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12 volt Hydraulic Pump

Mophorn 12 volt Hydraulic Pump Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit 8 Quart Plastic Tank Hydraulic Pump Power Unit for Dump Trailer Car Lifting (8 Quart Double Acting Pump)

There is plenty of concerns about single vs. double-acting 12-volt hydraulic pump among people. I have quite a bit of hydraulic experience.

This hydraulic power unit 12v is suitable for small and medium-lift platforms through the high-pressure pump, multi-purpose integrated block, ac motors, hydraulic valve, fuel tanks, along other components bundled into one. A built-in balancing valve controls reduced lift program controlled by electro-magnetic unloading valve, falling velocity. A backup manual unloading valve is required to turn off. It’s popular in the stacker, medium, and small-sized lifting platforms as well as industrial fields. This 12-volt DC hydraulic pump motor comes standard in lots of dump trailers, and it’s also a direct alternative to most power-up and gravity-down applications. Its premium quality starter assures longevity plus a fast-starting every time. These motors are designed to last, and the tank is created specifically to not crack & leak in harsh conditions.


  • Perfect for Dump Trailers-Lift Gates
  • Designed for horizontal mounting
  • Perfect replacement of electric hydraulic pump for 12-volt DC-controlled hydraulic systems for cars or aircraft.
  • Hydraulic fluid choice determined by the operating environment
  • Supply oil to the system under normal, oil pump, automatic keep system rated pressure, with the control valve atresia, reach the valve’s purpose in almost any position.
  • Oil tank, oil pump, and accumulator power independent airtight oil source system.
  • Petrol stations can be equipped with PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER) control system, which regulates all essential hydraulic functions and produces a signal and control exchange (DCS).


  • SAE # 6 Port, Horizontal mount
  • Rated speed: 2850R/MIN
  • Motor voltage: DC12-DV24AC220-380
  • 1500 PS Max Relief Setting on B port
  • Power Pack-Up/Gravity Down
  • Motor power:0.562-4.350GPM
  • Handheld pendant with about 15 foot
  • Pressure relief valve: 22MPA
  • The material of tank: 8 Quart Plastic

Package Content:


1×8 Quart Plastic Double Acting 12 volt Hydraulic Pump motor

Mophorn 12 volt Hydraulic Pump

12 volt Hydraulic Pump

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Perhaps anyone could establish the pump to transfer fluid in two directions in a closed system without a sump, however, instead of using an external hydraulic cylinder as a tank. The trouble is the unequal quantities of the storage tank on each side of the piston (the one with the pole having the lower ability).

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