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recumbent exercise bike

I have already summed up some of the top upright bikes on this site, as well as the top indoor cycling bikes that provides a more intense workout that would fit for your needs and are more suitable for spinning-type workouts.

However, I have yet to review some of the top recumbent exercise bikes, which are more suitable for those who have back problems or mobility issues preferably for older people (and for people who want a more relaxed workout). These kinds of bikes would allow you to pedal away in a seated position with arm supports and a backrest for a more relaxed and added comfort.

So I want to put that right by providing you with a comprehensive guide to the best recumbent exercise bikes that are suitable for home use, starting with some of the low-cost machines and finishing with some of the high quality commercial-grade machines that are available:

Low Cost Recumbent Bikes

Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike

If you are decided to buy a low-cost recumbent bike for your home, then you should seriously consider buying one of the Exerpeutic models because these are all made of quality and is not easily broken.

One of the most popular ones is the Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike (with pulse) because this is a sturdy bike that is ideal for those with large extended weight capacity at around 300 pounds, and it comes with a variable seat range that makes it suitable for both men and women between 5’3 and 6’3.

These are not readily assembled, but putting it together is easily done and is a fairly simple task. Once it is fully assembled, it operates quietly and it gives a challenging workout since there are 8 magnetic resistance levels that you can opt to use if you find the first few levels a little too easy.

Not like the other cheaper bike models, this one comes with a basic LCD display that allow you to monitor the time, speed, distance, calories and pulse rate (using the built-in pulse monitor), you can move it around really easily if required as it comes with transport wheels attached.

This is such a good choice if you are looking for a solid and reliable recumbent bicycle at a not so expensive price in the market. This is also the better choice when you also consider buying a bike that has an extra wide seat to promote added comfort and it comes with a comfortable backrest.

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Schwinn R20 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Schwinn A20 Recumbent Exercise Bike has been readily available for a good few years now. This model  is still a pretty good choice in terms of affordability since this is worth your money with good quality.

Similar to other models, This too has 8 magnetic resistance levels, and this one provides you with 7 workout programs that you can use if you want to vary your workouts. Not like all of the Exerpeutic bikes listed above, including some of the other low-cost bikes,

This model not only has an impressive display unit that monitors key performance data such as speed, time, distance, calories and pulse, but also includes some built-in speakers so that you can connect your iPod or phone and listen to music to enjoy while working out. This also include a media tray as well if you would prefer to watch TV shows on your tablet or read a book, for example.

So despite being one of the cheaper recumbent bikes on the market, as I said earlier, this really is a feature-packed machine that makes your money worth it.

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Mid-Range Recumbent Bicycles

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Schwinn A20 is a really good machine and is worth the price, but if your budget have the affordability, you might want to consider getting an even better machine, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike.

For a start, this particular model has a lot more resistance levels (20) and a lot more workout programs (22) that you can use, and the user profiles for two people can be also be recorded.

It has a total of 13 display feedbacks so it also has a much more impressive display compared to others, and has the ability to connect to Schwinn Connect in which you can analyze your performance data more closely and monitor your progress over time.

This bike model provides a really smooth and quiet workout because of its high speed high inertia weighted flywheel, and is sturdy enough to accommodate heavy weight persons up to 300 pounds.

This model enables you to get a relaxed workout with no back pain because of its wide vented and contoured comfortable seat. It also has a 3-speed built-in fan that will help you cool  down during your workout.

This is the reason why this particular model is so much better and convenient compared to other cheaper low-cost bike models.

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Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike is another mid range bike that is worth considering and purchasing because this is the Exerpeutic’s most advanced recumbent bike.

This particular model is provided with a larger, more impressive display unit compared to other cheaper models because of its mobile app tracking and built-in Bluetooth technology. Through this, performance results can be monitored anywhere you like using your IOS or Android device.

Not like the other cheaper models, this model provides  with 12 workout programs and 24 resistance settings that would enable you to avail and use a wide variety of workout options. These are electronically controlled via the display unit.

 the Exerpeutic also scores highly practically since it has a large  capacity of 325 pounds in weight, and it is provided  with.padded elbow rests and an extra large ‘Air Soft’ seat that is 3.5 inches thick and has aerodynamic air flow for maximum relaxation and additional comfort. Adjustment to the seat can also be done to accommodate users between 5’0 and 6’3.

This bike also is provided with a precision balanced flywheel and a V-belt drive in which a smooth, quiet and consistent workout is achieved.

Therefore one can consider paying a little expensive for this model if you want a more advanced display unit, theres also a variety of options so you wont get bored and a comfortable seat is also provided. If you feel that the low cost Exerpeutic bikes are a little basic for your taste then this model is the best fit for you.

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Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike may be the one final bike you might want to consider purchasing because it is loaded with extra features you can enjoy plus this is the best-looking bikes in this price range.

This model is actually very similar to the Schwinn 230  when it comes to features (which is unsurprising because Schwinn are part of the Nautilus group) since it gives you with 20 levels of resistance and has 22 variety of  workout programs to choose from.

Similar to the Schwinn 230, this model also provides user profiles for two people and has many of the same features, which include a pulse monitor, an MP3 dock, a media tray, a cooling fan, built-in speakers and a Dual Track display unit with 13 different readouts.

The one thing that seperates this model among others and gives this model the edge is that this Nautilus R614 has the ability to connect with Nautilus Connect and the Myfitnesspal app, and this helps and is useful if you like your data to be analyzed. Whereas the Schwinn 230 as far as I know, it can only connect to the Schwinn Connect app.

Aside from that, these two models are very similar in terms of features. What is slightly different is the look and the design of the two.

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Top-Of-The-Range Models

Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you have a budget that is quite big and you can afford to spend on one of these machines, you might want to consider buying the award-winning Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent Bike. This model is a very sturdy bike that is clearly built to last for a very long time and is not easily broken, unlike some of the cheaper models.

However it is not just the quality of the built that is impressive but also the smooth and quiet workout that it delivers because of its frictionless edgy current braking system. It also has a range of workout options and variety with its 16 resistance settings and 20 workout programs that you can choose from.

In addition, so that you can see your performance data clearly and easily, it comes with a bright blue LCD display and it includes a built-in cooling fan and quick-set program keys so that the program can be easily changed.

Plus  you can listen to your favorite music as it is provided with a foldaway magazine rack and an integrated sound system with MP3 connectivity.You can adjust the whole console downwards if required if you want to watch TV in the background.

Even though this is quite an expensive machine, it is still a good value and worth it for your money as a whole when it comes to the quality of construction, the smoothness of the workout and the range of extra features.

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Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike is another top end bike that makes your workout experience smooth and comfortable.

Persons who suffers from any kind of back, foot or joint problems would benefit from this ideal bike.  This model bike is beneficial since the foot pedals are perfectly aligned in the optimal position and the back rest is padded and can be adjusted.

This model is also strong and sturdy exceptionally, and it is loaded with a variety of extra features. This is something impressive for a bike in this price range.

The features included in this model are some built-in speakers and a cooling fan, as well as an MP3-compatible sound system and a water bottle holder.

This don’t have as many options of workout programs compared to the other machines in this price bracket (six standard programs, two custom programs and two heart rate programs), but despite that, this machine has a smooth magnetic resistance system with 20 levels of resistance that will make people of all fitness levels to be challenged.

In addition to that, this model is offering one of the most comfortable pain-free riding experiences that you will find on any recumbent exercise bike. You can enjoy using this machine over and over again without feeling any discomfort in your feet, joints or back.

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Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

recumbent exercise bike

The bike that is intended to be used in a light commercial setting, such as an apartment building, hotel or health club is the Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike. If you are looking for a hike that is suitable for home use, this is what you are looking for.

This model may need high budget as this is the most expensive bike featured on this page, but even though it is expensive, the best part is that it is exceptionally strong and sturdy which can accommodate heavy persons up to 350 pounds, and it also provides a smooth and consistent workout that operates in a quiet manner.

This too provides you a variety of workout programs that consists of up to 10 programs in total. It is similar with the R92 model above,  it also comes with a very large display unit that has a built-in sound system, an MP3 port and a cooling fan.

Sole Fitness was especially built to provide comfort to people using this. It was designed to align the foot pedals in the correct position to avoid any kind of discomfort, and have provided a seat that is very comfortable to minimize and prevent any lower back pain. Along with this is the strong durable frame that makes it as an edge from many of the cheaper models.

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Additional Product Reviews

Here is an additional list of the other recumbent machines that have been reviewed on the site aside from the top-rated recumbent bicycles listed above

NordicTrack GX 4.7 – this is compatible for home use and is an affordable recumbent machine. The advantageous feature of this model is that it can connect with iFit which allows you to experience authentic real-life cycling routes from around the world, and this is an amazing machine since it has lots of resistance levels and workout apps and extra features.

Sunny SF-RB4602 – this model is from Sunny Health & Fitness which is a strong entry-level recumbent bike that can accommodate a weight capacity of over 350 pounds, and it is suitable for all people regardless of height.

Sunny SF-RB4601 – this is another new model from Sunny Health & Fitness that is a more affordable price , even though this is cheaper, it is still strong enough to support anyone up to 300 pounds, and still makes your workout experience quiet and comfortable since it operates smoothly.

ProGear 555 LXT –one of the most affordable recumbent bikes that is small and compact. This machine is already on the market, and it is beneficial since it comes with 14 levels of resistance, a quiet belt drive system and a strong steel frame construction.

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