The applications of hydraulic pumps cover a wide range of fields starting from the construction yard to car brake and whatnot. But to find a hydraulic pump that exactly suits your need is a challenging job. You want to be spot on with the selection and not want something too weak or too strong. In fact, strength is not the only factor that you should consider rather there are several other factors as well, especially its availability in different shapes and sizes which may get you confused. As a result, you may end up with a different one than what you actually need. 

Here, this review guide is intended to help you find the right hydraulic pump for your job. 

Before moving into any details let us know some of the important aspects of the hydraulic pump below.

The Working Principle Of A Hydraulic Gear Pump

First of all, we’ll give you an idea of how it works as this will help you understand the subject better.

To explain its working procedure with an example, we can say that it works like the squirt/water gun that you might have played with, in your childhood times. There you have seen the filled water moving out of the small hole once you press the trigger. This mechanism is actually based on lower force and faster speed. Now, the hydraulic pumps work the same opposite way where a lower speed/force causes a higher force to be applied.

Telling it from the scientific angle we can say, it actually follows Pascal’s principle where a small force in a narrow area gets converted into a larger force in a larger area. This larger force is well capable of lifting almost anything and everything. Although it is the basic principle, some other mechanisms are also involved regarding its working process.

Growing Popularity

With industrialization today, it is impossible to find a sector where there is no demand for hydraulic pumps. In today’s world, the plunger driven by the hydraulic system is doing the job of moving and lifting things for several applications across industries. 

Hydraulic Motors

Now the hydraulic pump with motor seems to be taking the place of electromagnetic motors. The hydraulic motors have injected a liquid that rotates the gear. This exits out using another pipe. The gear is connected to a shaft that powers anything connected to the motor. The best thing about a hydraulic gear pump motor is its compact size and its capability to work without electricity or gasoline. However, electric or gas-powered hydraulic pumps are still available. This variety of options actually let you think to expand your business and industry today with the use of a hydraulic gear pump.

Considerable Factors

There are a few factors you should consider while choosing the right hydraulic pump. First of which is the viscosity. The viscosity refers to the resistance of flow. High viscosity hydraulic pump is not recommended as the liquid should freely flow. Choosing a weak pump can lead to a higher viscosity which will make the pump overwork and reduce its lifespan.

Other specifications should be checked regarding its motor, shaft, function valves, oil tank, and other components whether they meet the required benchmark. If there is still any confusion you can feel free to ask us about the hydraulic pumps and its specifications to get yourself clarified whether it meets your needs or not.

Why You Should Choose The Right Hydraulic Gear Pump

Going for hydraulic pumps is probably the smartest decision you are going to make for your business. These pumps have many advantages over traditional pumps, even pneumatic. The hydraulic pumps need sophisticated use and installation. Choosing the right pump can make it easy to use and install. An inefficient pump can bring losses rather than profit. So you better consider our suggestions in the list and find the best out of them.

 In-Depth Review of Top Hydraulic Pumps

Mophorn 8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump

The most common lift platforms are found in medium to a small ranges. To perform these lifts perfectly you need a good power unit of a hydraulic pump. Mophorn, one of the top-rated manufacturers of hydraulic pumps comes up with one of the best in the business.

All in one combination

This power unit is designed in a way that combines all the important components like a high-pressure pump, multi-purpose integrated block, ac motor, fuel tanks, hydraulic valve, etc. all in one place.

Excellent Control Through Valves

The electromagnetic unloading valve controls the reduced lift platform and the in-built balancing valve controls the falling speed and there is also a backup unloading valve that is used to power down.

Used in Different Sectors

This hydraulic power unit has a wide range of uses as it is capable of controlling a set of double-acting cylinder applications. Its wide use of applications covers especially the stacker and other small and medium scale lifting platforms related to different industrial fields. You will find this unit coming standard in most of the dump trailers. This is also used as a direct replacement for most applications requiring power-up/power-down.

Superior Built Quality

It comes with a high-quality starter that ensures long life and fast-starting every time. The motor of this Mophorn hydraulic pump is built to last and the design of its tank makes it capable enough to undergo any harsh conditions without being exposed to crack and leak.

Covers Wide Range of Applications

This hydraulic pump has a wide range of applications to cover. It is extremely suitable to control a set of double-acting cylinders and also being very popularly used in the small dump truck, dump trailers-lift gates, RV’s, boat lifts, tow trucks, wreckers, hydraulic winch, car haulers, agricultural equipment, etc.

Perfect Replacement Pump

This hydraulic gear pump is used as a fuel supply device that can be a perfect replacement pump for 12VDC remote control hydraulic systems. It can be done through the external pipe system joined to many hydraulic cylinders to control many sets of valve movement.

Mophorn 8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump

Standard Technical Parameters

It comes with 6 Quart plastic tanks, 2 GPM Displacement, Relief valve pressure of 22 MPA where 3200 PSI maximum relief is set on port A and 1500PSI is on port B. The speed rating of the pump is 2850R/MIN and the motor voltage is 12V DC with a motor power of 1.6 KW.

This double-acting hydraulic pump works on Power-up/Power down. It comes with a handheld pendant with 15 feet removal cord and a start solenoid. This one has SAE # 6 Port with horizontal mounting support.

Some More Features

The design supports horizontal mounting. The fluid choice is determined by the operating environment. This power unit has an independent airtight oil source system that is powered by the oil pump, oil tank, and accumulator. Petrol stations of the unit may be equipped with a PLC control system. It controls the internal hydraulic functions and produces a signal and control exchange. Apart from these, it has all the standard technical parameters to satisfy you with its performance.

What We Suggest

This setup from Mophorn may surprise for its value for money. Especially if you’re owning a medium size dump trailer for which you want to replace the pump, then this will not let you down in any way and you get your money’s worth here. The size is compact and the speed is decent. The only issue could be with its fittings that are scrambled and may be hard to find. All in all, it should be a good choice as a replacement hydraulic pump and you should like it very much and feel like ordering it again and again.

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Mophorn 6 Quart Steel Tank Single Acting Hydraulic Pump

This single-acting power unit by Mophorn is also designed for medium and small lift platforms. It comes with 6 Quart steel tank. This hydraulic power unit is also a package combination like the previously mentioned one.

Single Acting All-in-one combination Hydraulic Pump

This combination pack from Mophorn includes the high-pressure pump, ac/motor, hydraulic valve, multi-purpose integrated block, fuel tanks, and other necessary components in the same power unit. It also has three different valves where the electromagnetic unloading valve controls the reduced lift platform, the built-in balancing valve controls falling speed, and the backup manual unloading valve does the power down.

Wide Applications

It also has a wide range of applications like being used in the stacker, and also in the small to medium size lifting platforms like dump trucks, dump trailers, RVs, trailers, lifts, elevator doors, car carriers, wreckers, agricultural equipment, etc.

Comes Standard and Also Works As Direct Replacement

This hydraulic power unit generally comes standard in many dump trailers. It also works as a direct replacement for most of the power-up/power-down applications. This hydraulic power unit is just an ideal replacement pump for all 12V DC-controlled systems.

Supreme Built Quality

This power unit also comes with a high-quality starter that ensures long life and fast-starting each time. The motor of the pump is built to last, and the tank is designed specifically to undergo any harsh conditions without facing any crack and leak.

Other features

The design of this single-acting power-up/power-down hydraulic pump supports horizontal mounting, fluid choice selection by operating environment, independent airtight oil source is powered by the oil tank, accumulator, and oil pump. There is also a PLC control system equipped petrol station for better control of the internal functions.

What We Suggest

This one is again from Mophorn with the distinction of being the single-acting power unit with 6-quarts. So you can expect the performance to be very close to the previously mentioned one. This one is slightly cheaper because it is a little bit weaker power unit. However, it can still suffice for your dump trailers as an excellent replacement pump. One thing you may not like is the scrambled fittings it comes with. Other than that, it well deserves your consideration keeping in mind its cheaper price.

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Mophorn 6 Quart Plastic Tank Hydraulic Pump

Mophorn is one of the leading hydraulic gear pump manufacturers right now, so even our 3rd recommendation also from them. This is also another 6-quart hydraulic pump from Mophorn but the difference here is the type of reservoir tank this power unit uses. It basically uses a plastic reservoir tank but apart from that, this unit is all good to control a set of a double-acting cylinder.

Great Build quality

The motor also consists of superior built-to-last quality. Although the tank is made of plastic, it is designed to suit any harsh situations without showing any cracks or leaks. The longevity and fast-starting are ensured by its high-quality starter.

Wide Range of Applications

This hydraulic pump is widely used in dump trucks, dump trailers, RVs, trailers, lifts, elevator doors, car carriers, wreckers, agricultural equipment, etc.

Technical parameters

This hydraulic pump has pretty much sound technical parameters. As it is said this double-acting power unit comes with 6 Quarts, a plastic reservoir, 2.0 GPM Displacement of Hydraulic Pump, SAE # 6 Port, Horizontal mounting, Excellent relief valve pressure setting of 22 MPA where 1500 PSI and 3200PSI maximum relief setting on port B and A respectively. It works on 12V, 1.6kW DC power.

What We Suggest

It is almost the same as the last one though the difference here is its double-acting power option with a 6 Quart plastic reservoir. This may not make much difference in the performance. However, if you prefer to have a double-acting cylinder for your replacement having a plastic tank then you can surely consider this one from Mophorn.

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Fisters Metal Electric Hydraulic Pump

Now it’s time for the Fisters electric hydraulic pump. They bring you the double-acting metal reservoir electric hydraulic pumps available in 6, 10, and 12 quarts.

Standard Features

This electric hydraulic pump from Fisters is a CE-certified power pump. It comes with a metal reservoir and standard duty 12V DC motor. SAE # 6 Port and horizontal mount support are the other two best things about this unit. The handheld pendant is available with about 15 feet removal cord and a start solenoid.

Excellent Features For A Replacement Pump

When you’re looking for a great replacement pump for your 12-volt hydraulic pump and other remote control hydraulics then this is another great choice for you to consider. This power unit works as a fuel supplying device that uses the external pipe system joined to many hydraulic cylinders to control various sets of valve movement. The station equipped with the PLC control system is well capable of controlling the internal functions and control exchange by generating signals. The relief setting configuration works the same way as the previous one. It sets an enhanced lifting power of 3200PSI on port A and 1500PSI on port B.

What We Suggest

If you’re on a budget and looking for a decent replacement for your hydraulic gear pump then this can be a great choice for you. With this one from Fisters, you can expect a decent performance, however, there are few issues that you need to consider as well. The packaging of this pump could be an issue, having no proper instructions for its fitting can make things a little complex for you. But these are not something that can take this one out of your consideration.

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ToolTuff 2 Stage Hydraulic Log Splitter Pump

Now split your log into pieces in no time with this 16 GPM hydraulic pump from Tooltuff Direct. This 2-stage replacement power unit works on most of the log splitters available on the market.

Double Performance With The 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump

This 2-stage pump provides more rapid cycle times, more possible pressure even with the small engine, and improves overall performance to a great extent. It is an incredible option for using on-log splitters. Its efficiency can be as much as 85%. So get the best out of your job with this best power unit.

Standard Technical Specifications

This brand new Hydraulic Log Splitter works at 16 GPM and 3600RPM. It covers all the standard specifications for other components as well including the model, inlet-outlet port, overall dimension, etc.  The gas engine is 8HP or larger.

It solely supports the direct drive while the horizontal shaft is used only for the open center systems.

Stage-wise GPM and PSI as follows: 13 GPM at 650 PSI at the first stage, and  3.5 GPM at 2500 PSI at the second stage. Max supported pressure is 4000 PSI.

Apart from these other components like bolt circle, mounting hole, woodruff key has a standard specification that provides maximum possible performance.

Other Features

The HI/LO segment of this hydraulic pump is built with all aluminum whereas the endplates are available in cast steel. ToolTuff hydraulic log splitter pump is also available in GPM 11,13, 22 & 28 versions. In terms of hydraulic cylinders or the control valve, Tooltuff is ready to provide it all for any available log splitter in the market.

Common Applications

Log splitters, presses, etc are some of the basic HI/Lo applications for this hydraulic pump as these need a speedy movement of the hydraulic cylinder at low-pressure mode before it gets automatically switched to high-pressure mode to meet any load specifications.

What We Suggest

This one from ToolTuff is a specially purposed one that should really draw your attention if you’re looking for a hydraulic pump for wood splitter or log splitter. The higher GPM, high-quality pump casting, and great machine work are some of the best points of this power unit. It offers great value for the money. So think no further if you’re in search of a great pump for your log splitter.

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Primary Mover 6 Quart Single Action Hydraulic Pump

After mentioning one specific pump for log splitters we’re back again with the hydraulic power units used across different industrial works. Well, this time it’s from a reliable manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic pumps known as the Primary Mover.

Reliable for Several Applications

They have been manufacturing and supplying some of the most durable and reliable units in various sectors. The most common applications for their hydraulic pumps are dump trucks, trailers, RV’s, lift gates, boat lifts, tow trucks, car haulers, wreckers, snowplow equipment, agricultural equipment, and so on. These applications need a compact and powerful hydraulic pump like this one from Primary Mover.

Technical Parameters

This is a common type of hydraulic pump that works based on a single-acting Power-Up and Gravity Down mechanism. It comes with a 6-Quart translucent reservoir and a handheld pendant with having 20-feet removal cord. The maximum pressure of this hydraulic pump is 2GPM. It can work as a great replacement for 12V DC motor-controlled systems.

3200PSI – A Heavy Duty Power Unit

The pressure of these pumps is set at 3200PSI making them a heavy-duty power unit for all mid-level hydraulic solutions. They are being supplied to many builders of OEM trailers. The pressure range of 3200PSI makes them a far better option than those cheaper options available there at 1500-2000PSI.

Comes With Warranty

This hydraulic pump power unit comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty that is calculated from the purchasing date.

What We Suggest

If you’re looking for an awesome deal for your hydraulic pump then this solution from Primary Mover is for you. You get this with perfect SAE fittings. Other fittings are also easy to install which will not let you use any further fittings as well. This is way better than the local ones and you are really gonna love this.

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RuggedMade 13 GPM hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump by RuggedMade actually does justice to its name. This is actually a rugged monster pump for different applications especially for log splitters, snowplow equipment, hydraulic presses, agricultural equipment, etc.

2-stage power unit

This is a two-stage hydraulic pump that allows more rapid cycle times at a better pressure rating. With such specifications squeezing every bit of power is just as easy as you like.

Some of the Best Specs

It comes in a 13 GPM version which gives you an idea that it’s up for some heavy-duty works. Additionally, its input RPM is 3600 which compliments its power specs. It comes with some standard specifications regarding the Inlet, Outlet ports, Shaft, Transmission, Displacement, Maximum pressure, Mounting, Rotation, etc. Its maximum pressure is set to 3000PSI which indicates it to be a high capacity hydraulic pump for different applications.

Great Customer and Warranty Service

It’s not only about selling the product and not taking any customer care for RuggedMade. They provide excellent after-sales customer service. It comes with a 1-year warranty as well to make things more convincing for you.

What We Suggest

RuggedMade is a great manufacturer of hydraulic pumps who has very knowledgeable service-techs for your service. They offer great options regarding hydraulic pump’s GPM according to your need. However, the performance is not extraordinary but it is worth the money you pay for.

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Happybuy 4 Quart Single Acting Hydraulic Pump

This Hydraulic Power Unit consists of a high-pressure gear pump, DC motor, multi-purpose integrated block, various function valves, oil tank, and other components. It is widely used as a power resource for lifting and pushing devices. The Single-acting type models work based on the Power-up and Gravity-down method.

Superior Quality

HappyBuy Hydraulic pump unit is a reason to be happy for many owners of dump trailers as it comes standard with most of these. This one is also a great replacement for other applications that follow the power-up or gravity-down mechanism. Besides, it is a comprehensive replacement pump for all the 12V DC remote-control hydraulics.

It comes with a superior quality motor alongside a high-quality plastic-built tank that is designed specifically to undergo any harsh situation without any damage.

Wide Range of Applications

This hydraulic pump covers a wide range of applications including dump trucks, dump trailers, boat lifts, RV’s, lift gates, car haulers, tow trucks, wreckers, snowplow equipment, agriculture equipment, etc.

Technical Features

Its motor voltage is DC12-DV24 voltage and motor power is 0.37-5.5KW. 2GPM. The handheld pendant comes with approx 15-feet removal cord and start-solenoid. The 22 MPA Relief Valve Pressure sets a max pressure of 3200 PSI, 1500PSI for ports A and B respectively.

It is also CE certified hydraulic pump that acts as a single-acting power-up/gravity-down hydraulic unit, it comes with a 4-quart plastic reservoir, supports horizontal mounting. However, fluid choice selection should be based on the operating environment.

What We Suggest

The HappyBuy 4-quart single-acting hydraulic pump is a decent replacement pump. This can be a true happy buy for its great value for the money.

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CO-Z Hydraulic Pump

CO-Z Hydraulic Pump

CO-Z is our last and final mention in the list of best hydraulic pumps. This particular pump is a single-acting power unit that is widely used in different applications.

Standard Replacement Pump

It comes with an 8-Quart steel reservoir. This one works as a comprehensive replacement pump for 12V DC control systems.

Widely Used

The CO-Z hydraulic pump is the perfect choice for dump trailers and lifts gates. Besides, it is widely applied in boat lifts, dump trucks, wreckers, tow trucks, snowplow equipment, agriculture equipment, car haulers, and some more application requiring a compact-powerful hydraulic pump.

Other Features

Besides the regular features discussed above, its design is perfect for horizontal mounting. Standard technical specifications with high-quality components make it a great choice for the users. It has a standard duty 12V DC motor. The selection of fluid is made depending upon the operating environment and temperature.

What We Suggest

The CO-Z hydraulic pump is an easy-to-install replacement pump. It comes with complete instructions for ease of use and setup. Besides the shipping is quick and customer support is pretty convincing.

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This article not reviewed high-powered gear pumps like 10000 psi hydraulic gear pumps or more. Most all these products are based on home or personal garage. Buying hydraulic pumps is actually a big investment as it boosts your output many times. As it is sophisticated equipment and needs an educated understanding according to your need. They are available in different types, sizes, and powers which can you make you confused. This review guide has been intended to remove all these confusions and help you find your right fit. can be a big investment, so don’t get stuck with one that isn’t the right fit. As after-sales service is an important fact we will suggest you to purchase anyone from the above lists, also for this hydraulic gear pump parts are available in local or online stores. So do not rush and take your time to evaluate our guide to find the best one for your job. Learn all about these amazing machines and make an educated decision.

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