A hydraulic table lift is innovative hardware with a platform widely used to lift or lower heavy articles, workloads, etc., in warehouses, constructions, factories, stores, etc., using a hydraulic mechanism. Simply by using hydraulics, it is also a very handy tool for household repairs or other difficult chores. No wonder why this ergonomic tool is making it to attracting many consumers. 

The market is also flooded with wide varieties, making the decision even more difficult. Hence, this buying guide contains all the important things you should know to identify the best-fit hydraulic lift table for your curated needs. 

What are the different types of hydraulic lift tables?

Before jumping into the key pointers to decide on a hydraulic lift table, you must know your options to make the process easier. The most widely used types are four: 

Level loaders lifting tables

Stainless steel lifting tables

High-level lift tables

Floor-level lift tables

Level loaders are lifting tables – Besides providing the flexibility to raise, lower, or alter the platform position, these accompany a 360-rotatable base, giving you an edge while handling heavy objects and repetitive tasks.

Stainless steel lifting tables – Made of stainless steel, it provides extra resistance from corrosion and is typically the first choice for food, pharmaceutical, or healthcare sectors. These can also lift, lower, or alter the base using a hydraulic mechanism.

High-level lift tables These are the best type of hydraulic lift tables for reaching the maximum as these can extend to many heights humans cannot reach. These are the ones mostly used in warehouses. 

Floor-level lift tables – They can also be ideal for small household chores, as they are leveled low as the floor and move objects to small yet comfortable distances. 

Buying guide for a hydraulic lift table

Not all lift tables are made with the material or to lift the same amount of load. Therefore, knowing your lift table better before buying will save you time, money, and luck in avoiding unnecessary mishaps or repairs. The following are the major checkpoints to help you decide which hydraulic lift table suits you best. 

hydraulic lift table
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Every lift table has a restriction in weight load and needs to be maintained strictly. This ensures your workers’ safety and maintains a longer tool life. 


A stroke is essentially the height till which the table can be lifted. So you want to buy a lift table that exceeds your regular usage height. 


Check the size of the tabletop, which is an important deciding factor. The area of the tabletop will decide if it will be suitable for the things you are planning to handle using the lift table.


Safety precautions associated with each model of the table are given alongside and must be checked thoroughly to ensure you or your workers don’t end up in accidents or hurt yourselves.

How does a hydraulic lift table work?

A hydraulic lift table mainly has a platform, base, scissor legs, hydraulic cylinder, and power source. Its working is pretty simple, although it looks complex. 

To explain in simple terms, a hydraulic lift table works when the hydraulic fluid flows in or out of the reservoir by moving the platforms. As the scissor legs are pulled or moved upwards, the platform raises because the hydraulic fluid supports it. If the platform needs to be lifted faster or with a heavy load, it will consume more motor power. Similarly, the motor can lower the platform as the hydraulic fluid flows out of the reservoir into the channel. 


Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table 1

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This hydraulic lift table from Extreme Max is perfect for a weekend bike wash and can lift weights to 300 lbs easily. You get an edge over its controls by regulating its workings with your feet. What’s better than a sturdy lift table for running your once-in-a-full-moon errands at home and saving on repairs and mere cleanings?!

Maximum reach

Powered by a hydraulic mechanism, it can lift heavy weights as high as 34.5″, making household chores convenient—no need to bend down to wash that dirt and grime off your bicycle now.

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Wide non-slip gripper platform

Size does matter. No matter what to intend to use a hydraulic lift for, if the size isn’t sufficient, it’s all a waste of investment. Hence, the company has made special efforts to make this giant convenient lift table include a wide 16.25″ x 13.25″ platform. Plus, a non-slip platform provides all the support you need while focusing on the task. In addition, the rubber pad offers grip and prevents metal-to-metal contact while working.

Besst Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Extreme Max 5001.5083

Security and stability

The stability of any mechanical tool matters a lot, especially if it deals with heavy loads. This hydraulic lift table has been given a sturdy build by a heavy-duty steel construction and strong locking wheels. Moreover, the footpeg J-hooks fitted in each table double the stability to hold heavy objects like bikes, boxes, etc. What’s best? It also has a steel safety rod to lock the position and prevent accidental dropping of the table if the lever is pulled by mistake. 

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Easy lifting

The Extreme Max Lift Table offers a smooth hands-free experience and comes with a foot pedal for easy lifting. Hence, it is very safe and convenient to handle by anyone, even when using it at its maximum capacity (300 lbs). The foot pedal is a handy feature that smoothly lifts and lowers the platform without using much force. 

What customers say

This is better than most other highly promising lift tables in the market and is perfect for average-weighted household chores. The size of machine is also compact and fits easily in a small space inside the garage. Moreover, the platform is much more stable even at its maximum height and with 300 lbs weight. Hence the product delivers as promised. 

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 DURHAND 300 lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift 

DURHAND 300 lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift 1 1

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An excellent choice for home repairs and mild household or shop chores, the Durhand hydraulic table lift Jack cart is perfectly built for much more than you can believe. Who wouldn’t want all the goodness of professional and heavy-lift tables in such a pocket-friendly tag? If you are looking for a sturdy and safe lift table for cleaning bikes or just moving things here and there, this is an ideal fit for your purpose. This hydraulic table lift kit includes many essential hardware components.

Secure elevation

A top pick for the racers out there. The wide rubber platform smoothly lifts weights to 300 lbs and is perfect for lifting wheels during regular maintenance sessions. In addition, the elevation is secured to provide maximum support while you focus on scrubbing the dirt off your weekend ride.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift

DURHAND Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift

Safe design

The footstep lever design is made to provide maximum support to the user while lifting heavy objects. With the Durhand 300 lbs hydraulic lift, there are no worries about back strains as the hydraulic pump works flawlessly to lift any heavy object easily.

Solid construction

The entire construction is made of a robust superior-quality steel frame that doubles the strength while doing repair work. Plus, a non-skid platform gives stability for storage or repair. The gap in the platform is ideal for oiling and maintenance.

DURHAND 300 lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift

Portable and convenient

The best part of this product is that it is easily movable, being supported on four sturdy rubber wheels. Move it across your garage, lawn, house, or warehouse; its lockable wheels also provide extra stability on sloping floors. 

Non-skid design

The top platform is made non-skid by rubber padding that won’t let a pin slip down while you work on your project.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift

What customers say

The features of this handy model are way too much to believe for the price tag. But it is true! The construction is sturdy and moves up to heights as promised. The lockable wheels are a great feature when moving heavy items over longer distances in a warehouse.

Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table Hydraulic

Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table Hydraulic

Amazon Buy 3

Got heavy loads to handle daily? The Goplus Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor lift table is just cut for that. With an enormous lifting capacity of 300 lbs as high as 38 inches, this is a beast in aiding warehouses and home repairs. You can’t resist getting impressed by its design and engineering:

Non-skid platform

A rubber padded platform that gives support and prevents slippage of heavy objects off the table. It is ideal for fixing your bicycle and home repairs without worrying about accidental drops off that height. The wide platform also allows enough space to safely fit most heavy and large objects. The stable surface helps much when using the lift to its maximum height. The rubber padding, in addition, is also advantageous and prevents scratching, scraping, etc., over the metal surface.
Motorcycle Lift Table Hydraulic

Goplus 300lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Safety Design

The lift table’s gum plates also have strong locking springs to give stability. This is a great feature if you use the platform to a greater height. Make sure the locking bar is attached, and you are good to go – no fear of accidental lowering of the platform. This saves a lot of back pain and effort and lowers down to do work. 

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Goplus

Motorcycle Lift Table

300lb Motorcycle Lift Table Hydraulic 1

Convenient operation

It has a super ergonomic foot pedal for hands-free lifting and lowering the top. Hence, this is an excellent feature when you are working alone.

What customers say

The product is super durable with a sturdy build. With a weight of about 60 pounds, you can move it easily all by yourself. The hydraulic is satisfactory in working, and for this price range, it is a steal deal. The product has been well-fit for many consumers and is long-lasting.

APOLLO LIFT Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift

APOLLO LIFT Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift

Amazon Buy 4

Apollo is among the top brands for house equipment and mechanical tools. The build is one of the best you can find in the market. Hence, it is comparable to the other options on this list. You can use it for maintenance, repairs, warehouse chores, etc.

Double Scissor Hydraulic LiftConvenient hydraulic control

The hydraulic lift comes with a convenient finger release for hydraulic control. Further, there are multiple hydraulic regulatory mechanisms like a foot pump, manual push, and a convenient finger release level. 

Safety back guard

The safety back guard protects against the dropping of heavy objects. The feature is rare and offers extra protection when working with delicate objects. The back guard gives protection below the platform and won’t allow the object to slip off or fall easily.

Safety valve

The hydraulic lift table has a safety electro-mechanical system – an overload valve to protect the hydraulic pump and operator from overloading. This is a very useful feature included that ensures the long longevity of the tool.

APOLLO LIFT Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift

What customers say

One of the top recommendations for lifting heavy loads to 1100 lbs in warehouses, and production sites, its safety features work excellently. Engineers have thoughtfully designed it in all aspects, from providing a special back guard to multiple hydraulic regulatory mechanisms. It’s unbelievable that an 1100 lbs weight limit is being provided with so many extras at a fraction of a penny.

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A hydraulic table lift is useful for regular bike maintenance, lifting, and displacing heavy loads around a huge area. However, the main issue arises when not following the weight limits – this damages the hydraulic part over longer uses. Hence, it is of utmost importance to thoroughly analyze all specifications to see if it fits your weight requirement, lifting height, and safety mechanisms.

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