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12 volt Hydraulic Pump

Mophorn 12 volt Hydraulic Pump Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit 10 Quart Plastic Tank Hydraulic Pump Power Unit for Dump Trailer Car Lifting (10 Quart Double Acting Pump)

There is plenty of concerns about single vs. double-acting 12-volt hydraulic pump among people. I have quite a bit of hydraulic experience.

This hydraulic power unit 12v is suitable for small and medium-lift platforms through the high-pressure pump, multi-purpose integrated block, ac motors, hydraulic valve, fuel tanks, along other components bundled into one. A built-in balancing valve controls reduced lift program controlled by an electromagnetic unloading valve, falling velocity. A backup manual unloading valve is required to turn off. It’s popular in the stacker, medium, and small-sized lifting platforms and industrial fields. This 12-volt DC hydraulic pump motor comes standard in lots of dump trailers and is also a direct alternative to most power-up and gravity-down applications. Its premium quality starter assures longevity plus a fast-starting every time. These motors are designed to last, and the tank is created specifically to not crack & leak in harsh conditions.


  • Perfect for Dump Trailers-Lift Gates
  • Designed for horizontal mounting
  • Perfect replacement of electric hydraulic pump for 12-volt DC-controlled hydraulic systems for cars or aircraft.
  • The operating environment determines the hydraulic fluid choice
  • Supply oil to the system under a normal oil pump, automatically keep system-rated pressure, with the control valve atresia, reach the valve’s purpose in almost any position.
  • Oil tank, oil pump, and accumulator power independent airtight oil source system.
  • Petrol stations can be equipped with PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER) control system, which regulates all essential hydraulic functions and produces a signal and control exchange (DCS).


  • SAE # 6 Port, Horizontal mount
  • Rated speed: 2850R/MIN
  • Motor voltage: DC12-DV24AC220-380
  • 1500 PS Max Relief Setting on B port
  • Power Pack-Up/Gravity Down
  • Motor power:0.562-4.350GPM
  • Handheld pendant with about 15 foot
  • Pressure relief valve: 22MPA
  • The material of the tank: 10 Quart Plastic

Package Content:


1×10 Quart Plastic Double Acting 12 volt Hydraulic Pump motor

Mophorn 12 volt Hydraulic Pump

12 volt Hydraulic Pump

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  • Product Details: Our hydraulic pump is designed with a 12V DC motor (Power: 0.8-1.6kw) and a 10-quart reservoir. The max relief pressure on A port (SAE#6) is 3200 PSI, and on B port (SAE#6) is 1500 PSI; and it is a double-acting pump for both power up and power down.
  • Easy to Use: This 12V hydraulic power unit has been fully assembled in advance. The wiring is simple and comes with operating instructions. Two additional SAE#6 connectors and one 15 ft remote control are included in the package.
  • Reliable Quality: The dump trailer pump is made of sturdy plastic; thus, the oil tank is not easy to crack or be damaged. As a power unit, this is a perfect replacement pump for remote hydraulic systems. Equipped with an overflow valve, it automatically releases when overpressure, safer and reliable.
  • Rapid Start: With its powerful motor, this hydraulic electric pump is quick to start and quick to output oil; it can provide strong power for hydraulic systems like dump trailers, dump beds and is able to complete lifting in a short time.
  • Wide Application: This power unit is widely used in stackers, small, and medium-sized lifting platforms. It is compatible with many dump trailers and movers and is a direct replacement for 12V DC remotely controlled hydraulic systems.

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Perhaps anyone could establish the pump to transfer fluid in two directions in a closed system without a sump instead of using an external hydraulic cylinder as a tank. The trouble is the unequal quantities of the storage tank on each side of the piston (the one with the pole having the lower ability).

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