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A clutch slave cylinder makes up a fundamental part of a manually controlled car or vehicle. Without a properly functioning clutch slave cylinder, it is impossible to switch gears in a manual transmission system. It consists of hydraulic technology that functions by relocating pressure plates to disengage the clutch from the engine. 

FAQs about Clutch Slave Cylinder

How Long Do Clutch Slave Cylinders Last?

A clutch slave cylinder of a car is enclosed within a secured system, so it generally lasts for a satisfactorily long period from when you first buy the car (first hand). In fact, it may never need any replacement in its lifetime. That being said, there’s no definite lifespan of a clutch slave cylinder. It also does not take up any part of your regular maintenance. Whether your car’s clutch cylinder needs replacement depends on your usage, miles driven, overall condition of the car, and age of the car- it may last for 13 to 15 years or even 5 years. If you drive properly taking enough care of your clutch, you may not need to replace it till you use the car.

When Should You Replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder in Your Porsche?

Normally, these cylinders have a long lifespan and do not need replacement unless you drive really undisciplined and your clutch has to put up with rough activity. When you see signs related to a faulty clutch slave cylinder, you may consider replacing the part in your Porsche.

Where to Replace Your Clutch Slave Cylinder and how much does it cost?

You may approach your trusted mechanic, an experienced individual with ample experience, or even your car’s servicing center. You may also attempt to do it on your own provided you know exactly how to do it correctly otherwise it won’t last for long. Normally, labor charges range between $105 and $130 while parts can be bought for as low as $40 or even as high as $200.

What is a Clutch Slave Cylinder?

Hydraulic clutches in a manual transmission system make use of a brake fluid to supply pressure to the clutch. This pressure helps in disengaging the clutch from the engine whenever you press the clutch pedal. When you push the clutch pedal, the brake fluid flows from a clutch master cylinder (or clutch fluid reservoir) to the slave cylinder. This facilitates the easy change of gear by the driver.

What are the symptoms of a Bad Clutch Slave Cylinder?

Common symptoms indicating a faulty clutch slave cylinder includes:

  • Inability to change gears smoothly (or at all) when you are driving.
  • Low or contaminated brake fluid.
  • The clutch pedal goes all the way to the floor (spongy feel).
What can cause a Faulty or Failing Clutch Slave Cylinder?

Any of the following causes may damage these cylinders and hamper driving:

  • Leaks on the floor or engine bay
  • Low or contaminated brake fluid
  • Air entrapment in the hydraulic system
  • Abnormal clutch pedal feel 


Detailed instructions on how to replace clutch slave breaks are included in most product packages however it is best to perform it under the supervision of someone who has done it before, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Overall, the major steps involve as follows but need much detailed execution:

Step 1 – 

Park the vehicle on a flat base by raising the front of the vehicle. Put the transmission on gear and keep the parking brake on to prevent backward movement. Use a wrench to remove the hydraulic line from the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 2 –

Remove these cylinders by unbolting them using appropriate tools.

Step 3 –

Do not remove the band of the new clutch slave cylinder and install it by bolting and tightening. 

Step 4 –

Next, the clutch master cylinder has to be filled with the brake fluid. Now, loosen the slave cylinder bleeder and leave it open till the clutch fluid reservoir is full and the bleeder has a steady drip. Close the bleeder screw immediately. 

Step 5 –

Open the bleeder screw again and let the air out with the help of a helper who presses the clutch pedal and slowly releases only when told to. The bleeder screw has to be tightly bolted when the pedal is close to the floor and then the pedal is released slowly.

Step 6 –

At this point, instruct the helper to pump the clutch pedal. This will automatically tear the band. If movement is tight the above step has to be repeated. 

The process of installation is very sensitive as any unwanted alignment, improper execution will eventually lead to damage to the new concentric slave cylinder and demand a replacement frequently. Hence, it is best to take your car to a professional mechanic for such work.


  EXEDY SC825 Clutch Slave Cylinder


SC825 Clutch Slave Cylinder

EXEDY Globalparts Corporation is a trustworthy name in automotive part manufacturing and they strive to bring excellence to their global products and services. Their clutches have been on the radar of many commoners because of super affordable pricing and still, there are rare complaints about the performances. Hence, it is definitely a good company to choose for clutch fluid reservoirs.

Leading global OEM manufacturer

EXEDY is a leading name in the OEM manufacturing industry for clutches. They have been in the market since 1968 and have gained the trust of millions globally through their high-quality clutch products. 


This Exedy Clutch Cylinder comes with a 2 years warranty from the leading clutch manufacturer in the world and is definitely a good choice since it gives a long-lasting performance as indicated by users.

High performance

The QCC activity provides marvelous performance of this concentric slave cylinder.

Miata compatible and easy installation

This is compatible with all models of Miata clutches. Likewise, it also has an easy installation procedure made simple by the guided instructions.

What customers say

It’s a perfect fit for all Miata clutches and despite being so cheap, the product works perfectly for a long time. The important part is to follow the exact steps while installation and you should be good to go as it’s pretty straightforward.

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 Wilwood 260-1333 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Wilwood 260 1333

Wilwood makes long-lasting automotive parts for normal use by commoners and has a range of collections of high-quality products. Their clutch slave cylinder comes sturdy built with a longer push stroke than average. If you are looking for a long-lasting option and still want to pay half the price of branded manufacturers, this is surely a great option to consider. This item is perfect for Drag Racing and Off-Road applications.

High quality built

This “Pull Type” clutch slave cylinder from Wilwood is built out of billet aluminum that provides extra strength. Plus, to make it tough and long-lasting, it comes with an anti-corrosion coating. The pushrod is also made of stainless steel and is sufficiently corrosion-resistant. 

Longer push rod

A longer than usual push rod ensures full release of clutch and prevents quick damage to the parts. This in turn increases the longevity of the clutch slave cylinder, clutch, and other related parts.

Easy installation

You can follow the instructions given along the package to install the product easily. Just make sure the alignment is perfect otherwise the aluminum built may wear off quickly.

What customers say

This Woodline cylinder is an ideal one for any clutch because of its longer spike and its price-performance ratio. If the installation and alignment is perfect as instructed in the package, this will last for a very long time.

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Beck Arnley 072-9689 Clutch Slave Cylinder

072 9689 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Beck Arnley 072 9689

From the house of a reliable clutch technology manufacturer in the world, they are the best in manufacturing performance specifications for individual vehicle applications. Each component in this concentric slave cylinder is crafted for unparalleled performance.

Meets industry standards

Each product is fully tested to meet OEM performance specifications. So, you can rest assured that there will be no compromise in the performance. The built is strong enough and is made from premium seals and materials ensures a longer lifespan.

Easy installation

You can follow the accompanying instructions to install the product on your own. However, it is recommended you do it by a professional that will prevent damage and frequent replacement.

What customers say

Consumers globally speak highly of the product for its smooth performance that matches OE form, fit, and function. The product can be easily installed but the dimension specifications should be checked before purchasing.

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Centric 138.45107 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Centric 138.45107 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Centric is a leading manufacturer of brake and clutch parts for both imported and indigenous vehicles. Many of Centric’s engineering parts have set benchmarks in the industry with their superior quality and performance. This clutch slave cylinder is also a representation of their world-class engineering, testing facilities, and unparalleled quality products.

Vehicle specific

The clutch slave cylinder is vehicle-specific and is mostly compatible with manual rx8 only. The dimensions can be checked before purchasing.

Easy installation 

Each unit in the package has been included with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. This facilitates easy and quick installation by any unprofessional individual too. However, it is advised to always give the responsibility to a professional mechanic who has ample experience to ensure the installation lasts long.

100% Tested

Being a leading automotive parts manufacturer and distributor, Centric ensures full satisfaction in performance and guarantees 100% testing of the product. 

What Customers Say

There are no complaints regarding the performance of the product even after 5 to 6 months of installation. It works well if installed properly (preferably by a professional). Plus, coming from one of the top clutch and brake manufacturers, this is totally a steal deal even if you want to do self-repairs at home. Just make sure it will fit your model before purchasing!

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Dorman CS37525 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Dorman is undoubtedly the most widely used and trusted US-based auto parts manufacturer. Its innovative range of auto parts has made home repairs easier than ever, not to mention pretty cheap. This clutch slave cylinder will surely make it difficult for you to choose any other company for home repairs.

Owner focused installation

Dorman has been popular for their really convenient pieces of auto parts that make it easy for anyone to save time, money, and harassment in repairing car parts. This clutch slave cylinder is also a popular item from that range which is specifically intended for use by owners and installers to facilitate smooth home repairs.


Dorman CS37525 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Dorman CS37525 Clutch Slave Cylinder 2
This is one of the cheapest options for clutch slave cylinder replacement, especially for trucks. If you are looking for the best price-performance ratio, this Dorman manufactured item is surely the topmost choice among most owners.

High-quality performance

The company ensures 100% satisfaction in its performance that has already gained the trust of thousands of owners. The product has been made to include high-grade rubber components so that it goes with the most commonly used brake fluids. Further, its engineering and testing have been backed up by top quality control experts and engineers in the US.

Vehicle specific

The clutch slave cylinder is specifically designed to offer a smooth replacement of the actual clutch slave cylinder in specific vehicles. Make sure you check the dimensions and also if this product will fit into your car model.

What Customers Say

Dorman is the topmost preferred company among owners because of its high-grade products made specifically to facilitate easy home repairs. Similarly, with this clutch slave cylinder, one cannot ask for better performance in this price range.

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As you can understand, a clutch slave cylinder is a really fundamental part of any manual transmission car and draws extra attention if damaged. The process of clutch slave cylinder replacement is not easy, especially if you are a first-timer and require detailed attention and skills. These products listed here are the top preferences among owners and will surely have your back in case of emergencies even if you don’t know how to install one. 

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