2 Rockville DJ PA Tripod Speaker Stands Hydraulic Air Powered Auto Lift RVSS4A

$109.95 (as of January 26, 2018, 4:48 pm)

The Rockville RVSS4A is an air charged Pro Audio Speaker stand with automatic lifting and and lowering system. The center pole features an air cartridge which helps to accommodate both the lifting and lowering of any speaker with a weight capacity of 154 pounds! The system height can be adjusted from 47″ to 79″.
By simply turning the secondary lock mechanism to release the pole extension from its base, you then proceed to to release the air cartridge pin and the speaker stand will begin to automatically and slowly raise your speaker to your desired height, once you reached the desired height, release the air pressure pin and turn secondary locking mechanism and tighten. To remove your speakers, turn secondary locking mechanism counter clockwise, push air cartridge pin in and pull your speaker down.
Rockville RVSS4A Tripod Speaker Stand With Air Lift and Lowering System. Hydraulic System Makes Raising and Lowering The Speaker Quick, Painless, and Safe. Air Assisted Lift allows the speaker stand to raise with the push of a button. Air Assist lowering system lowers the speaker for easy dismounting.

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