5 Best Hydraulic jack plate for boat – Review and Buying Guide

Hydraulic jack plate for boat

If you know about boats and other motor-operated equipment, you must have come across hydraulic jack plates. They are some of the most valuable tools that come in handy when you want to increase the speed of your boat by cutting more water in the way. It also serves other important functions like durability, increases the engine’s efficiency, and helps keep your engine healthy. There are a lot of options to choose from for the best hydraulic jack plate, so we have shortlisted the 5 Best Hydraulic jack plates for boats based on different parameters, along with a detailed buying guide so that you get the best idea of your needs and budget for the hydraulic jack plate.

5 Best Hydraulic jack plate for boat – Review

WFLNHB adjustable Jack Plate for Boat Steering System

WFLNHB adjustable Jack Plate for Boat Steering System

The WFLNHB is an international brand specializing in hardware equipment and is one of the top manufacturers of hydraulic jack plates. This jack plate is specially designed for boats and is one of the most easily replaceable jack plates. 

Easy Installation

The WFLNHB Jack Plate is one of the most easily replaceable or installable jack plates with an easy slip-on feature. You need to turn a screw to adjust it according to your convenience, and it also leaves a gap of 4 inches for easy adjustment and vertical motion.

Sturdy build quality

It is made with pure quality aluminum alloy with a whole single piece of metal so that it doesn’t get separated despite complex vibrations. It is connected with pure stainless steel to provide hardy hold and sturdy operation. 


This small outboard hydraulic jack plate serves as an essential component to the boat functions, such as increasing the efficiency of the engine, and they are the best option for the engines that have long shafts but have a transom with a short shaft.

WFLNHB adjustable Jack Plate


  • Cheap price rate
  • Great quality
  • Easy installation


  • Power-lags

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Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate – Black, 8″

The Atlas is a well-known brand known for its high-quality products that run for years without inconvenience and breakdowns. Built with a strong black metal, the atlas hydraulic jack plate is one of its kind, with easy installation and extended shaft properties.

Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate Black
Image Source: Youtube

Hard build quality

It is made from complex black metal elements reinforced with aircraft aluminum alloys and has some parts of SS fasteners that help in a solid and firm grip under stressful vibrations. It comes in a single-piece design that minimizes the vibrations and gives a silent and neat operation. 


Heavy functioning

It also comes with a mastered design that has a lifting system with a rod and slot that can hold heavy stress from the high power rated engines easily without any tension and stress. It can take the stress of outboard engines that are rated up to 625 pounds/ 300 HP so that you can use it on heavy boats too.  

Innovative design

This jack plate has its hydraulic pumps integrated within the jack to reduce the effort of installing reservoirs and pumps to the transom. The one-piece design with an exclusive power rating allows this jack plate to lift too fast; it lifts to the top in just about 8 seconds. 

Jack Plate for Boat


  • Exclusive power
  • Hard build quality
  • Easy installation


  • Expensive

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Bob’s Machine Action Series Jack Plate – 6″

Bob’s machine is another brand that deals in hardware items and provides us with great quality products with great longevity. This action hydraulic jack plate is a heavy-duty machine that helps lift 19 cms and is very easy to install and adjust just by turning a screw. 

Hydraulic Jack Plate
Image Source: NauticExpo

Heavy-Duty product

The Bob’s machine hydraulic jack plate comes with a powerful pump that helps lift the highest and heaviest outboard engine with total power in just about 6 seconds without lag and stress. It weighs about 52 lbs, so it can easily fit into heavy boats.

Easy installation

It comes with a pre-drilled design that helps install the jack with the side mounts and boat edges. It is easily fitted with its slip-on design, and it also has a plug-and-play feature, so you slide it in and start the motor with the click of a button.

Great design and quality

This jack plate has a single body design enforced with high-quality aluminum alloys, so there are no connections for vibrations and setbacks. It also has a built-in pump inside the transom to fit into the boat later if you want.  

Bobs Machine Action Series Jack Plate


  • Quick installation
  • Heavy performance
  • Practical design


  • Expensive

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T-H Marine PL-65 High-Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate

The T-H Marine hydraulic jack plate is one of the best on this list, with a high-performance motor and hard build quality. It can take the stress of the heaviest outboard up to the thrust of about 7,853 pounds. The best part about this jack plate is that it is waterproof and can run in almost any water.

T H Marine PL 65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate 1
Image Source: Texas Fish & Game Magazine

Unique build quality

The jack plate by T-H marine is made of metal enforced with aluminum alloy of aircraft-grade and has a single-piece design that excludes it from any joints and welds. The one-piece body with no hinges and joints makes it pure waterproof, and the aluminum-coated body makes it capable of fresh as well as saltwater. This is the best hydraulic jack plate for an aluminum boat.

Heavy performance

It comes with a high-rated capacity that is only specified for special v-6 motors and other smaller motors. It has the highest lifting capacity of the thrust of at least 7,853 pounds, which is huge and more than other transom jacks. 


It is made of special enforced aluminum, and it is incredibly waterproof, so it expands the life of the jack plate. It is made to tackle both freshwater and saltwater so it can go for years without any damage. 

T H Marine PL 65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate


  • Longevity
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty


  • A bit costly

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Osemar Outboard Boat Jack Plate

Osemar Outboard Boat Jack Plate

This is the most budget-friendly product on this list, with an average list of functions that are very useful for mid-range and smaller boats. It is made with great quality material and provides heavy performance. You can easily use this hydraulic jack plate for 40 hp outboard or higher-rated power motorized boats. 

Powerful functions

It has a powerful motor that helps in improving the stability of the boat’s outbound engine, and it also enhances the efficiency of the boat engine. It also helps increase the speed of the boat by about 3-5 mph and lifts the bow without any stress. 

Easy to fit

It comes with pre-drilled mountings that can fit holes with several screws, and it also has a slip-on design that easily fits it into the area. The special part about this jack plate is that it’s height-adjustable according to the engine, and it also gets a 4-inch gap with its bolt for top adjusting. 

Sturdy build quality

It is made of hard metal enforced with a layer of high-quality aircraft aluminum, and stainless steel fasteners join it. The aluminum coating adds longevity and increases the stability of the plate that resists vibrations. It has a setback of about 6 inches from the motorboat to the jack plate, so it can be adjusted according to the user whenever they desire. 

Osemar Jack Plate


  • Quick installations
  • Average power
  • Ultimate functions


  • Power-lags

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Buying Guide for the hydraulic jack plate for boat

Choosing a hydraulic jack plate that matches all your expectations and your desired budget is sometimes hard, so you should know the basic features necessary for a good hydraulic jack plate. 

Compatible with shallow water

While boating, shallow water crossing can be the most hectic part, as it needs more thrust and more water gets collected in the inner parts of the propeller. A hydraulic jack plate in a boat works as a booster in the shallow water portions. So it is important to buy a hydraulic jack plate that works better in shallow water portions. The jack plate works as a deflector for the wind given by the propeller of the boat. 

It would help if you always looked for a jack plate compatible with shallow water and helps cross it without any stress and tension. 

Good fuel efficiency

When it comes to boat fuel, efficiency haunts the most as they consume a significant amount of fuel and some areas with shallow water that needs more thrust to cross consume the most considerable amount of energy. The advantages of an electric jack plate come in use here; it helps increase the efficiency of the outboard engine by refining it and increasing the boat’s speed in rugged areas around maximum thrust. The jack plate helps the propeller to get in the correct position and draw out the excess air indulged within it. It helps in the transparent functioning of the motor that saves more fuel. 

The perfect position of the jack plate helps in the better functioning of the thrust direction to cut the water top.


The other most important fact to look at is the longevity of the product. It would help if you always went for the product made with pure black and strong metal, forged with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and fastened with stainless steel joiners. If it is waterproof and compatible with salt water and fresh water, there is no match for the jack plate, so you should grab it without any delay. 


Warranty is another important fact for a good jack plate; it is necessary to see if the product accompanies a manufacturer’s warranty. It is good to have a warranty, customer support, and repairing policy offered by the company so that you can get your jack plate repaired when it gets worn out.  

Our recommendation

The list mentioned above is sorted according to the best featured and pocket-friendly products. Every other product has its unique feature and design that make it better than the other. If you want a hydraulic jack plate for your small personal boat that has less power, then you can go for the Osemar Outboard Boat Jack Plate; it comes on a pocket-friendly budget and has great features that can support your boat very well. It is perfect for small-range boats as well as mid-range ones. On the other hand, if you want a professional jack plate for a heavy boat, then you can go for the T-H Marine High-Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate; it has a high powered motor that can take up to 7853 pounds of thrust lift and is made with hard quality metal and SS. 

So the choice depends on you and your needs, as ultimately the jack plate usage depends on your boat needs and budget. So choose accordingly and get your boat a boost. 


Hydraulic jack plates are one of the most useful tools when one has a boat. It boosts the boat’s fuel economy and makes it faster by upgrading the functioning of the propeller, motor, gauge system, and thruster. Choosing an excellent jack plate that matches your needs and budget can be a challenging job; that is why we have come up with a detailed and sorted list of the five best hydraulic jack plates for boats, along with a detailed buying guide that may help you get a better idea of good jack plates. 

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