Power Tilt Trim Motor: Buying Guide and 5 Best Reviews

Power Tilt Trim Motor

Power tilt trim motors are extremely important in a hydraulic system for the indispensable role they play. While their functioning may seem a bit complex for a beginner, it is not that difficult once you use it. Nonetheless, choosing the best power tilt trim motor is a difficult process as different models are available on the market and each one of them has separate pros and cons. However, before choosing any option, you should thoroughly go through its features to see if it meets all your specific needs. To help you make a better decision, we have included a buying guide to let you know all the important features that you should check in such a motor. IN addition to it, we highly recommend you go through our list of the 5 best power tilt trim motors as we are sure you will find the best match in our list.

FAQs about  Power Tilt Trim Motors

A Power Tilt Trim motor powers the efficient running of a hydraulic system even when any fluid leak occurs. Outboard tilt-trim oil is best but automotive oil is also a satisfactory replacement for that. Power tilt is for low pace operation while Power trim is for motor operation at full throttle. A boat motor losing power can be caused by a variety of reasons including corroded spark wires, impurities in the gas, and much more. The addition of fluid to the power tilt trim motor is fairly simple. You just need to open the hydraulic fluid fill reservoir by undoing the screw. Then add fluid till the reservoir is filled to the brim. Try to add as much as you can by trimming it up and down. Bleeding out air should be done when you are filling the fluid in the tilt trim motor. Trim it up and down every time you fill some more fluid and this shall push out all air. Do this several times and add the fluid every time you trim it up and down. The outboard motor should be down when trailering and in forwarding gear before that.

5 Best Power Tilt Trim Motor – Reviews

DB Electrical TRM0004 Power Tilt Trim Motor 

DB Electrical TRM0004

DB Electrical’s power tilt trim motor exceeds industry standards in all aspects. Their construction is top-notch that meets all specifications of ISO, OEM, etc. This ensures the components last for a long time without corroding even in marine environments. What’s even better is that you get all these benefits in a fraction of a penny compared to similar-quality products from other brands.

High-quality components

DB Electricals have constructed each component to meet industry standards so that there are no drawbacks in their performance. The pack includes high-quality brushes, bushings, and armatures. 


The power tilt trim motor is made to be highly reliable and heavy-duty so that it can stand rough use and heavy loads on a regular basis. 
Power Tilt Trim Motor

DB Electrical TRM0004 Power Tilt Trim Motor Reviews

DB Electrical Power Tilt Trim Motor

Meets standard

DB Electrics is a top-grade power tilt trim motor built according to OEM specifications and is the best fit for marine contact. Its construction is built to be of marine grade and meets SAE J1171 and ISO8847.


The motor also has a 1-year warranty which is an added advantage as you are saved in case of any damage within the first year of purchase.

DB Electrical Power Tilt Trim Motor TRM0004


Compared to other similar products in the market, this has an extremely cheap price tag that makes it a top choice among most consumers.

What customers say

This is a highly recommended product because of its heavy-duty build and warranty that covers you for the first year of purchase. This item is designed to last for a long time even in marine waters so that your hydraulic system works without corrosion or damage. 

Rareelectrical New Power Tilt Trim Motor

Rareelectrical has a long array of long-lasting power tilt trim motors within which this is the latest model with sophisticated features to last longer than average. It has also been tested for its construction and performance that ensuring it delivers the best experience no matter where you fit it. 

Premium-quality components

The power tilt trim motor is made with 100% new and premium quality material. The different components of the motor are made to be high quality which ensures a long-lasting experience. 


Rareelectrical also gives an entire year’s warranty which is a huge relief for anyone looking for a reliable option. Hence, if you are looking for a long-lasting product backed by the manufacturer themselves, this is a wise choice.

Rareelectrical New Power Tilt Trim Motor

Easy installation

If you have already used a similar item in the past, the installation would be a breeze for you. Even if not, you can still follow online tutorials, videos, or the included manual to fix it on your own which is a very easy job compared to other products. This makes it a preferred choice for many newbies and consumers who handle their hydraulic systems on their own or do not want to spend too much on professional help.

Quality tested

Rareelectrical not only claims their product to be of high quality but their models are backed by solid proof. All of their components are quality tested through the computer to ensure reliable and long-lasting quality.


All the above-mentioned characteristics including high-quality construction, quality testing, and so on add up to ensure the item itself lasts for a long time providing a superior experience.

What customers say

This is a bit expensive motor but it is of a comparable high standard as the previous. It is compatible with most systems and lasts way longer than most motors. What’s even best is that you get a one-year manufacturer warranty if any defects resurface. So, if you can bear its prices, it is a great long-term choice as it won’t leave any room for complaints in terms of performance.

Rareelectrical New Power Tilt Trim Motor
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Caltric Power Tilt Trim Motor 

If you are looking for a fairly affordable motor to attach to your boat or any other system, this can be a good consideration. Though not built out of the most premium materials, it has still lasted fairly long enough for most consumers. Moreover, you get a satisfactory performance for the price you pay and also a 3-months manufacturer warranty. 

High performance

The motor works flawlessly when used and filled in the correct way. It gives a satisfactory experience no matter with which model you fit it. Hence, this definitely deserves to be on this list in terms of performance.


The product is extremely cheap and is best for anyone new to using such motors. If you are testing out various options for your system and want a cheaper item before you master this area, this will be perfect for you.

Caltric Power Motor

Caltric Power Motor Reviews

Easy assembly

Not to mention its extremely easy assembly that does not require any professional help whatsoever. A few online tutorials or videos or help from anyone who has used it before personally is sufficient to set up the motor and get you going. The process may involve opening up each component and fixing it again with the system, but it is not so complex and can be done following appropriate guidelines.


If you are worried about any manufacturer defects interfering in your usage, you also get a 3 months warranty to the relief.

What customers say

For any newbie, don’t look for any other product other than this. It has a fairly easy assembly, a cheap price tag, and comparable performance to other high-end or top-quality motors. So, this is a good choice if you are just starting.

DB Electrical TRM0089 Tilt Trim Motor 

DB Electrical has no competitor in the quality and performance of motors that are comparable to OEM PP motors. This product also meets all specifications of ISO, OEM, etc. It is perfect for marine waters too as it has been specifically designed to withstand marine environments for a long time.  Furthermore, the price is way cheaper than OEM PP motors if you are looking for such a similar option.

DB Electrical TRM0089 Trim Motor

DB Electrical TRM0089

High-quality components

DB Electricals have engineered their motor and every component to work flawlessly in marine waters without any corrosion or damage for the longest time. Moreover, their pack includes high-quality brushes, bushings, and armatures which ensures it functions for a long time no matter how or where you use it. 


This power tilt trim motor is engineered to withstand stress, rough use, and extreme conditions. It has a heavy-duty design so that you can use it for any purpose and still be satisfied with its performance without any complaints. 

DB Electrical Trim Motor 1 1

DB Electrical Motor Reviews

Meets standard

This is one of DB Electrical’s premium power tilt trim motors that meet most standards including that of OEM, SAE J1171, and ISO8847.


The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty which is an added advantage as they have your back in case anything happens within the first year of purchase.

DB Electrical Tilt Trim Motor TRM0089

What customers say

DB Electricals must be among your first preferences because of obvious reasons. Right from their heavy-duty build, reliable warranty, and top-notch performance, there are very few products in the market to compete with them. So, if you can bear its price, it is a good long-term choice.

T-H Marine Power Tilt Trim Motor

The most expensive option on this list but has the best features that ensure a flawless boat ride with low fuel consumption and efficient boat handling. T-H Marine Power Tilt Trim Motor is a pioneer in the industry for hydraulic systems for boats. With hardy aluminum construction, it will set everything else at stake when placed in waters.

T H Marine
T H Marine

Highly efficient performance

This is by far the best power tilt trim motor that is sure to give you the most sophisticated experience. This improves boat performance significantly with its efficient motor performance which is suitable for 35HP or smaller motors. It is also compatible with clamp-on or bolt-on motors and you do not require any adapters to use it.

T H Motor Marine Power

Solid construction

The second best thing about it is there will be no fear of rusting or corrosion as it has a solid aluminum construction combined with stainless steel fasteners.

Easy user manual

The assembly process is given in detail in the easy-to-follow user guide and you also get a component replacement tutorial in the guide. So, you need no professionals to use this item.

What customers say

This comes with a pretty hefty price tag which is justifiable by its solid construction. So, if you can bear the expenses, there can be no better options than this. Overall, it greatly enhances boat handling, performance, and experience, and is worth a long-term investment. 

Buying Guide for the Best Power Tilt Trim Motor

Power tilt trim motors are generally a long-term investment which calls for a careful pick. Hence, you should not compromise on the features and look for the top characters before purchasing any. The below-mentioned parameters are the major ones to look out for in any power tilt trim motor you choose:


The construction is a major factor that determines the longevity as well as the performance of the power tilt trim motor. Such that you must always look for a corrosion-resistant material like stainless steel, alloys, aluminum, etc. This ensures that the motor will ensure high performance in marine waters (or watery environments) for a long time. Moreover, the construction material determines how long it will last after rough use. So, choosing a heavy-duty construction is of utmost importance.


The next most important parameter in the performance of the motor and with which models it is compatible. Look for a motor that gives easy and smooth boat handling, efficient fuel consumption, as these things will cost you a lot in the long run. Performance can be checked by looking at industry-standard tests and features if they meet OEM, ISO standards.

Ease of installation

If you are someone who likes to handle everything single-handedly without any professional help, look for a product that is easy to install following simple steps given in a guide manual or online video. This will make your experience really smooth and quick while cutting out on significant specialist charges. Moreover, some products also offer user manuals on how to replace faulty or corroded parts safely and easily. So, it is highly recommended that you go through all specs carefully and compare your top selections before finalizing. 


From extremely expensive products to moderate and cheap options, everything is available in the market. What’s more important is most products have comparable specs including performance, longevity, and so on. Hence, you can easily find affordable motors that will meet most of your checklist. Moreover, if you are not sure about which one will be best for you or you are a newbie, it is best to go for the cheapest option.


Lastly, most top-rated brands give up to a year of warranty on power tilt trim motors. However, you can get more than that or even no warranty at all. It is always a good idea to choose a product with a one-year warranty as it will save you a lot of hassle, money, and energy in repairing defects found within one year of purchase. Most of the top-notch brands like DB Electricals, Rareelectricals have premium motors that have up to a year’s warranty. 


Choosing the best power tilt trim motor according to your needs can call for a major dilemma with so many top-notch brands and premium products in the market. While most of these motors are of similar construction and price, the performance and longevity will vary a lot. Hence, before choosing any motor, we highly recommend you go through our list of 5 best motors and also the buying guide which will prepare you for what you can expect.

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