if the DeskCycle will fit under your desk or not. Simple put the box or books under your desk. Place your foot on it, elevating your knees and check if they do not touch the underside of your table. If it doesn’t touch, then the DeskCycle is a pefect fit for you!

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