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best hydraulic pump parts

Checking out on the best hydraulic pumps is always a delight for people related to different industrial sectors. There is a wide range of hydraulic pumps out there and getting a perfectly suited one can be a challenging task even for experienced campaigners. Not only the hydraulic cylinder pumps but also the hydraulic pump parts are also something mostly sought-after for a wide range of hydraulic operations. So what do we have here? We are here to make things a little simpler and guide you about some essential pump, pump parts, and kits that you usually need for your tasks. So we should now dive into the review. But before that, we’ll be looking at some of the FAQs related to this topic and find out more about the hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pump parts, and kits. Let’s go!

FAQs on Hydraulic Pumps

How does a hydraulic pump work?

The hydraulic pump creates a vacuum at the inlet of the pump to push the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir to the pump via the inlet. Then the mechanical energy pushes this liquid to the outlet of the pump to transform it into hydraulic energy. So it converts the mechanical power into hydraulic power to create the flow of liquid that generates pressure in the system.

Spoiler title

If the hydraulic pump is making whining or screeching noise then it could well be an indication for cavitation. Cavitation is the result of erosion in metal components. If the hydraulic fluid doesn’t meet the requirement, it can result in cavitation.

Why hydraulic pump won't build pressure?

The most probable reason for that could be the level of fluid in the reservoir is low, resulting in the inability of producing flow. So, inspect if the reservoir has the correct fluid level. Or, also make sure that the suction strainer, breather, or filter is not clogged and the pump intake isolation valve is completely unrestricted and open.

How many types of hydraulic pump are there?

There are mainly 3 types of hydraulic pumps such as the gear pumps, piston pumps, and vane pumps.

Gear pumps use the working principle of meshing the gears to pump hydraulic fluid by displacement. They were invented by Johannes Kepler in the year 1600 and has been one of the most popular types of pump since. They’re widely used for hydraulic fluid power applications and chemical installations. The external gear pumps and internal gear pumps are two of their variations.

The piston pump is another kind of hydraulic pump that provides optimum efficiency & dependability while sustaining a compact size and providing a high power density. These pumps use the pistons to slide back and forth accurately inside the hydraulic pump cylinders to build pressure in them to push the fluid or gas through the pump.

The hydraulic vane pump works for the positive displacement using the vanes mounted to a slotted rotor spinning inside a cavity. Between the succeeding vanes, pumping chambers are created to carry oil or fluid from the inlet to the outlet.

Reviews on Hydraulic Pumps, Pump Parts & Kits

Fisters Electric Metal Reservoir 12V Hydraulic Pump

Power Supply Unit Pack Single Acting Remotely Controlled Dump Trailer Fit for Lift Unloading(12 Quart Single Acting)

fisters hydraulic pump parts power supply

Looking for a perfect replacement for your dump trailer? Or any other hydraulic equipment? Check out this Fisters Electric Metal Reservoir 12V Hydraulic Pump Power Supply Unit. It should be a pretty good fit for your lift unloading or other hydraulic operation. Let’s take a look at its features below.

What It Does

This Hydraulic Power Unit is applied as fuel supply parts that work using the external pipe system which is connected to different hydraulic cylinders. And controls different sets of valve movement.

CE Certified, Standard Specs

This hydraulic power unit comes with CE certification and some standard specifications. It comes with a standard duty 12 Quart Single Acting 12V DC motor and SAE #6 port. So you can expect a decent lift for the remote-controlled hydraulic systems.

Standard Relief Setting

For enhanced lifting power on both ports, the relief setting configuration is as follows: 3200 PSI maximum relief setting on A port and 1500 PSI maximum relief setting on B port. This seems to be a pretty good config to keep the hydraulic operation smooth.

fisters hydraulic pump applications

Wide Application

This hydraulic replacement pump is powerful enough to be suited to all the standard hydraulic operations. It covers different applications such as dump trucks, dump trailers, lifts, RVs, trailers, elevated doors, car carriers, wreckers, agricultural tools, and so on.

What Customers Say

The customer reviews regarding this product are mostly positive. People found it to have the lift they expected considering its configuration. So it should be a decent addition to your hydraulic operation.

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VEVOR Hydraulic Power Unit 12 Volt Dump Trailer Hydraulic Pump

Double Acting 10 Quart Hydraulic Pump Electric Hydraulic Cylinder Pump with Brass Pressure Gauge for Dump Trailer Lift Gates & Trucker

vevor hydralic pump parts power unit 1

The next one we have on the list is the 10 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit with Hydraulic Gauge. This full-set equipment is an upgrade hydraulic power unit with unique features to keep the lifting and pushing operation of different devices smooth and uninterrupted. Let’s find out more about this hydraulic pump unit below.

Great Specs

This hydraulic pump includes some great specs that make it capable of enough to do all your hydraulic operations. Some of them are as follows:

  • Quart Config: 10 Quart
  • Reservoir Type: Metal Reservoir
  • Motor Voltage Config: DC12V
  • Acting Type: Double-Acting
  • Interface: SAE6
  • Mount: Horizontal
  • Max Relief Setting on B port: 1500 PS
  • Max. Relief Setting for Increased Lifting Power on A port: 3200 PSI
  • Handheld Pendant w/ 20-ft Removal Cord & Start Solenoid

Sturdy & Durable

This hydraulic pump unit is built with premium quality stainless steel making it more wearable and durable. Its sturdiness is enhanced by the Pressure Safety Valve that avoids overpressure damage or getting extremely pressured. The motor is also built-to-last, and the tank is designed to not leak and crack under rough treatment. So you can expect a life-long service time from it.

Wide Applications

This power unit covers a wide range of applications related to power resources for different lifting & pushing devices or in places where hydraulic cylinder extending is required. Some of these applications are dump trailers, scissor lifts, dump trucks, boat lifts, RVs, tow trucks, lift gates, car haulers, wreckers, agricultural equipment, and so on.

vevor hydraulic pump application

Upgrade Full-Set Hydraulic Unit

Having distinctive features over other hydraulic power units, this turns out to be an upgrade electric hydraulic unit. It’s equipped with a strong hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure gauge, and full-set equipment. So you can see the accurate pressure value in the display and also get the estimation of the lifting objects.

Double Acting & Rapid Start

As we’ve seen in the specs that it’s a double-acting electric hydraulic pump, having the double-acting power up and down with great relief setting config – 3200 PSI Max Relief Setting for Enhanced Lifting Power on Port A, 1500 PSI Max Relief Setting on Port B. And it also provides a rapid start every time you use it.

Fully Equipment

This hydraulic power unit includes a hydraulic pressure gauge, DC motor, high-pressure gear pump, multi-purpose integrated block, oil tank, various function valves, handheld pendant w/ detachable cord, and start solenoid, and other components. So you can say it’s a fully equipped power unit and you also get rapid oil output with it.

What Customers Say

People find the configuration of this hydraulic pump amazing, and they work perfectly as advertised. Customers seem to be loving it for their different types of hydraulic devices.

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OTC (4044) RamRunner Two-Stage Electric/Hydraulic Pump

2 Position/2 Way, Manual Valve


OTC hydraulic pump parts

This brings us to another high-end electric hydraulic pump, the OTC (4044) RamRunner Two-Stage Electric/Hydraulic Pump. If you’re up for a super-powerful hydraulic power unit, this one here from the prominent brand OTC has to be your go-to option. Let’s take a better look at it.

Prominent Brand

OTC is a brand that is known to anyone who has done something on a car. It’s been serving professional technicians for around a century now. They design and manufactured American Specialty Service Tools, Shop Equipments, and Diagnostics since the year 1925. And that legacy has been continued even with the RamRunner 2-stage Electric Hydraulic Pump here.

High-End Specs

Now lifting and unloading can be way easier with this hydraulic unit having some high-end specs. It delivers around 45 cu inch minimum at a max operating pressure of 10,000 PSI. The electric motor has a configuration of 1/2 HP Single Phase 60 Hz 115V thermal protection.

otc hydraulic service tools

Single/Double Acting Rams

The RamRunner allows you to run large single/double-acting rams for rapid frame straightening alignment of the wheel. 2-Position/2-Way valve offers advance & return positions to be used with single acting-rams for maximum performance.

Remote Control Cord

Having a remote control cord with a decent length always makes the pump convenient to use. With the OTC hydraulic pump, you get a 6 feet remote control cord to easily on/off the control.

What Customers Say

The OTC hydraulic machine seems to be providing great performance to many out there. And people find this as a great value product for all their lifting tasks.

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greenlee hand hydraulic pump parts

Now time to check out a hand-operated hydraulic pump that’ll transform mechanical energy into hydraulic energy through manual effort. It’s the Greenlee 767 HYDRAULIC HAND. This single-acting hand pump can be a great replacement pump for different hydraulic jacks. And to do your workshop listings you’d love to check this out.

Great Specs

  • Pump Type: Hand
  • Size Dimension: 13” L x 4” W x 4” H
  • Application Style: Punch Driver Application
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Pressure Rating: 6500 PSI
  • Speed Option: Single Speed
  • Reservoir Material: Rugged Steel
  • Handle Material: Cast Aluminum

Portable Unit

It’s always great to have portable hydraulic units that you can carry for your workshop jobs. The Greenlee hydraulic pump is a lightweight unit that can be carried easily to be used with the Greenless Punch Drivers conveniently.

greenlee hydraulic hand pump

Durable & Convenient

This hydraulic hand pump includes a durable and convenient construction. The body is built with rugged steel and the cast aluminum handle adds to it. For permanent and convenient mounting, you also get mounting holes.

Versatile Operation

This hydraulic hand pump is versatile in operation. It can operate in any position to be used in your hydraulic jacks and do the liftings.

What Customers Say

People find this Greenlee Hydraulic Pump as a great replacement pump. Especially the fact that it comes with great fluid power and is convenient to use.

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Friday Part Hydraulic Pump 5M-7864 5M7864

for Caterpillar Pipelayer 571G 572G Track Loader 977K 977L Tractor D6C D6D D6E D6G D6G2 LGP D6G2 XL D7F D7G D7G2


friday part hydraulic pump parts

If you’re looking for great hydraulic pump parts for your Caterpillar tractors, pipelayers, or track loaders, you’re ought to check out this Friday Part Hydraulic Pump 5M-7864 5M7864. Let’s check out more on this and see if it’s compatible with your machine model.

Caterpillar Brand

This Friday Hydraulic Pump here is compatible with different models and machines of Caterpillar. So it’s important to know a little bit about the Caterpillar brand itself. It’s a big name in the manufacturing industry for different mining and construction equipment, diesel/natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and so on. Hydraulic systems and pumps play a vital role in all their machines. So we have here is the Friday Part hydraulic pump that gets some of the Caterpillar machines to get going and we’ll be checking out on them below,

friday part pump parts

Compatible Machines & Models

The Part Number for this pump is 5M-7864 5M7864. And it’s compatible with the following Caterpillar machines and models.

  • Caterpillar Pipelayer 571G, 572G
  • Caterpillar Track Loader 977K, 977L
  • Caterpillar Tractor D6C, D6D, D6E, D6G, D6G2 LGP, D6G2 XL, D7F, D7G, D7G2

What Customers Say

Customers find this to be a great replacement pump for their Caterpillar machines such as tractors and track loaders. And it performs the way it’s advertised.

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Johnson Pump 65434 Aqua Jet Wash Down 5.2 GPM Pump Kit – 12V

johnson wash down hydraulic pump parts

Next up on the list, we have the Johnson Pump’s Pump Kit. This is a washdown solution for boat mechanics. It comes with some powerful specs and is worth considering.

Kit Includes

This washdown pump unit comes with the High-Capacity Aqua Jet WD 5.2 that can stream shoot at a rate of 19 l/min – 5.2 GPM. It also includes PUMProtector Inlet Strainer, Bulk Head Fitting w/ Valve, a Spray Nozzle, Illuminated Panel Switch, and 25” Coiled Wash Down Hose.

Great Addition To The Boat

This Aqua Jet pump comes with a five-chamber construction. It’s a Self-Priming pump that has some great features to go with. This is a complete kit that provides the ease of adding a washdown pump to a boat.

johnson wash down pump

Convenient Features

Aqua Jet Wash Down pump kit offers a smooth flowing and whisper-quiet operation. It’s a low-cost maintenance pump that is convenient to install and use. For easy installation, you get a Quick-Connect Hose. Its Integrated Pressure Switch makes it even more convenient.


What Customers Say

People think it to be a great addition to any boat. They find it convenient to install and use, and the pressure is also good enough to shoot the streams out from the boat.

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BIG RED T30306 Torin Hydraulic Long Ram Jack

with Single Piston Pump and Clevis Base (Fits: Garage/Shop Cranes, Engine Hoists, and More): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red


torin big red jacks hydraulic pump parts

Now time to include the BIG RED T30306 Torin Hydraulic Long Ram Jack with Single Piston Pump. This hydraulic ram jack is designed for different commercial and residential applications. We’ll check more on this Amazon’s Choice single-piston pump below.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Torin Big Red Hydraulic Ram Jack has a heavy-duty construction as it’s built with high-grade rugged steel. Adding to the strength is a heat-treated chrome cylinder. It’s built to the right standards ensuring maximum quality and durability.

Efficient Pressure Pump

The Big Red Long Ram Jack includes a powerful glide-action pressure pump that does the lifting with minimal muscle & effort. It also has a built-in integrated oil bypass. And to protect the hydraulic system from going beyond its voyage limits, it has an overload valve.

Great Capacity

This hydraulic jack comes with a load capacity of 3 tons or 6,000 lbs and has a lifting range of 24-3/8″ to 43-7/8″. Its clevis-style base offers added versatility to the machine. The piston ram is polished and treated to prevent skiving. Also, it utilizes a Y-style PU sealing ring with a backup ring, resisting the load from falling slowly.

torin big red jacks hydraulic pump

High-Quality Oil

Its hydraulics include high-quality oil, offering great corrosion resistance and temperature flexibility. So the unit can operate at 40 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Durable & Convenient Coating

The Big Red Hydraulic Jack features a durable coating that offers easy cleanup as well. It undergoes a thorough chemical wash followed by treatment with powder-coated, lead-free paint. Making it grease, oil, and dirt-resistant for more durability and easy maintenance.

Versatile Applications

This jack meets all the ASME PASE safety standards and is reliable to be used in different applications. It fits most engine hoists, garage or shop cranes, and many more lifting applications.


What Customers Say

When it comes to Torin, people seem to be showing their reliance on it. The customers especially love it as it fits most engine hoists and works as expected. So it should be a deal-breaker for anyone.

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Stens 025-067 Hydro Pump Seal Kit, Hydro-Gear 70525

stens hydraulic pump partsLooking for a pump seal kit for your Hydro-Gear? Check out the Stens 025-067 Hydro Pump Seal Kit on Amazon for the Hydro-Gear 70525. And expect a much better performance from your pump now. Let’s take a look at its features below.

Proven Performance

The Stens 025-067 Hydro Pump Seal Kit comes with patented technology and proven performance. You can expect to witness great quality for less money. It prevents liquid from leaking out of the pump under pressure or from pulling air into the unit under vacuum conditions, hence containing the fluid within the pump perfectly.

Replacement Models

As we’ve seen it replaces Hydro-Gear 70525, besides, it replaces OEM Ariens 59203600, BDP-10A, and Exmark 105-6184.

stens partsTips to Keep In Mind

Stens 025-067 Hydro Pump Seal Kit manufacturer advises to replace the lines and wheel motor, install a new oil filter, and flush the tanks before installing this replacement pump. So you can avoid any failure that can occur due to contamination.

What Customers Say

Stens is a reliable brand when it comes to hydraulic pump parts. People find it a great replacement pump and are mostly happy with its performance.

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RIDGID 50557 1450 Pressure Test Pump, Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

ridgid pressure test hydraulic pump parts

Next in the list of the best hydraulic pump kits, we have the RIDGID 50557 1450 Pressure Test Pump – Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit. This is a must-have tool for pressure testing of all kinds of piping system leaks. We’ll be checking more on its features below.

Patented Mechanism

The RIDGID pressure test pump is an efficient one that operates at very low effort. It comes with a patented, variable 2-stage lever arm for reducing the handle force needed. Also, it features automatic pressure-holding valves to conveniently pressurize the system. The pressure is automatically maintained and no valve requires to be manually closed.

Easy & Fast Pressurization

You can simply connect the unit to the system with the provided hose and pump the handle to achieve the desired pressure. Making it more convenient is the pressure release that is done by simply opening one valve after completion.

ridgid pressure test pump

Durable Construction

The RIDGID pressure test pump includes a durable, corrosion-proof construction. It comes with a strong plastic container and carbon-aluminum-made PTFE piston pump to serve for a longer time.

The pressure gauge is designed to sit perfectly in the top cover to protect it from any kind of damage.

Making it more reliable is its changeable dirt filters in on the inlet & outlet to keep the components cleaner. It can test systems up to 725 PSI and 38 cm^3 volume/stroke.

RIDGID is one of the reliable brands that backs their product with a lifetime warranty against any defect in the workmanship or material.

Lightweight & Portable

This is a versatile hydraulic pressure test pump, comes with a lightweight design. It weighs around 14 lbs and also comes with a handle that easily locks for convenient mobility. It comes with a reservoir capacity of 3.6-gallons or 13.6 liters, and that gets double as a useful toolbox.

Wide Range of Applications

This pressure test kit covers leak testing for a wide range of fluid systems. Some of them are compressed air, heating, oil, refrigeration, sprinkler, and small-bore pipeline systems. And it does that by using oil, water, or a mixture of ethanol glycol and water.


What Customers Say

The RIDGID pressure test pump comes from a brand that people can trust. And this can be seen from its performance that is as good as it’s advertised.

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Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Pump Shaft Ring 5996866-001

eaton vickers hydraulic shaft ring

Hydraulic shaft rings are the important hydraulic pump parts to check out. Now it’s time for the Eaton hydraulic pump parts to be discussed, namely the Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Pump Shaft Ring 5996866-001 to have a look around. Let’s go.

What It Does

What this shaft ring does is, guides the piston/piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, engulfing the transverse forces. Also, it allows the liquid pressure on the seal to transmit via the rubber to enhance the pressure exerted on the shaft. And that makes the rings prevent leakage and maintain the contact, hence optimizing the performance of the system.

OEM, Reliable Brand

The Eaton is an original equipment manufacturer that is also renowned for providing hydraulic pump parts. The Eaton has been in the market since 1911, serving different fields like hydraulics,  mechanical, and electrical fields.

eaton vickers hydraulic pump parts shaft

Specs & Compatibility

The Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Pump Shaft Ring comes with some great specs. It has a Ring 5.0 GPM VTM and is great for General Motors 296598. Its Cross-Reference is Eaton Vickers 5996866-001.

What Customers Say

The Eaton is a reliable brand for hydraulic pump parts and this shaft ring here lives up to expectations for many out there. It prevents the metal parts to be in contact and guides the piston perfectly for optimized performance.

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Summit Hydraulics 1/2″ Skid Steer Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplers

Couplings Set w/Dust Caps, 2 Sets


summit hydraulic pump parts quick connect couplings

The discussion of hydraulic pump parts brings us to quick-connect couplings or couplers. We have here is the 1/2″ Skid Steer Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplings to discuss. Let’s check out more of these hydraulic pump parts and find out how handy they can be.

Improved Design

The Universal Quick Disconnect Coupler and Plug Sets come in a newly improved design to ensure maximum service life and high flow performance.

Interchangeable Couplings

These couplings come with a standard 1/2” body and 1/2” NPT thread. They’re also manufactured to the ISO 16028 standards. So they provide interchangeability with the couplings made to such standard and with most versions of Skid Steer Loaders such as Kubota, Bobcat case, New, Holland, and so on. And that makes them versatile to be used in any hydraulic unit.

summit hydraulic quick connect couplings

Heavy-Duty Design

The Summit Couplings are made with a heavy-duty design of 5076 PSI Rating, allowing a great flow of fluid at a Max Flow Rate of 23.78 GPM. It also has a locking sleep that helps to prevent any accidental disconnects.

Convenient & Efficient

These couplings come with hardened steel construction that includes anti-corrosive plating – valve design. And that allows for minimal pressure drops and convenient one-hand operation.

What Customers Say

The Summit Couplings are well-received by a lot out there. People can depend on it for a quick-coupling operation for the best results. Its durability and great quality, making the way for people to easily pick these couplings.

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Eaton Weatherhead C3269X10X8 Carbon Steel Fitting

Adapter, 1/2″ NPT Female x 5/8″ O-Ring Boss Male (Pack of 4)

eaton wetherhead hydraulic pump parts fittings

The next hydraulic pump parts we’ve here to discuss is Eaton Weatherhead C3269X10X8 Carbon Steel Fitting. For many industrial types of equipment including hydraulic pumps, the pipe fitting components play an important role. Eaton Weatherhead here plays such a role very effectively, making it worth talking about.

Reliable Brand

When it comes to hydraulic pump parts, you need a brand that you can rely on. Eaton is a prominent brand that has been in the market since 1911, serving different industries with equipment related to the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical fields.

What Eaton Weatherhead Does

O-ring is one of the three types of hose fittings we see for hydraulic fittings. And Eaton Weatherhead here is a functional O-ring seal type that efficiently joins the fluid-carrying hoses, pipes, or tubing. It adapts 1/2” NPT female-threaded part end into the 5/8” male-threaded part to provide a perfect mechanical seal.

eaton wetherhead hydraulic fittings

Wide Application

Pipe fitting plays an important part to connect, terminate, control flow, and change the piping direction in different industrial applications. This pipe fitting here can be effectively used for different hydraulic applications, refrigeration, and LP & natural gas.

Standard & Durable

The Weatherhead comes with standard size and includes a durable carbon steel construction. It provides enough to endure any high pressure. So you can stay relaxed about the safety of your hydraulic unit’s mechanical seal.

What Customers Say

People who are up for any pump replacement loves this specialty fitting. It’s reliable and people find it a great deal to crack.

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NEWTRY CP-180 Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump

Single Acting 853psi for Separate Type Hydraulic Tool


newtry cp 180 hydraulic pump parts hand pump

NEWTRY CP-180 Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump is a worth buying option to discuss here. It’s a convenient and functional single-acting manually controlled hydraulic hand pump. We’ll be checking more of its features here.

2-Stage Design

This hydraulic pump includes a 2-stage design consisting of high & low speed for rapid oil output. It can provide the same performance as the electric pump regarding functionality and working pressure. Being a manual unit, it can also operate conveniently even if the electric power is not there.

Convenient Quick-Coupling

It includes manual operation, yet convenient enough for your hydraulic jobs. The oil pipe fitted w/ quick-coupling can be ordered in different lengths for maximum convenience. It offers oil coupling w/ PT 3/8 thread.

Customized Pressure Control

The Newtry CP-180 hydraulic pump allows you to provide customized pressure control. The pressure can be stopped at any time if needed. It also comes with an internal over-pressure safety unit to protect the hydraulic valve.

newtry cp 180 hydraulic hand pump

Wide Applications

This manually controlled hydraulic pump covers a wide range of applications related to split hydraulic products. Some of them are cutting machines, punching machines, bending machines, split hydraulic pump, jack, split ram, clamp flange expander, and more separate hydraulic equipment.

Efficient Oil Reserve

When it comes to handling the oil, the CP – 180 does a great job. It is designed to ensure no oil leakage and features large oil reserves to ensure the maximum efficiency of the unit.

Additional Pressure Gauge Installation

It has the scope for installing any additional pressure gauges. So that you can observe the pressure changes in real-time. And not let the pump explode easily.

What Customers Say

People up for light hydraulic operations, love to have this Newtry hydraulic hand pump unit at their garage. It’s convenient and can do the jobs it’s supposed to do.

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John Deere Tractor Hydraulic 8 Piston Pump

AR103036, AR103033, 1020, 3120, 20.

john deere hydraulic pump parts piston pumpHow about checking out a hydraulic piston pump now? They’re compact, yet reliable and offer optimum efficiency with a high power density. One of such piston pumps to be checked on Amazon is the John Deere Tractor Hydraulic 8 Piston Pump. Let’s take a look at its features here.

Reliable Brand

John Deere is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to providing different mechanical and hydraulic equipment for different industries across the globe. They are have been in the market since 1837 and proudly serve industries like agriculture, construction, forestry, and so on with their wide range of products and services. Their pumps can match any top pump out there such as the Linde Hydraulic Pumps and so on. They are a great hydraulic pump manufacturer of tractor’s hydraulic piston pumps as well and the one subjected here is a demonstration of their well-equipped product line.

John Deere Tractor Piston Pump

When it comes to tractors John Deere is a premier name to check out. They provide some distinctive tractors that are reliable and sturdy. However, it’s a pretty routine job to look for replacement piston pumps for these tractors. You may be a proud owner of John Deere tractor and this piston pump here can quench your thirst to get your tractor going.

Number of Pistons

This piston pump works in a superficially similar way to a motor car engine. The displacement of the piston pump is greater with more number of pistons. It includes 8 pistons ensuring maximum displacement and a smooth transfer of the fluid from the inlet to the outlet.

john deere hydraulic piston pump

Compatible Models

This Aftermarket Replacement Hydraulic Piston Pump has the following specifications – part number of AR103036-SLP and UNSPSC Code- 31000000. It can replace part numbers AR103036 & AR103033. And It is made to fit John Deere tractors such as 1020 and 3120.

What Customers Say

Great replacement pump for John Deere tractor models and the owners love it. You can expect the true John Deere quality from it.

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Omega 22903 Black 10000 PSI Air Actuated Hydraulic Treadle Pump

omega pump

Here we have the Omega 22903 Black 10000 PSI Air Actuated Hydraulic Treadle Pump to put forward our review. This is an efficient and convenient pump that covers a wide range of applications. We’ll check out more of its features below.

What It Does

It is an Air Foot Pump that is engineered to meet the right industry standards for safety and performance. This pump provides compressed hydraulic fluid to applications that require fluid pressure of 10,000 PSI or 700 Bar and an air supply of 110-175 PSI. Some of such applications are presses, rams, compactor & crimping, spreaders, and more.

Convenient Design

This Omega Pump comes in a convenient design that is user-friendly and foot-actuated at the same time. So you can easily install it and control it following the instruction manual from this hydraulic pump manufacturer. Yet, it’s always advised to have experienced supervision while doing so.

Durable Construction

It comes with durable construction as well. Also, it’s compact and lightweight for easy usage. Its corrosion-free aluminum construction ensures long-lasting use.

Efficient Operation

This Omega Hydraulic Treadle Pump is an efficient one for different types of applications. It provides great results in hydraulic operations related to construction and industrial single-acting ram applications.


What Customers Say

It works great and is well worth the money is what people have to say about this amazing pump. People also find its design and quality good enough for their single-acting ram jobs.

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If you’re dealing with lifting and pushing devices and machines, this article should greatly benefit you. It includes some of the commonly used hydraulic pump parts along with some great recommendations for different kinds of hydraulic pumps. So this article should help you to get one that is best suited to your needs. And we hope you now have enough information to make an informed choice.

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