Best Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits Reviews 2019 (With Updated Products)

Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits

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Hydraulic pressure test kits are very important to light and heavy-duty monitoring, emergency repair as well as construction excavation maintenance. They’re suitable for hydraulic fault-finding along with reporting purposes- and are often hired by machinery dealers and service technicians globally.

Hydraulic testers helps to perform operational checks – specifically being able to precisely assess oil flow, engine temperature, pressure and rapidly single out badly installed operating components.

Most Reviewers said that the return on your investment is really high- just try to use it over and over again, it is likely that it has paid itself off as a result of warrantee claim reduction, allowing you to upgrade faulty parts, which can lead to a decrease in machine outages.

Let’s have a look at few of the best rated hydraulic pressure testing kits.

Best Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits Review

The Dusichin DUS-900 Excavator Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits

The Dusichin DUS-900 Excavator Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit features a number of different features- such as a highest working pressure of 9,000PSI/600Bar/60MPa, 3 test hoses which are 60 ins long, 3 different pressure gauges, 11 couplings and ships in a nice aluminum case for simple storage and simplicity of travel.


Many users and reviewers recommend this nice lightweight case that this hydraulic pressure test kit makes it easy to hold the whole set of pieces together in an tidy manner – without having to find any of the attachments they often need to work with.

Many reviewers have also commented on how they love the quick release coupling as well as the quick connector B that’s compatible with Caterpillar and John Deere equipment.

The Dusichin DUS-900 Excavator Hydraulic Pressure Test KitsMany buyers were impressed with all the gauges since they use industry-standard accessories and can be easily up-graded or the set can be included to later on down the road. Only thing users didn’t apparently care for was the sturdiness of the carry/storage case, some express it appears to be cheap and would not last.


Aluminum storage case

Work Pressure of 9000PSI/600BAR/60MPa

Comes with 3 test hoses

Has 11 different couplings

Quick release coupling


Case appears to be flimsy

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BestEquip Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits 9000PSI Hydraulic Pressure Tester

This BestEquip Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits 9000PSI Hydraulic Pressure Tester can be alternative to our best choice Dusichin DUS-900. With almost similar features this one is lot cheaper then the previous one. If you are in startup business or not sure whether you should pay lot for such tools you can consider this one without any hesitation. Here are some features of this products. 

  • Max work pressure: 9,000 PSI/600 Bar/60 MPa, 3 test hoses, 60 inch long
  • Hydraulic pressure test kit has 3 pressure gauge Ø63mm, 8700 PSI (600 Bar/60 MPa), 5800 PSI (400 Bar/40 MPa), 3625 PSI (250 Bar/25 MPa).
  • Hydraulic test point coupling: M10*1, M14×1.5, G1/4,UNF7/16-20, NPT1/4-18
  • Hydraulic test kit is also used in steel, automotive hydraulic lines, ship pressure on the hydraulic system testing, widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, ships and military fields
  • Pressure gauges are used in testing the hydraulic pressure of construction machinery at all levels, equipped with engineering machinery commonly used pressure connector

BestEquip Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits 9000PSI Hydraulic Pressure Tester is used to detect the construction machinery hydraulic system at all levels of pressure. This kit is equipped with commonly used measuring point joints for engineering machinery. It can also be applied to steel, automotive hydraulic lines, ship pressure on the hydraulic system testing.

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VEVOR Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Kit Excavator Parts Hydraulic Tester 

VEVOR Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Kit Excavator Parts Hydraulic Tester is a hydraulic test kit that some buyers endorse for hobbyists who like to do things themselves in their own garage or basement shop.

Even though it is a small hydraulic pressure test kit it still has some nice features such as max work pressure: 9,000 PSI/600Bar/60MPa, 3 test hoses, 60 inch long. It also comes with 6 different hoses and 8 different gauges that are all pretty easy to use.

Some users liked the sleek design of the carry/storage case which is a nice red with silver trim and appears to be durable and sturdy. Although this is a nice little hydraulic pressure test kit, it may not be something that users would want for professional, on-the-job use.


Has nice, strong and light aluminum case

Comes with 6 hoses

Max work pressure: 9,000 PSI

Economical hydraulic pressure test kits


Doesn’t appear to be a pressure kit suited for professional workplace

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The XZT Hydraulic Pressure Tester Coupling Kit Review

The XZT Hydraulic Pressure Tester Coupling Kit is primarily designed for excavator construction machinery is feature-packed and is suitable for professional users, but easy enough to use for hobbyists to use in their own private shop or garage at home.

It comes with a high quality and durable carry case that is extremely easy to carry and to store and is well padded on the inside to protect all the pieces of this hydraulic pressure test kits. It comes with a lot of industrial-quality pieces that are suited for most any brand of excavator.

Most buyers endorsed its maximum working pressure of 9000PSI/600BAR and its three gauges that range from 3600PSI/250BAR to 9000PSI/600BAR.

It also comes with 13 different test couplings, has quick release coupling along with quick adapters for Catpelier/CASE-(BSP1/8F), Komatsu/Hitachi-(BSP1/8F), Volvo-(BSP1/8F), Sumsung-(BSP1/8F) and Daewoo/Kawasaki-(BSP1/8F). Not only does this kit include these adapters it is also equipped with 29 swivel run tees.

The only thing that seems to be lacking here with this hydraulic pressure test kit is that it only comes with one test hose.


Comes with durable and padded carry/storage case

Includes 13 test couplings

Includes 29 Swivel Run Tees

Has three press gauges

Easy to use

Good for workplace or home shop


Only has one test hose

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The Point Coupling Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit Review

The Point Coupling Max Work Pressure Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit is a decent option that may not be suitable for the workplace, but could be useful for hobbyists who need a hydraulic pressure test kit in their home garage or home workshop.

It comes with three different pressures gauges that are 63mm/25MPa, 63mm/40MPa and 63mm/60MPa. It comes with one test hose that is 1500mm in length which should work for a home workshop with no issues.

It also has eight different test couplings that come in sizes G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, M24*1.5, M10*1.25, M10*1, UNF7/16-20 and UNF9/16-18. The box that it comes in is a nice looking storage/carry case that is red with silver trim, makes it easy to carry and to store away in tight places.


Easy to carry

Easy to store

Has three gauges

Comes with eight couplings


Has only one test hose

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Final words before you purchase

If you’re looking for high quality hydraulic pressure testing tools, You might be trying to assess pump flow in comparison with its rated output, performing pressure checks on relief valves to make sure their proper function and closed-center systems, plus isolating component leakage.

Investing in a hydraulic tester is an excellent way to execute system test diagnoses along with relief valve diagnoses in a accurate and comprehensive way.

If you’d like to purchase such types of hydraulic pressure test kits, check-out our all the pros and cons as well as examine some of our individual product reviews (ABOVE AND SOME UPDATED RECENT PRODUCTS BELOW) to get a sense of the very best options on you need to.

Update with some recent products

XZT 70md Digital Hydraulic Pressure Test Coupling Kit

  • Easy to carry
  • Suit most brand excavator
  • Easy to use
  • Max working pressure: 10000PSI/700BAR
Pressure Test Kit

Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

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Hydraulic Pressure Gauge – SINOCMP Excavator Parts Hydraulic Kit

  • Gauge: Ø63mm-8700 PSI (600 Bar/60 MPa), 5800 PSI (400 Bar/40 MPa), 3625 PSI (250 Bar/25 MPa), 1 PC
  • Test Hose Assembly: Length= 60 inches, 3 PCS
Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits

Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits

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