5 best hydraulic hand pumps: Reviews & Buying Guide

best hydraulic hand pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps are one of the most practical and useful tools in the mechanical and technical industry. It is used in various industrial and common facilities, which cannot be done by simple manforce or other tools. The hydraulic hand pumps are mainly used when high pressure is required to lift or move an item or machinery. They are very efficient to use as they don’t need any energy and can only be operated with man energy.

There are two types of Hydraulic hand pumps: single-acting and double-acting hand pumps. The single-acting pumps flow the pressure downwards, whereas the double-acting ones exert pressure on both sides, including upward and downward. Today, in this article, we will be talking about the 5 Best Hydraulic Hand Pumps with a review and a detailed buying guide that may help you choose the perfect hand pump of your choice and need. 

Five best hydraulic hand pumps: Reviews

12 Ton Capacity – Hydraulic Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge 

This 12 Ton hydraulic hand pump from the house of dab press is one of the most efficient and practical hand pumps in its range. It has the best features that a user will admire and will be pleased to use, and its user-friendly design and components make it a better choice than other hand pumps in its segment. 

In-built Pressure Gauge

This 12 Ton hydraulic hand pump comes with an inbuilt pressure meter or hydraulic hand pump gauge that is fitted on the pump’s head to easily take note of the pressure while operating the hand pump, and your work is done accurately. 

12 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

User-friendly design

It comes with a long and sturdy 1.5m handle pipe with a rubber grip that helps in a better grip so that your operations are done efficiently. It also has a universal coupler that can help you connect your hand pump with any hose, pumps, and spreaders with a universal ZG ¼ inch coupler.

Durable and sturdy quality

The hand pump comes with a dust-resistant cap that helps the pump avoid dust from entering the fittings when it is not connected to a connector. The hand pump is specially made with solid and hard steel and also has a hard grip handle that can help you lift weights to 10 to 11 tons easily.


  • Durable build quality
  • Included pressure meter
  • Lifting capacity of 12 Ton


  • Not easily portable


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Enerpac P-392 Hydraulic Hand Pump

Enerpac is a well-known and established brand that produces great quality mechanical and hydraulic tools. This P-392 hydraulic hand pump is a masterpiece from Enerpac, and it has one of the best build qualities. The best part about this hand pump is its lightweight, allowing you to do your operations easily without interruptions. 

Enerpac P 392 Hydraulic Hand Pump

Lightweight design

It has a base made with an aluminum base and is covered by nylon, so it helps in getting lightweight. The reservoirs are also made of nylon and are filled with glass. This lightweight design helps in better operations than other steel-made hand pumps without lagging and disbalance. 

High-pressure rating

This hand pump comes with a 2-speed rating that helps in better performance and heavier lifting. The 1st stage of speed provides a pressure rating of up to 200 psi, and the 2nd stage speed pushes the pressure rating up to 10,000 psi. So you can lift, bolt, and apply pressure for any mechanical or repairing work with ease for the heaviest objects.

Master mechanism

It comes with a handle made of fiberglass to avoid corrosion and contribute to its lightweight nature. Its inbuilt valve that helps in pressure-relieving avoids the pump from getting overloaded and helps in swift operations. 

hand pump
Image Source: Youtube


  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • High power rating


  • A bit costly

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2-speed Hydraulic Hand Pump 

2 speed Hydraulic Hand Pump

This 2-speed hydraulic hand pump from the AMZCNC store is a hand pump that comes with a 2-speed rating in the most affordable range. Despite being cheap, it is durable, sturdy, and smooth operation; it provides a pressure output of 10,000 psi. You can use this hydraulic hand pump for lifting, bolting, and other heavy operations. 


This hydraulic hand pump has a user-friendly design with a long rubber grip handle and a long hose that helps under challenging operations. Its smooth surface and lightweight make it easier to use and also provide a hassle-free operation. 

Hand Pump

Efficient working principle

It comes with a 2-speed operation that means it can provide high-pressure ratings at every level. It emerges and contracts with every operation according to the workload and pressure and also keeps the pressure in control with a pressure relief valve built inside the tube. 

Heavy-duty performance

The hand pump has a high power-rating that can help in operations from 5 tons to 200 tons. It has a durable pump with an oil capacity of 700cc, and the 2-speed transmission helps and improves the pump’s efficiency by 70%.

Hydraulic Hand Pump



  • User-friendly
  • Efficient
  • 2-speed transmission


  • Not portable

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NEWTRY CP-700 Hydraulic hand pump

NEWTRY CP 700 Hydraulic hand pump

This Newtry Cp-700 hydraulic hand pump is the perfect hand pump for beginners and lightweight users new to industrial work. It is highly user-friendly and comes with both automatic and manual operating options. Let’s check the other features of this hand pump.

Practical design

It comes with a 2-speed manual and automatic transmissions that help in quick and efficient oil output. You can run the hand pump efficiently even if the current is not available, as it performs almost the same as an electric pump in every workload and condition.

Hydraulic hand pump

Heavy-duty performance 

It comes with a hardcore hydraulic hand pump jack that can easily take pressure ratings from 200 psi to 10,000 psi, so you can use it to lift, bolt, cut, straighten, assemble, rivet, and do almost every industrial work without any breakage or leakage. 


It is made with a solid cast iron base and a yellow paint coat that protects it from rust. The practical design and efficient performance make the pump easy to flow the oil and not overflow.

NEWTRY Hydraulic hand pump


  • Efficient
  • Cheap
  • Durable


  • Not sufficiently long-lasting

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Dualmaster Jr. 2-speed Hydraulic Hand Pump

This hydraulic pump deserves a spot in the list of top ones entirely because of its useful features. It has a huge capacity, but at the same time, it is lightweight and easily portable. Plus, it is highly user-friendly with proper precautionary measures to avoid any accidents. 

High capacity

This hand pump boasts an extra-large tank capacity and has a versatile use in any hydraulic application. The high reservoir capacity makes it ideal for commercial purposes too. As a precautionary measure, the tank is also fitted with a safety relief valve to eliminate risks associated with over-pressurization. 

Hydraulic hand pump


This hand pump comes in a compact design made specifically to be lightweight. Another excellent feature of this pump is that it imparts high flexibility and portability to carry it around your workspace. 

High oil volume

Another super useful feature of this product is its high oil volume for rapid ram approach and return. This makes it highly efficient in any work you use this for. 

Dualmaster Jr. 2 speed Hydraulic Hand Pump
Image Source: Perydot


  • Safe design
  • Highly versatile
  • Portable
  • Efficient


  • Wear out faster

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Buying Guide for Hydraulic Hand pumps 

Hydraulic hand pumps have served humanity for a long time now, and with each passing year, their designs, as well as versatility, have only improved. Today, you find diverse sizes, styles, and pressure ranges to apply them for multiple purposes. But before choosing any hydraulic pump for any purpose you have in mind, there are some essential points to consider. 

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Since hydraulic pumps are used for heavy lifting purposes, efficiency is the primary thing that matters. It will decide whether the model you choose is applicable for the particular purpose you want to use it for. The efficiency is dependent on the pump construction, design, and a lot of other things. Usually, the pump applications will be mentioned in the product guidelines that can help you decide if the model will be the best fit for you. 


A hand-operated hydraulic pump will be the best fit for you if you want to use it for a purpose where a lot of fine-tuning is required. Manual-operation pumps are provided with superiorly designed fine adjustment knobs that help easy regulation of the applied pressure within a particular range. 

Durability and stability 

Hydraulic hand pumps are typically manufactured out of cast or machined metal. This helps in the reduction of leaking incidences and ongoing easy maintenance. Even then, the quality of the pump should be judged to ensure it has a sufficiently long life span for the price you are paying.


The safety features matter a lot since a bit of mistake can be harmful to the user. The valves and other safety features should be adequately functional. 


A hydraulic hand cylinder pump finds use in endless areas that you can never think of. Because of such high versatility, whenever one buys a Hydraulic pump, they want to ensure the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the product. You should always consider the power rating and the build quality of the hand pump to match your need and budget. Considering all parameters, we have put together a helpful buying guide and listed the five best hydraulic hand pumps that you can use for various purposes. 

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