The best 6 Hydraulic wheel dolly review  

Best Hydraulic wheel dolly review

Based on the configuration, wheel dollies may be your easy means of moving trailers, mostly those with no strands or those standing without wheels.

If you search for a secure and convenient way to maneuver a vehicle around a flat floor, hydraulic wheel dolly may be a great deal for moving it in all the direction. This hydraulic dolly is convenient for vehicle storage in small spaces. A foot pedal for operating the hydraulic lift will virtually eliminate the jacking effort. 

Before purchasing a wheel dolly, you must do a lot of homework. There is carefully researched information in this article to help you in decision-making before buying hydraulic wheel dollies. 

The products selected in this review are positive reviews from the customer using them and superior features that will help you decide on the best choice. Before moving directly to the specific products, let us find out what people frequently ask about the hydraulic wheel dolly.

best hydraulic wheel dolly review

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are wheel dollies used for?

Wheel dollies and floor jacks are similar and are used to provide stability to the car. When used in combination, they serve better than when you use a floor jack alone.

Are car dollies safe?

In case you are wondering whether the car dollies are safe, the response is yes! They are designed to meet the needs of the tough world out there.

What is a GO, Jack?

An American go jack design is an absolute workhorse rated for vehicles that weigh a maximum pounds and a tire dimension of 13 inches width.

How do you use a tow dolly?

Ensure the tow dolly is behind the tow vehicle and in a straight alignment. Set the parking brake of the tow vehicle firmly and turn off the motor. Give room behind the tow dolly to back the vehicle-in-tow clear of the tow dolly. Make sure there are no children around during the unloading process.

Does Home Depot rent two dollys?

Home Depot tool rental center provides a selection of moving equipment and supplies to help move either small or big appliances. You can rent an appliance dolly or a hand track. You can also get a heavy-duty pallet jack rental.

How can I move a car sideways?

To move it sideways, jack up a wheel and place a sheet metal sandwich under it. Lower back the wheel. The trailer will still be heavy, so if you have a tackle and a block to anchor it, you can pull it sideways.

Sunex 1500-Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Sunex 1500 Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

For locked steering wheels, engines, and small spaces are no problem with this hydraulic wheel dolly. It can be used in pairs, in 3s, or 4s to move a vehicle in any direction you desire. The dollies are constructed with a sturdy, long aluminum roller, large diamond plate foot paddle, safety locking caster, and sturdy ratcheting mechanism for efficient operations.

Highly adjustable 

This dolly is adjustable enough to open up to 28″ and accommodated tires up to 12.8″ wide. With this flexibility, you can lift to 0.75 tons.

Sunex 1500 Hydraulic Wheel Dolly
Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Sunex 1500 Pound

Safety locking castors

This dolly is designed with locking casters to secure your vehicle. This locking caster on outboard wheels complies with ASME –Pald 2014 standards for high-quality performance.

To protect users from jamming toe onto the wheel, the product features an Oversized l-shaped foot pedal for safety.

Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Build-in handle 

For enhanced portability, the product comes with a built-in handle to enable quick movement.

Ratcheting mechanism 

The mechanism activated by the foot pedal makes it more reliable and lighter. This design is maintenance-free, unlike other hydraulic designs.

Sunex 1500 Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

What customers say 

People buying this product have positive reviews on its quality and functionality. It has a 5-star rating for easy to assemble and easy-to-use features.

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OTC Easy Roller Dolly

OTC Easy Roller Dolly

Using hydraulic dolly is the simplest and more efficient way of moving a disabled vehicle around a shop store environment. Using this dolly is a breeze. Place it at each wheel of the vehicle and use the foot pedal to activate the hydraulic lifting mechanism. You can lift a 6000 pounds weighing vehicle within minutes. You will move a vehicle in the courage comfortably without damaging your building’s floor with the dolly. This dolly offers a solution to the modern automotive service challenges and improves the productivity of the technicians. 

Easy Roller Dolly

Product features 

Its rollers fit a tread width of up to 12 inches and four heavy-duty phenolic castors, strong to support up to 1500 pounds per unit. It makes the lifting work easy as well as supporting your floor against damage.

It is simple in structure with high reparability and drivability, which offers your money values than any other products on the same line. 

Its rollers are sold individually and not as pairs, making the fixing of worn-out ones easy. 

It has a robust hydraulic system with locking pins.

constructed with four heavy-duty phenolic casters and can fit up to 12 inches wide 

What customers say 

Among the positive reviews from the customers using the product is the products plastic wheels that are yet durable.

OTC Easy Roller Dolly

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  Sunex International 1501 1500lb. Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Sunex International 1501 1500lb. Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

If you need to remove, install and transport single, tandem, and duplex tires and wheel combined, try it with this hydraulic dolly. It is framed with a tilt feature that aligns lift arms with a spindle angle. Its three ball bearing mounts on the caster wheel give it stability and easy movability as it lifts the weights. The bearing mount lifts arms easily for easy bolt pattern alignment and rotates the rims to make the work easy.

Product features 

Constructed with a hydraulic lift arm that handles the wheel assemblies up to 52 inches.

Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Sunex International 1501 1500lb.
Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Sunex International 1501 1500lb. 1
Sunex International Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Angle adjustment 

Frames designed with a tilt feature align the lift arms with the spindle angle.

1500lb. Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Alignment of the bolt pattern 

The lift arms rotate the vehicle rims for easy aligning of the bolt pattern.

Sunex International 1501 1500lb. Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Stability and maneuverability 

For stability and easy maneuverability, the hydraulic wheel dolly features a three-ball bearing mounted on the caster wheel.

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  OTC 1669A 1,500 Lb. Capacity, Adjustable Height Dual Wheel Dolly for Large Trucks

OTC 1669A 1500 Lb. Capacity Adjustable Height Dual Wheel Dolly for Large Trucks 2

OTC’s 1,500 lb. Truck Dual Wheel Dolly is designed with an inbuilt jack that provides about 6.5 inches’ lift, including a jackscrew that tilts wheel assemblies to 7 degrees and prevents damages to the wheel seals. With the dolly, you can remove and install heavy assemblies without much struggle or strain. It will save your working time and eliminate chances of developing back trains when working on your assemblies. For easy maneuvering, the dolly features three -3 swivel castors that ensure stability as you load and move your assemblies in the desired position. It occupies 42 x 43 inches’ floor space with a 6-foot chain for securely holding the load in a secure.

Product features 

It is of the dimension of 44.69 x 34 x 8.75 inches to suit your needs. 

It has a 6.5 inches’ jack with a jackscrew and a mechanism for tilting your wheel to up to 7 degrees to prevent damaging your wheel seals.

The three swivel caster (3inches rear and 3.5 inches’ front) ensures the assemblies’ stability and makes it easy to maneuver. The 6-foot-long chain included on it secures the load in place.

OTC 1669A 1500 Lb. Capacity Adjustable Height Dual Wheel Dolly for Large Trucks

What customs says 

Customers have positive reviews on the efficiency of the product and easy to use. The features that make it reduce back strain when maneuvering with it are among the features customers like most.

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Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set, 1 Pack

Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set 1 Pack

This car dolly set can handle up to 2000 lbs. It is a versatile dolly that can hold your car in three ways: pinch, weld, pinch, and frame. Its design also features an integrated frame adopter, making it possible to work without the external adopter’s hassles. The self-staking feature of this car dolly minimizes space usage.

Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set 1 Pack

Product features 

It weighs 77.8 pounds and with a packaging dimension of 22 x 15.25 x 17.25 inches.

This Omega Lift features integrated frame adapters and requires no tools when in use. Its adopter is secured with pins and locking castors. Both the castor and adopter are lockable, ensuring extra security when maneuvering heavy loads.

This dolly’s self-staking design makes it possible to save on space usage and facilitates professional storage of your loads in the garage.

Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set

What customers say 

Customers have good comments on the product functionality. Among the top-rated features of this product includes its maneuverability, sturdiness, and easy-to- assembly. Both of the three top-rated features have a 5-star review on

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  Dragway Tools Wheel Dolly

Dragway Tools Wheel Dolly

Do you feel upset by your vehicle dollies cluttering up your store? Do you wish to have a clean and easy way of moving your vehicle dollies? This hydraulic dolly can neatly secure and store up to 4 vehicles on top. It fits both hydraulic and ratchet-style dollies. For easy maneuvering, this hydraulic dolly features 4 hard rubbers 360 degrees’ swivel ball-bearing wheels. It has 4 posts measuring 1to 5/16 inches square for holding the dollies. The NYLOCK nut is lockable to ensure the hardware is tight and can support the dolly stand and prevent loosening.

Tools Wheel Dolly

Product features 

It can neatly secure and store up to 4 car dolly jacks.

It fits both ratchet style and hydraulic dollies. 

It is designed with four – 3 inch (T) x 1-1/2″ (W) Hard Rubber 360-degree Swivel Ball Bearing Wheels for Easy Maneuvering.

The Footprint measures 31.5 inches x 18. inches x 9inches 

Designed with a locking NYLOCK nut to prevent loosening of the Dolly stands over time.

Made of 1.75inches (Wide) x 1/2 inches (Thick) durable steel.

What customers say 

Customers have some positive comments on this product. The positive comment is on its ability to fit in harbor freight wheel dollies perfectly and the strong square tubing welded on the sturdiness frame.

Best Tools Wheel Dolly
Dragway Tools Wheel Dolly Review

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This review focused on the type, weight rating, castors, materials, and quantity to help you narrow down to your best choice. 

With quantity, you can pick two or four-pack. Two packs can be cheaper than four-packs. However, the expert recommends that you lift the entire vehicle. It is, therefore, the best idea if you use four-car dollies simultaneously.

Rating your hydraulic wheel dolly weight is important because you will need to confirm if it will support your car. Though the rating varies between 3000 pounds (for two-pack) to 6000 pounds (for four-pack), it is important to understand that each dolly can support up to 1500 pounds regardless of the pack size. 

When considering the dollies’ castors feature, you will discover that some of the products in this review lacked braking castors, which is an important safety feature. The feature ensures that the load doesn’t move by accident when working on it. Other dollies have a dual bearing design which improves movement. With all the important features of the hydraulic wheel dollies, you can decide your best choice.

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