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Do you have to sit most of the time at work? And that’s why running out of time for the fitness routine? How about a fitness solution that keeps you fit even while you are sitting and doing something else? Yeah, you heard it right, there’s something that is designed to keep you active while you are sitting for a different task. That something is the Cubii Elliptical, it brings you a range of low impact exercise machines to let you work out even while you are sitting. You can call them the ‘Under Desk Elliptical’ that has redefined the way you can exercise with ellipticals and achieve a number of health benefits. We know you are being impatient to explore the Cubii reviews. To help you do so, we bring the Cubii exercise machine reviews. This review guide here intends to give you a brief idea about Cubii Elliptical as a whole, and also introduces you with its variants and their detailed reviews.

There are a big number of target audiences starting from the office goers, to retirees and people suffering from a serious illness who eagerly wait to check out the Cubii under-desk elliptical reviews We hope all of you would be benefitted from this review and you’ll surely look to purchase one of its variants. There’ll be a comparison chart of its variants to make the Cubii Reviews more fruitful for you. So without taking much time, let’s start the review right here.

Meet Cubii

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Cubii is a fitness brand that is backed by a professional research team always looking to surprise you with some amazing creations. And the Elliptical from Cubii is one such creation that brings the most out of your fitness training even if you can’t schedule a fitness routine. It keeps you trained while you are sitting in your office desk, or living room couch. Its effectiveness has been verified by obesity experts like James Levine.

Cubii has explored a basic concept of sitting down and working out at the same time. This is what you can call the “Active Sitting”. This mechanism has been awarded NEAT certification. Moreover, it’s recommended by some of the top names in the field such as InStyle, AARP, apartment therapy, FastCompany, and so on. It has also been the Good Design Award Winner for the year 2016. So whether you are an office goer or someone having mobility issues, this is the right equipment to carry on your fitness while being seated. And earn numerous fitness benefits including improvement of your posture and strengthening your muscles, calves, and so on.

Why Cubii

The first thing that sets it apart is its ability to address the fitness issue of the average person and provide an appropriate solution to that. They’ve addressed that people tend to spend a significant amount of time sitting down on the couch or desks. And that made Cubii come up with an ‘Under Desk Elliptical’ that can let you work out and burn calories while sitting down.

Cubii elliptical benefits

There are some more reasons that make it stand out in the competition of regular gym machines. Some of these reasons are:

  • A New Office Culture: Helps You Be Fit While You sit
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Low-Impact Exercise
  • Smooth & Silent Operation
  • Digital Display & Smart App support
  • Stylish Design
  • Workout Stats Tracking
  • Immense Health Benefits

Bear with us to explore all about the Cubii reviews. You will relate how the founders made sure to keep you active throughout the day without hampering your routine. And that led to this patented exercise machine design that easily fits into your everyday life to create some incredible impact stories.

Cubii Exercise Machine Reviews

There are mainly two different Cubii elliptical reviews for two of its variants. One is the Cubii Jr desk elliptical reviews, and the other one is the Cubii Pro desk elliptical reviews. The Cubii Jr is a basic elliptical version whereas the Pro is a more professional version in terms of features. Any of these will take care of your fitness without requiring you to move a bit from your chair. We’ll be showing the key features of both of these ellipticals and also look at their comparison to find out which one will suit you the most.

Cubii Jr Elliptical Review

Cubii Jr elliptical review

As we’ve already discussed, the Cubii junior is the straight forward and cheaper version. Yet, it has almost everything to impress you with your under-desk elliptical training. To get an insight into this Cubii exercise machine reviews, check out its key features below.

Ergonomic Design

Cubii Jr includes a sleek ergonomic design and comes in a compact and convenient size. It features pedals that are designed to keep the elliptical motion very low. So you won’t hit your knees while using the machine. This will also be unnoticed and slip into the background at your work or home.

Whisper Quiet Operation

This kind of exercise machine generally causes noise, however, this is something that you least want. So you can be relaxed as the Cubii Jr is unlike other trainers that make noise while in use. It operates in a near-silent noise regardless of how fast you are cycling it. The whirring motion will keep your work and environment undisturbed so that you can be more active with what you’re doing.

Low-Impact Machine

When doing exercise in office, you can’t really be exhausted and need a low impact exerciser with a comfortable angle. The low-impact elliptical also works great for the people suffering from arthritis or tender knees/ankles. With this machine, you don’t need any additional force to put on your joints. So it is easy on the joints. And that makes this Under Desk Elliptical a great fit for a wide range of users.

Cubii jr desk elliptical review

Resistance Levels

The Cubii Jr has 8 different levels of resistance that will help better control the workout. You can easily switch between the levels based on your preference. The higher the resistance level, the more effective the result is in terms of shedding excessive fat. It helps you get the heart rate up making sure that you are fitter over the long-term.

Built-In Display Monitor

Without having to see the exercise stats, your exercise sessions can go in vain. And that is why the Cubii Jr elliptical features a built-in display monitor that shows your real-time progress. This display will help you look at the metrics like rpm, distance covered, strides, and calories burned. So you can know what’s good this amazing machine is bringing to you. However, being the straight-forward elliptical option, it’s not compatible with any smart app or Bluetooth feature like the Cubii Pro version.

Easy to Assemble

The ease of getting things together for any exercise machine can get you started right away. For Cubii Jr, you can enjoy the ease of assembly as its convenient layout won’t take much time to put things together. The instructions are clear and to the point to help you with a hassle-free assembly. Just drive the screws and get ready.

Cubii Jr exercise machine reviews features

Durable & Reliable

Cubii Jr includes high-quality construction making it perfectly durable and reliable. Although it’s the cheaper version among two Cubii ellipticals, the quality doesn’t seem to be compromised at all. It has a firm and stable structure that won’t break like some cheap ellipticals. So you can completely rely on it for long-lasting fitness training.

Simple & Elegant Design

The Cubii Jr is the cheaper version yet it matches the looks of the Pro version. You can get this elliptical in some amazing colors such as Royal Blue, Aqua, and so on. Its professional-looking design is nothing less than any expensive gym equipment. These bright and beautiful colors of your machine will add to the beauty of your space.

Advantages Over Traditional Ellipticals

There are some great advantages that Cubii Jr elliptical has over its traditional competitors. The Cubii Jr is safer and simpler to use compared to its competitors. It’s also stable and provides a super smooth operation unlike the rickety structure of its competitors. Cubii Jr provides low-impact performance that is more effective than the competitors’ high-impact and less effective performance.

Cubii jr better than its competitors


To get a Cubii Jr on Amazon you have to spend around $249 excluding the shipping charge. This should be a decent price considering the great benefits of this amazing device. However, some might still feel the price to be on the higher side. But most people find the price reasonable enough.


What Customers Say

While coming across the Cubii exercise machine reviews, we’ve witnessed some amazing responses from the customers for this junior version. If we are to pick the factors that are impressing the customers the most, those would be-

  • Low impact exerciser that helps people who are suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer or diabetes.
  • The legs, abdomen, and glutes get a perfect workout.
  • Sturdy, stable, and solid construction.
  • Easy to assemble and can be moved anywhere with a comfortable handle.
  • Effective resistance levels with the super-smooth operation.
  • An amazing way to multitask while continuing with fitness training being seated.
  • Great pricing.

However, there are some issues that people think have rooms for improvement, which are:

  • Lack of smart features like mobile app support, tracking, syncing, etc.
  • Not so versatile workout options
  • The noise is low yet some may find it unpleasant.

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Cubii Pro Review

Cubii pro under desk elliptical review

The Cubii Pro is the most professional under-desk elliptical you’ll get around. You won’t get an exercise better than this to do your fitness training while sitting in the office or couch. It comes with smart features and they’re worth watching out. Let’s take a look at this version of the Cubii Pro under desk elliptical review below.

Ergonomic Patented Design

Cubii Pro ergonomics will give you the ultimate experience for an exercise machine. It comes in a size dimension of 23’’ x 17.5’’ x 10’’. It’s compact and sleek. And that makes you place it under any standard table and desk comfortably. Its design also ensures that you don’t hit your knees while working out. However, the height of the desk, chair, and yours is something that will determine the ultimate comfort level to complement its ergonomic design. It weighs 28 lbs and is stable to ensure that it doesn’t move during the use.

Near-Silent Operation

The Cubii Pro will provide you an amazing experience of near-silent exercise. They will keep it whispering quietly while you are in active-sitting mode. It operates in such low noise regardless of the level of resistance you set on your machine or how fast you cycle on it. So you can get the chance to be a pro fitness enthusiast by utilizing your sitting sessions at the office or home.

Cubii pro elliptical benefits

Low-Impact Exerciser

The Cubii Pro is one of the most low-impact yet highly effective exercise machines you can get out there. It’s smart and it doesn’t make you exhausted. If you have any health concerns especially, with your joints, you can still continue with this elliptical as it is easy on your joints. The comfortable angle makes it very convenient to use so that you can use it by choice and not by force.

8 Resistance Levels

The 8 different resistance levels of the Cubii Pro makes sure that you don’t run out of any exercise level according to your preference. And that also gives a good grab over your workout sessions. It’s easy to switch between the levels. The higher the level of resistance you tune into, the more calories you can burn. And in the long run, you will be able to be fitter than other fellow colleagues.

Built-in Display with App Support

Cubii Pro is a smart elliptical that can take your active sitting experience to a different level. It comes with a convenient digital display to show you the real-time progress of your training. Moreover, it comes with the Cubii app that allows your machine to be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Tracking is an important part of the training, the Cubii Pro gives you the chance to track different aspects of your exercise and training. You can see different stats such as session timing, calories burned, distance covered, and more. This will help you keep motivated for the training to achieve better results and reach the 10,000 steps per day goals. You can use the app on your iOS and Android device, and also share the performance with your friends and family.

Cubii pro elliptical smart fitness tracking

Easy to Set Up

Cubii Pro elliptical doesn’t take too much effort to get assembled. It comes with convenient packaging and all you need to do is unpack it, follow the clearly written instruction manual to assemble it. Spend a little time to get it ready and enjoy a different way to keep yourself fit.

Built to Last

There is little you could say regarding the performance of the Cubii Pro elliptical. It’s a high-quality exercise machine that promises to serve for a long long time. It provides smooth performance and the parts are not vulnerable to any kind of damage. You can sit for an immense time of your life on it and get yourself trained.

Stylish Design

The Cubii Pro has the professional look to impress you. The sleek, modern design comes in different beautiful color combinations such as Noir, Chrome, and so on. It can easily plunge into the look of your office environment. You can get a classy touch added to the place where you sit and work.

Advantages Over Competitors

There are some deserving reasons to call this the best seated elliptical out there in the market. It has similar advantages to its junior version over other namesake ellipticals in terms of safety, smooth operation, ease of use, sturdy structure, and so on. Moreover, it has smart functionalities like Bluetooth capability and app support to track and sync your fitness stats using the smartphone. And that puts this elliptical over all the traditional ones around there.

Cubii pro better than the competitors


You can purchase the Cubii Pro at $349 from Amazon except when the Cubii Pro sale is going on. It’s slightly pricier than it’s junior version, but it’s justified because of its wide feature range. If you want to get it any cheaper you have to wait for the Cubii pro sale. Regardless of the price, you pay for it, it will always be a great purchase for its numerous benefits.


What Customers Say

Cubii Pro is an Amazon’s Choice elliptical that has many happy customers all around the world. From people’s perspective, Cubii exercise machine reviews seem to be very positive for the following reasons-

  • Super easy assembly.
  • Near-silent operation.
  • Great App support with tracking and syncing features.
  • Low impact exerciser that works great for people with mobility issues like ones suffering from sickness like cancer.
  • Keeps motivated to reach goals.
  • Multitasking is made easy with this elliptical

There are also few things that people address as shortcomings, they are-

  • Too heavy to move easily.
  • The app is basic and could be more versatile.

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Cubii Exercise Machine Reviews Comparison: Cubii Jr vs Pro

Cubii jr vs pro

While going through the key features of the Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro, we can realize that there are some similarities and dissimilarities between these two versions. If we can address these facts we’ll be able to understand what advantages or disadvantages one has over the other. From the above discussion, we can have their comparison based on factors such as the number of features, app support, price, size, etc.

Topics Cubii Jr Cubii Pro
Type Straight Forward/Basic Elliptical Upgraded elliptical with smart features
Smart Application Support N/A Support App on iOS/Android devices
Digital Display & App The built-in digital display shows real-time progress by displaying metrics like steps, distance, calories, etc. The digital display shows real-time progress with different stats, the Bluetooth helps to track and to sync those stats in the phone app.
Price $249
(as of 01/06/2020 16:41 PST)
(as of 01/06/2020 16:55 PST)
Amazon User Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Products of Cubii Reviews Amazon Link Click to Purchase Click to Purchase

What We Think

If you’re looking to get a recommendation out of this Cubii exercise machine reviews, we can help you by putting things in the following way-

  • Cubii Pro is our overall pick when it comes to the best under desk elliptical out there in the market. It can take fitness training to a different level for the people who are used to sitting excessively, seriously ill, or have any kind of mobility issue. The smart functionalities make it stand out in the comparison as it can let you track your activity and keep you motivated to achieve goals. It’s slightly expensive but you don’t mind paying extra bucks for its all-important features.
  • Cubii Junior is a straight forward low-impact exerciser that deserves to be our pick for its affordable price. So if you’re not sure to begin straight with the pro version, you are most welcome to try this. This has enough capabilities to take care of your fitness issues. It lacks the smart functionalities but you don’t really mind that for a decent price.


After going through the Cubii exercise machine reviews, it’s unlikely that you would doubt whether to go for the Cubii elliptical or not. It should’ve become obvious by now for its fascinating features, premium build-quality, and some world-class certification and recognition. It’s in the market with a purpose and the great attention to detail is really commendable. Now go beyond just sitting in your office or couch, take the training to be fit while you sit. Whether you choose the junior or pro version, you would love training with it. While the price is on the higher side, you should still go for it considering long-term wellness for your health. We hope these Cubii elliptical reviews are clear enough to help you make the right choice.

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