Best Hydraulic Crimping Tool Review 2021

Hydraulic Crimping tool

Crimping is a technique used for joining metals that have been used from time immemorial. It is a technique used primarily for metals that have a distinct property of being ductile. While in the days of yore this was done manually, people have since employed the use of tools. One such example is the Hydraulic Crimping tool. The Technic is used to join two pieces of metals together by either deforming one or both to form a connection.

Hydraulic Crimping tool performs this work. A crimper tightly squeezes the two metals to form a strong connection that essentially doesn’t open on its own. The most common example of this usage is fixing bullets in their cartridge cases, canned food containers among other things. However, crimping is not exclusively limited to metals but also other materials and metals. A case in point is in containers where the integrity of the container is tested to verify tampering.

A hydraulic Crimping tool is essentially hydraulic powered to perform their function. Often looking like pliers, they utilize force to press the two metals and bend them. They come in various shapes, prices, and sizes. Equally, they are powered differently, electrical or hydraulic. The demands often range from industrial to home use. The choice of Hydraulic Crimping tool depends often, on the customers’ needs and demands. Price is a key factor when choosing a crimper. Depending on the technology employed, the price might be higher for certain variants. Manufacturers often price according to use, materials that make the crimper, and mode by which it is powered.

Top hydraulic crimp brands

There’s an abundance of options on the market while you shop around for any good hydraulic crimp. Much like with every other product, one hydraulic wire crimping tool may perform much better than another. Therefore, it is usually easier to follow some guidance before acquiring the next hydraulic crimping tool. That being stated, we’ve selected and reviewed the very best products looking for you.

TMS 16 Ton battery terminal crimping tool 

TMS 16 Ton, to be the first hydraulic crimping tool we’ve reviewed, can be viewed as among the most perfectly performing products. This hydraulic wire crimping tool is made from a convenient design to aid a variety of sizes. Most of you who’ve used this hydraulic crimping tool for electrical cables have identified so that it is a very effective and precise tool. Regardless of the impressive performances, a few professional users have observed that there’s some room for enhancements from the quality of the hydraulic crimping tool for electrical cables. Nonetheless, the general excellence of the product and it is performance is very good so far as we concern. You can depend on this battery cable crimper in performing several crimping tasks. This unique machine includes 11 hydraulic crimp dies (that are hexagonal fit). This 11 hydraulic crimp dies could be pretty handy when handling several crimping tasks. The crimping power is 16 tons which is the quantity of power most people expect from the good hydraulic crimping tool. It matches perfectly with aluminum and copper wire crimping tasks.

Features we like

  •  Crimp power of 16 tons
  • Easy to use design
  • Ideal as a battery cable crimper
  • Matches even the smaller cables
  • Comes with 1 hexagonal die

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Electriduct 8 Ton Hydraulic cable crimper 

This hydraulic crimp tool has a relatively less crimping power when compared to the first item on the list the product offers 8-ton crimping power. However, this hydraulic crimp tool is regarded as one of the most convenient ones on the market. The simplicity of use is easily the most notable feature connected with this particular tool. Being among the best battery cable crimping tools on the market, Electriduct 8 Ton hydraulic crimper tool works with all of the wire sizes in the market today. Although a few users are slightly dissatisfied with the effectiveness of this hydraulic crimper tool, Electriduct 8 Ton crimping tool is an extremely good product for that cost you have to pay. The efficiency of the product and also the overall finish is just admirable. The product is provided with 9 crimping die sets (that are hexagonal fit). Additionally to that particular, this hydraulic crimping tool is provided by having an on-off knob (which facilitates handy crimping and arm retraction. Like a way of measuring growing the consumer-ambiance of the tool, manufacturers have incorporated one coding system (it will help to recognize the various components).

Features we like

  • Easy to handle
  • Good value for the money
  • Comes with 9 crimping dies
  • On-off knob for arm retraction
  • Color coding

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PENSON CAYQK007010 Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool 

These battery hydraulic crimper tools can be found by PENSON plus they offer relatively more crimping power compared to the model we pointed out formerly the product has a 10-ton crimping power. This can be a reliable and efficient crimping tool hydraulic also it gives less expensive for that cost you have to pay. This crimping tool hydraulic is considered the most economical products on the market today. The ability and also the precision it delivers are considerable. Even though this hydraulic crimping tool is appropriate to deal with all of the materials, many expert users declare that it functions better when handling wires having a bigger diameter. The general finish of the tool is fairly impressive and the majority of the users be thankful. It is built to be durable and powerful within the finish. The key behind the solid pressing action is its impressive carbon steel construction. Even though it isn’t that perfect when handling wires having a smaller sized diameter, we’re pleased with the general performance. Particularly, about the cost factor, this machine is extremely affordable. If you plan to deal with marine and architectural wire ropes (with swaging and crimping) it may be one of the very best options to consider.

Features we like

  •  A highly affordable crimping tool that fits everyone’s budget
  • Easy to use design
  • Strong machine with a better lifespan
  • A great solution to handle both marine and architectural ropes
  • 10-ton crimping power
  • Accurate operation
  • Carbon steel construction

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Goplus 16 Ton Hydraulic Battery Cable crimping tool 

If you’re searching to have an effective crimper tool that works perfectly to crimp wires additionally towards the butt connectors, this should be in your check-list without a doubt. This can be a tool with precise operation and solidness. It’s specifically designed to complete the job perfectly and they’ve used high-quality materials to make sure strength and durability. Because of the powder-coated jaws and also the strong grip having a vinyl coating, you may expect superior performance and convenience when operating it. Like a way of measuring growing the usability of the device, it has an on-off knob this dedicated knob can facilitate you to get a very convenient retraction. Adding more convenience and advantage, this product provides you with an 1800 rotation. We’re pleased with the general construction of the too. More to the point, this hydraulic crimper has a very economical cost tag without compromising the performance quality. It is positioned as one of the better hydraulic crimpers on the market thinking about the general quality, performance, and also the affordable cost it arrives with. Many users have practically experienced an advanced performance with this particular tool the reviews individuals users left to explain the caliber of these hydraulic crimpers.

Features we like

  • Solid and durable make with top quality materials
  • Comes with a very affordable price tag
  • 1800 rotation
  • Powder-coated jaws and vinyl-coated grip for better performance
  • Comes with an on-off knob for better control
  • Excellent overall quality 

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TEMCo Hydraulic Cable crimping tool

This is another outstanding crimping tool with superb performance. First of all, we admire the general structure of the tool it should be solid and sturdy. It is capable of doing handling most of the cable-related crimping jobs. On the top of the superior performance, it has a 5-year comprehensive warranty which is a solid manifestation of the standard. Among the smallest drawback (most likely the only person) connected with this particular hydraulic crimping tool is it doesn’t include additional dies (to deal with smaller sized cable crimping work). As well as that, any professional will understand the overall quality of the tool. The sturdiness and the effectiveness of TEMCo are assured because of the forged cast crimping mind frame and also the black oxide crimp mind. The dies are extremely made from quite strong and durable materials to make sure precision and strength. It doesn’t leave any room for flaking or chipping because of its precise make. It is an ideal tool to think about if you’re a professional who regularly handles crimping tasks associated with battery and welding cables, terminal lugs, etc.

Features we like

  • Comes with 5 years comprehensive warranty
  • Strong and sturdy make with black oxide and forged cast
  • Compatible with the vast majority of crimping tasks
  • Perfect for a professional to use repeatedly
  • Accurate

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Sharkbite 23​2551 Crimping Tool for Pex

The tool features an easy to connect system which favors beginners. It is dual-headed allowing you to work on the two most common copper heads without the need of changing the heads. The tool is versatile; it is suitable for both wet and dry conditions.

crimping tool for pex

Also, the device is compatible with many other machines due to its nature of being easy to install, flexible, and reliable. It also makes crimping fast and easy as you do not have to wait for joints to cool or glue to dry. As world leaders of the plumbing solution called push- connect, you can be sure of the quality of this crimping tool.

Features we like

  • Has a go/no-go gauging tool
  • Compatible with other devices such as PEX pipe tubing, PEX 1/2” and 3/4 “ copper crimp and PEX barb fittings
  • Dual headed with a shark bite of PEX 3/4” and 1/4″ crimp rings.
  • List Element

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How to choose the best hydraulic crimping tool

Once we already pointed out, options are abundant with regards to hydraulic crimping tools. So, you need to know a factor or more if you plan to finish track of the best choice.

  • Probably the most important and apparent points to consider may be the crimp power. Make sure to accept 6 a lot of power at the very least
  • The effectiveness of the fabric is yet another vital fact
  • See if the dies include the crimp tool matches the diameter from the wires
  • Convenient operation and sturdiness are essential details

Additionally, it is usually better to choose a hydraulic crimping tool that is included with a guarantee.