3 Top-rated 6 Ton Jack Stands

6 Ton Jack Stand

Before indulging in any vehicle servicing task, you always need to ensure that you have the proper tools for performing it safely and efficiently. One such tool that you need while doing anything to your car is the jack stands. These jack stands can give you an extra sense of security if, anyway, your floor jack gets failed. While it is possible to get an individual stand, you probably want to have few things in pairs. This is very much true when you are planning to get a jack stand. You need to buy this tool in a set of pairs because the pair-less one will be as efficient as a chair with a lost leg. Regardless of its weighing capacity, the second pair is always important to get additional support to hold your vehicle.

After understanding these facts, you may be thinking about buying the best pair of jack stands with a weighing capacity best suited to your needs. Before getting into some names, let’s discuss the capacity of jack stands as you find these ranging from 2 tons to 12 tons. For general purposes, a 3-ton jack stand pair may be enough, although it is always wise to go for some extra bit of capacity, which we believe in this case would be the 6-ton jack stands.

In this very category of 6-ton jack stands, it’s slightly tougher to manage some names though after spending hours of research, we finally came up with 3 top-rated 6-ton jack stands that we think are worth reviewing.

Review Of Sunex 1006 6-Ton Jack Stands

When you talk about the best quality jack stands, the name that first comes to mind is the Sunex Tools. Sunex has had a proud journey of 35 years in tools manufacturing. They are one of the premium companies to manufacture and develop high-quality automotive tools. Being one of the best in the business, they show confidence in their products by offering a guarantee to repair or replace any tools you find with manufacturing defects provided by the fact that you purchased from their official dealer. Being a brand backed by some great quality tested results and hands-on experience of more than 3 decades, we proudly review the Sunex 1006 6 ton jack stands with a strong recommendation for it.

Sunex 1006 6-Ton Jack Stands


  • Very much stable due to its well-made structural base formed by four fully welded evenly angled legs. Another benefit the Sunex leg provides is the fitted pads that come with the feet. Indeed, it’s a safe option as the unpadded jack stands can damage the garage floor as it may have a soft finish on it.
  • The column or adjustable center post built with ratchet teeth lets you set the stand at different elevations. They are very well cast to interlock with the pawl, making sure that the post stays fine, refusing the gravity.
  • The surface of the saddles that come with Sunex jack stands is larger than most of the others. This provides better contact with the support load and also the removable locking support pins. As a result, you get better security and stability. On the one hand, it also disperses the pressure so that your vehicle is well protected, and it also means you need the most space to clear the saddles anywhere you line it up beneath your car. Its locating lugs is another distinct feature that most of the other ones lack, provides some additional support.
  • It comes with a quick action handle that allows you to lower the jack stand quickly, which is an advantage versus the screw-type jack stands where you need to rotate the screws to make things slow down.
  • The Sunex 1006 has one of the best lifting ranges of between 15 ¾” to 24”, making this one of the taller variants available. It means you can lift the lower cars higher if you want to get these under your car for doing your job conveniently. Similarly, you don’t have to raise the stands that much if you do things on an SUV. These jack stands are great for SUVs, vans, and trucks especially considering their wide saddle and higher load capacity.

Build Quality

The Sunex 1006 6 ton jack stands engineered for heavy-duty performance, keeping two things in mind: strength and safety. It has admirable welding work on the outer shell as well as the legs. Made of ductile iron, the post provides excellent strength and support. It also has a relatively tight tolerance as any backlash is rarely seen. The painting with a beautiful red color gives it a good finishing and prevents it from getting rusted. There is nothing better you could have asked for a jack stand pair than Sunex 6-tons.


You might be thinking of getting something smaller and cheaper. But why go that way when you have the chance of making a much better deal. You can buy this high profile Sunex 6 ton jack stands for a price almost similar to that of a mediocre pair of jack stands. Even if you compare these to a similar category of 6-ton jack stands, you will not have any regrets buying this great one. Check these out on Amazon for a great deal.

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Review Of Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands Review

Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands

Moving to the next one on the list, now it’s time to check out Wilmar 6 Ton Jack Stands, a heavy-duty tool manufactured by Wilmar Corporation, another big name in the automotive tools industry. They have been in the market for almost four decades while maintaining a great reputation since the beginning. They have a dedicated team of automotive experts responsible for getting us some great quality tools specific to the industry. For the reason that we feel the Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands forces us to review it.


  • Weight holding capacity is an important issue for jack stands. We see most of the cars weigh below 2 tons, which means having a capacity of 6 tons Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands can do for you things more than required. As the name suggests, this can hold up much larger vehicles such as SUVs and vans. This way, you can follow a good rule of thumb: to purchase a jack stand pair with the holding capacity of at least double the vehicle’s weight.
  • With a ratcheting design, the 6 Ton heavy-duty jack stands are easily adjustable as well. One myth about the design that leads some people to fear is that it can knock the levers to get the level of the stands dropping suddenly to cause severe injuries. However, the great engineering techniques used to build these stands can guarantee that this is a myth, and this will not happen for sure. Its safety settings are as secure as the ones with a pin-type locking system. The moment the weight is dropped off, the resulting downforce will get it locked into place, making things just fine.
  • The lifting range of the Wilmar jack stands is between 15 ½” and 23 ½”.  This range is mainly suitable for vehicles that stay higher off the ground, like vans and SUVs. Although we don’t mean it’s worth it for the smaller ones, it is more than worthy. Because it gives you much more scope, which makes it suitable for all kinds of vehicles, one thing that can take you an extra effort for the low vehicles is that you need to jack them a little higher with a few seconds and little patience to spare.

Build quality

The Wilmar 6 ton jack stands are heavily built; each of the stands weighs almost 31lbs. They mean to be heavy-duty in performance, and no way you can question their built strength. The jack used four heavily reinforced legs to build each stand for providing even distribution of weight. Overall, great quality construction with a nice fit and finish.


Wilmar 6 ton jack stands are one of the highest valued jack stands, which justifies its cost for its superior performance in terms of higher capacity and diverse features. You always have the option to go for a lesser capacity pair of jack stands if you think your jobs are rather simpler and do not demand such high-value tools. But when you know what they are capable of, you will never really complain about its price. You will be delighted to get something as good as this.

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Review Of Omega Magic Lift 6 Ton Jack Stands

We move to the final name on the list, the Omega Magic Lift Jack Stands. This automotive tool is unlike the other ones on the list. This comes with self-rising stands that automatically rise to handle weight up to 6 tons. They are terrible enough to do the best for you!

Omega is also a common name in the automotive tools industry. These self-lifting magic stands justify the reputation of Omega as an automotive tools manufacturer. Thus we deem to review these stands to find out what is so magical about them.

6 ton Jack Stands


Omega Magic Lift Jack Stands is a great combination of high-quality built and great price. The construction is flawless with a strong welded steel frame. The sturdy frame ensures the safety and durability you want in such sophisticated tools.

It comes with a one-year warranty for your convenient and confident shopping experience. You can have your jack stands replaced or repaired by Omega in case you somehow manage to break them or cause any damage to them. We think you should be rather relaxed about its durability as the chances seem to be very rare for getting these massive capacity stands stressed beyond their limits.


  • As already mentioned, these stands come with a bundle of features. The favorite one is its self-rising technology that allows the bar to automatically raise to the load by simply lifting the jack handle. The time for manual lifting has gone. Now you can focus on something other than lifting.
  • The iron ratcheting bar is a feature that we like. This Strong and safe built one allows a reach over 24” in height. It is certainly tall enough for most heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks. It can even get under most cars at a minimum height of 15-3/4” without putting up a great deal of effort.
  • Last but not least is its great weight holding capacity that is as much as 6 tons these jacks can easily handle. It gives you a real sense of safety when you get ensured that these jack stands can handle the vehicle’s weight without falling anyway.


If you are the one who has a daily basis relationship with vehicle maintenance, think no exception to Omega Magic Lifts Jack Stands. For less than $100 on Amazon’s competitive price, you can own yourself this great pair of jack stands and not worry for the rest of your life in terms of buying such tools.

This is a top-notch automotive tool that every mechanic loves to have in their garage. The extra height gives you the added advantage of working on any lifted SUV or truck you have.

The quality construction and easy-to-use formula make this unparalleled in this very category. Omega Magic Lifts jack stands are simply a stand-alone tool you can have in this messy market. Check it out on Amazon to get it at the best price around. If you are looking for any jack stands with such caliber, do yourself a favor by looking no further. We strongly believe that this recommendation will surely lead you to a pleased and profitable purchase. 

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For the final words, we would say safety and quality matter the most while doing risky automotive jobs. You may never know how many lives these tools have saved. So picking 6 Ton Jack Stands from the above list is a must for you to get yourself safe in any such situation.

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